What kind of doctor should I use for headaches and high blood pressure?

Headache is the most common complaint about health status. This is the first sign of fatigue and overexertion, and sometimes an alarming signal about serious violations of the cardiovascular and nervous system. Despite the usual pain, it requires special attention and proper treatment. In the article we will talk about which doctor should be treated with headaches and how to deal effectively with them.

Prevalence of

Pain in the head region is the most common neurological disorder that occurs regardless of gender, age, and demography. With the growth of employment and the pace of life, symptoms have become routine, and sometimes everyday, for the average person. The complaint turned into a worldwide problem, which is not given enough attention. Very few people know, to what doctor to address at headaches, usually many simply limit treatment by anesthetizing.

to what doctor to address at headaches

The main difficulty in eliminating such an unpleasant symptom is an unclear clinical picture. A particular disease or symptom is the first question that the doctor asks. Depending on the nature of the pain:

  • pulsing;
  • voltage;
  • sharp;
  • squeezing, compressive;
  • raspiruyuschuyu.

Unpleasant sensations can occur in any part of the head: temples, nape, near the eyes, in the forehead. Depending on the location and type of pain, one can assume the true cause of its occurrence.

The root causes of

As you know, pain is the first alarm from the body. Ignore and drown it with analgesics without trying to understand the cause is stupid and ineffective: the likelihood that the pain will return again is high. There are true and secondary causes of development of unpleasant sensations. In the first case, everything is limited only to the brain and the impact of the environment at the level of the psyche. The person is healthy, but has not slept well, has perenurneval, long time was occupied with mental work - has received a headache of a strain. For its treatment, it is necessary only to recover qualitatively: relax the muscles of the neck and head, sleep, adjust nutrition.

frequent headaches to which doctor to consult

A more serious problem is migraine. This is the pathology of areas of the brain responsible for pain. The disease is characterized by seizures, which can be accompanied by nausea, intolerance to light and visual impairment. The main sign is a sharp pain in the temples, spilling over the entire head. Often, a unilateral manifestation of unpleasant symptoms. To what doctor to address with headaches in the temples with a suspicion of migraine? It is best to immediately come to a consultation with a neurologist.

The causes of secondary pain

The prevalence of a symptom in a variety of diseases fully answers the question: "Which doctor should I use for headaches?" The very first specialist to visit is undoubtedly the therapist. A qualified general practitioner will be able to qualitatively assess the patient's condition and narrow down the range of possible causes of poor health. The most frequent of them are:

  • long-term stress, insomnia;
  • mental overstrain;
  • infectious and inflammatory diseases;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • diseases of the nervous system and heart;
  • problems with SHOP.

severe headaches to which doctor to consult

Do not delay the visit to the hospital if you suffer from frequent headaches. To what doctor to address in that case, you already know - to the therapist. Be sure to tell him about the presence of chronic diseases and other symptoms if they have a place to be.

Further examination of

The therapist will collect an anamnesis, prescribe a general examination and initial treatment to prevent severe headaches. Which doctor to contact after family? Most likely, the next specialist on the road to recovery will be a diagnostician. Based on the data and recommendations already collected, he will decide to conduct:

  • laboratory tests;
  • ultrasound, ultrasound of vessels;
  • MRI or CT of the brain;
  • Echo-EG, EEG;
  • other additional procedures.

The importance of passing a survey can not be underestimated. This is the only way to determine the true cause of the ailment.

To all the fault of the nervous system?

If you have constant headaches, which doctor should you contact to solve the problem more quickly? After all, in most cases, reduced efficiency, memory and mood worsen. You can immediately make an appointment with a neurologist if the condition is not complicated by fever, cough and other symptoms of infection.

permanent headaches to which doctor to consult

Most often the doctor leads this profile:

  • Bunch, cluster pain, characterized by acute course. The most common factor is alcohol abuse and smoking.
  • Neuralgia - a disorder of the nerves, accompanied by sweeping and stitching pains.
  • Migraine is an independent and often occurring disease. These are strong and throbbing pains that spread over the entire head or on one side. Associated signs are dizziness, nausea, tinnitus;
  • Neuroses of a different nature.

Diseases of the nervous system - a common, but not the only reason for the emergence of poor health. But if the seizures occur with a certain periodicity and do not affect other systems of organs, most likely the main assistant in the treatment will be a neurologist.

Headache and ENT?

At first glance, the otorhinolaryngologist is not included in the list of those professionals who are worth visiting when headaches are painful. To what doctor to address, if they arise in the region of the nose, forehead? And if you add to the symptoms of subfebrile temperature? Then the probability is high that the patient came to the address. And it's good that in general came, because such a "bouquet" of troubles speaks of the neglected state of ENT diseases, and this is already dangerous for health.

Most often, a headache provokes inflammation in the sinuses of the nose, which provokes such diseases as sinusitis, etmoiditis, frontalitis. Treatment should be immediate because of the risk of developing a purulent infection. Which doctor should be treated for headaches not associated with ENT diseases, but accompanied by high fever? No doubt, it is worth to visit an infectious disease specialist in the shortest possible time.

Headache and hypertension: Is there a connection?

People suffering from high blood pressure, often write a headache in a characteristic symptom of this ailment. In fact, the processes are interrelated, but not directly. The pain itself, and the headache in particular, can cause an increase in blood pressure( up to about 160 mm Hg).

torment headaches to which doctor to apply

The body reacts to "alarm signals" differently in everyone, so it's wrong to write off the pains for pressure and vice versa. But the totality of these signs should alert and encourage a visit to the clinic. What kind of doctor should I use for headaches and high blood pressure? First of all, you should come to the therapist. Probably, consultation of the cardiologist is required also.

Will the oculist help?

It turns out that a headache can signal about ophthalmic diseases, especially if it occurs in the forehead, temples, nose and eyes. The cause of unpleasant sensations is most often the increased pressure of the fundus, which leads to many troubles. For example, glaucoma. Untimely treatment can lead to severe visual impairment, up to blindness.

to what doctor to address at headaches and high pressure

In addition to increasing the pressure of the fundus, headaches can provoke astigmatism. Usually the disease develops from early childhood and requires observation and treatment from an ophthalmologist.

Consultation with other specialists

Frequent, almost uninterrupted headaches can talk about the development of severe pathology, for example, brain cancer. The oncologist will be able to diagnose an exact diagnosis only after CT, MRI, and in some cases, PET diagnostics. To prevent the development of severe consequences, it is recommended to undergo preventive examinations at least once a year, especially if the problem of permanent headaches is urgent, and the cause of their occurrence is not clear.

Benign and malignant formations manifest themselves in the form of dizziness up to loss of consciousness, seizures. The symptomatology of specific signs differs depending on the location of the tumor.

to what doctor to address at headaches in temples

Headache - regardless of the causes of the occurrence - an extremely unpleasant condition, which provokes a decline in efficiency and a deterioration in overall health and mood. The quality of treatment of symptoms should be given special attention: for ordinary pain, a serious ailment that requires immediate treatment can be concealed. When going to the hospital and wondering who to contact yet, determine the importance of the fact of the doctor's visit and compliance with his recommendations. Start with a therapist or neurologist. If additional consultations are needed, specialists will be sent to a conversation with narrowly specialized doctors.