Viagra: analogues in pharmacies and their effectiveness

The loss of potency for any man is a very painful problem. Fortunately, there are drugs that can restore men's strength. One of the most famous and popular means is Viagra. But few know that there are analogues of "Viagra", which are no less effective than the main drug.

Viagra analogs in pharmacies

What is Viagra and for what purpose is it used?

Little is known about the fact that "Viagra" in its modern form was invented by chance. It was developed as a means to improve the work of the heart and only in the process of research was revealed a completely different effect - an increase in potency.

Viagra tablets are used to treat impotence in men. In this erection does not occur immediately after the drug, it appears only in the case of sexual arousal of a man."Viagra" improves blood circulation in the penis area, due to which the erection intensifies.

Viagra: Analogues in pharmacies

Viagra is a well-known worldwide potentia drug. In the pharmacy market, medicine appeared in 1998 and for almost 10 years it was not equal.

Viagra analogues price But soon the pharmaceutical companies noticed that Viagra is in great demand and popularity, so they created their own drugs with a similar mechanism of action. But these medicines had minor composite differences from the main agent called Viagra. Analogues in pharmacies were as follows:

  • American "Cialis" with active substance tadalphil( 2003);
  • German "Levitra" with vardenafil( 2005).

After a while, Indian developers invented their drugs, which were combined into the "Generic Viagra" group. At the same time, they began to produce funds of this group not only in the form of tablets, but in other variations: gels, chewing sweets and effervescent tablets, which need to be dissolved in water.

Despite the popularity of foreign substitutes for the drug, there is a Russian analogue of "Viagra", and to be more precise, there are even a few. The most famous among them are "Erectil", "Impaza" and "Potential", as well as Ukrainian "Eromax" and "Eroton".

"Viagra": analogues, the price of

"Viagra" is not a cheap tool that will be affordable for the average man. Therefore it is not surprising that many are interested in the question of whether there are analogues of "Viagra": cheap, but no less effective?

Russian analogue of Viagra It should be noted that the popular drugs in Europe, "Levitra" and "Cialis" as well as "Viagra", do not differ in cheapness. But Indian medicines in this regard will be available to almost everyone, since their cost is usually 4 times less than the original( "Viagra") and is in the range of 75 rubles per tablet.

The Russian analogue of "Viagra" is also of low cost, for example, the packaging of "Impaza" costs 467 rubles for 20 pills, which is less than 25 rubles for one tablet. Undoubtedly, the difference is significant. Compare prices for the most popular drugs in the table below.

Viagra: analogues. Price for topical drugs
Name of the drug Price per packing( rub.)

Number of tablets in the package( pcs.) And the amount of active substance in the

pill "Cialis" 1500

10( 50 mg)

"Levitra" 1400 10( 50mg)
"Ergos" 439

4( 100 mg each)

"Impaza" 467

20( 50 mg each)

"Potential" 331

2( 50 mg each)

"Eromax" 882

60( 50 mg)

Eroton 909

4( 100 mg each)

Kamagra 800

4( 100 mg each)

Vuka Vuka 681

20( 550 mg each)

Golden Rat 1203 100( 7 mg each)

Effectiveness of substitutesViagra »

As we have understood, to improve the potency of quality there is not only" Viagra ".Analogues in pharmacies are present in sufficient quantities, but are they effective and effective at all?

analogues of Viagra cheap

The effectiveness of these drugs is unquestionable. Although there are some differences with the original.

First, the difference lies in the duration of the drug."Viagra" acts on the body immediately after taking and for the next 4 hours. Alternative remedies start to operate from 15 minutes after admission( "Sinalis" and "Levitra") to one hour( "Generic Viagra").

Secondly, the time of action is also very different. For example, Levitra is effective for another 5-10 hours after admission, the duration of Cialis may reach 36 hours, and Royal Viagra( Boss Royal Viagra) is able to maintain the effect up to 7 days.

Also when buying analogues of "Viagra" you need to take into account an important detail: gels and chewable tablets start to act much faster than regular tablets that need to be washed down with water. This is due to the fact that drugs are absorbed into the body already in the oral cavity, which contributes to the rapid onset of a positive effect.

Contraindications to the use of "Viagra" and its analogues

As well as directly Viagra, analogues in pharmacies should be given exclusively by prescription. Although, as practice shows, this rule is now very few people observe, and the drugs are in free sale both in pharmacies and on the Internet. Viagra analogs reviews Despite this, before you start taking this or that tool to increase potency, it is worth consulting with your doctor beforehand to confirm the necessity of using these medications and to exclude possible diseases, against which the erection may disappear.

Like all other medicines, Viagra and its analogs can have side effects that last for most hours only for a few hours. These include:

  • headache;
  • deterioration of the possibility of color vision( all objects can acquire a greenish tinge);
  • upset stomach and intestines( diarrhea);
  • increased heart rate;
  • dizziness, darkening in the eyes or blurred vision;
  • nasal congestion;
  • is redness or a rash on the face and whole body.

Usually negative consequences arise in the case of drug overdose, therefore, this issue should be approached with all responsibility and seriousness.

Customer feedback on the use of analogues of "Viagra"

To date, according to numerous responses, many men checked on themselves as substitutes, and the very drug "Viagra".Analogues, which are often heard about are "Eromax" and "Cialis".For example, people talk about "Eromax" mostly in a positive way. And the rush of sexual activity is noted not only by men, but also by women who took this drug. Many have effectively helped to remove the stress and tension of Cialis: some assure that they have not experienced such feelings for a long time. However, with the use of this drug, people often note the heaviness in the head as a side effect. Also, "Impaza" is not suitable for everyone - it is necessary to consult with a specialist. But speaking in general, satisfied customers note the excellent effectiveness of drugs and the actual absence of side effects. In addition, the relatively low prices for analogues of Viagra, and therefore, accessibility to a wide range of customers, please.