What vitamin is found in carrots in large quantities?

Everyone knows that carrots are a useful vegetable. All children are told: "Eat carrots, there are a lot of vitamins in it."So what vitamin is contained in carrots in large quantities? Now we'll find out.

What is useful in carrots

Different varieties of vegetables contain different amounts of vitamins. For example, a light carrot is saturated with more vitamins C and E, and a bright orange color - with vitamin A, which is considered the leader in the content in this root crop. Those who have ever wondered about what vitamin is contained in carrots, probably know about the vitamins of group B. And, of course, almost everyone knows beta-carotene in a vegetable, at least, everyone has heard about it at least once. In addition, the presence in the root of vitamins H, K and P, as well as micro- and macro elements makes it an indispensable and affordable source of health. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of the vitamin, which is most saturated carrots.

Vitamin A

Is fat soluble and takes part in the formation of body tissues, primarily bone. So, it makes bones stronger. If you ask any specialist what vitamin is contained in carrots and liver, he will answer - A. More than it is useful: it helps to increase immunity, has the ability to protect the mucous membranes of the body from getting bacteria and harmful microorganisms, protects digestive organs, participates in the synthesis of proteins andamino acids, increases the body's ability to regenerate. Beneficial effect on the skin, making it supple and elastic. Needed to prevent visual impairment. And also regulates the work of the heart and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. And if someone asks what vitamin is contained in carrots in large quantities, you can safely answer - A. More precisely, it contains carotene - provitamin. That is, in the body carotene is synthesized into vitamin A. 100 g of carrots contain 0.018 mg of vitamin A. The daily norm for an adult is 1 mg on average.

How does vitamin A affect the body?

It is named so because it was researched by scientists first. And it happened in 1913.Knowing what vitamin is contained in carrots, you will not have health problems. In addition to the properties listed above, this vitamin is involved in the formation of red and white blood cells. Together with carotene, it plays the role of protecting the membranes of brain cells from destruction by free radicals, affecting the health and beauty of the whole organism. Lungs will be less susceptible to dangerous infections, if you consume enough vitamin A, the risk of developing atherosclerosis will decrease. Vitamin is involved in the regulation of metabolism, which is very important for maintaining a normal weight. Again, in combination with carotene, it reduces the risk of re-emergence of cancer after surgery, being an antioxidant and hindering the development of the tumor. Taking foods with a sufficient content of vitamin A and carotene, you can prevent cancer.

Than this vitamin is useful and in what products contains

We already know what vitamin is contained in carrots. Milk, eggs, cabbage, sorrel, peas, along with others, also contain vitamin A. It promotes prolongation of life, slowing down the aging of the body. Protects vessels from cholesterol. Still vitamin A raises concentration of attention, and also promotes increase in speed of reaction. Due to the beneficial effect on the vessels, digestive organs and other systems, it prevents serious diseases such as cardiovascular, oncology, hypertension, ulcers, thrombophlebitis. It is simply necessary for the normal operation of the gonads. If the vitamin is not enough, then women may have a menstrual disorder, and men may experience infertility. A deficiency in the body of vitamin A and magnesium can weaken the protective function of the thyroid gland, as it controls leukocytes and the immune system. As a result, even a germ can appear. The lack of a vitamin makes the skin pale, and the person feels constantly tired. The influence of vitamin A on lactation is proved. For proper development and nutrition of the embryo, it is simply necessary.

Vitamin A and treatment of diseases

Want to know what vitamin is contained in carrots, milk, eggs, cabbage and peas? This, of course, A. Its benefits are not limited to the properties listed above. It helps with the treatment of allergies. Effective with emphysema and hyperthyroidism( thyroid disease).If applied externally, it is possible to cure furuncles and carbuncles. There are diseases in which carrots as a storehouse of provitamin A are recommended as a therapeutic food. This, for example, cholelithiasis, dyskinesia of the biliary tract, decrease or lack of appetite, constipation. A cocktail of carrots is treated with increased acidity. In general, this vegetable should be eaten raw. During heat treatment, some vitamins are lost.

Threatened with an excess of vitamin A

If you eat foods that contain the vitamin itself, in large quantities, then its excess may appear, and this is fraught with consequences. Excess vitamin A for a person turns into an increased risk of developing cancer. Therefore, using foods such as eggs( vitamin contained in the yolk), butter, fish liver, sour-milk products and cream, you need to observe the measure. But products of vegetable origin containing carotene, you can consume as much as you want. Since provitamin A, which is carotene, does not have harmful properties of the vitamin itself, if it is too much. But what kind of vitamin is contained in carrots - useful or harmful in excess? It can be said with certainty that carrots are not superfluous, because there is carotene, which turns into the body itself into vitamin A.

Vitamin A deficiency. Consequences of

. Consuming insufficient quantity of products containing carotene or vitamin, you can get the following health problems:

  • premature skin aging, early appearance of wrinkles;
  • increased sensitivity of teeth;
  • dry eyes and red eyelids;
  • tactile and pain sensitivity decreases:
  • impairment of sexual function( decreased libido, impaired erection, accelerated ejaculation);
  • poor vision in the dark and twilight( night blindness);
  • development of oncological diseases of mammary glands and mastopathy;
  • appearance of polyps and cervical erosion;
  • insomnia;
  • depletion of the body;
  • diseases of the digestive system( cholecystitis, gastritis, ulcers, cancer, cyst in the liver, diarrhea);
  • respiratory diseases( chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, frequent colds).

As you can see, the consequences of a lack of vitamin are serious, so you need to remember which vitamin is contained in carrots, milk, eggs.

The amount of vitamin A in products

To combat the listed consequences of a lack of vitamin, you can, if you organize the food correctly. To do this, you need to know the daily requirement of vitamin A and its content in the consumed products. It is necessary to consume a healthy adult person on average 3300 IU vitamin per day. In general, the dose depends on the age and weight. So, vitamin A is contained in the products in the following quantities:

  • 1 medium carrot in raw form - 10191 IU( it should be remembered that there will not be a surplus of vitamin from vegetables);
  • one baked potato - 21,909 IU;
  • half a cup of ready-to-eat pumpkin - 11434 IU;
  • a glass of milk with a fat content of 1% - 1131 IU;
  • cup muesli with raisins - 868 IU;
  • omelet from one egg - 321 IU:
  • cheddar cheese 30 g - 284 IU.Knowing these figures, you can balance the power.

    Vitamin A has the ability to accumulate in the body, therefore it is not necessary to consume its daily norm strictly. Sufficiently close to the right amount for a week. Remember about what vitamin is contained in carrots, eat it and other foods containing vitamin A, and be healthy!