Therapeutic properties of the sequence: recommendations for use

Walking in the summer along the river, you can find a plant with small yellow flowers, collected in the inflorescence. And many do not even guess what wonderful healing powers it has. With the help of this herb, you can cure diseases that are beyond the power of official medicine. And it's called succession. The healing properties of the sequence were seen and appreciated by our ancestors. But even now this herb is very popular. medicinal properties of the sequence


The healing properties of this herb are described in many reference books of medicinal plants. This herb is used not only externally, but also inside. So what is this plant, what is useful and when to harvest it, you will learn from this article.


The sequence refers to the family of Compositae, is an annual plant. The trunk is erect, leaves are dark green, opposite. At the ends of the stems are the baskets, in which there are yellow flowers. The plant blooms from July to September. It grows everywhere from the Caucasus to the Far East. Loves wet and waterlogged soils. As a weed occurs in the gardens and gardens. The people are called a scrofulous grass or goat's horns. The chemical composition of the herb includes mucus, coumarin, tannins, vitamin C, bitterness, carotene flavonoids. Prepare the plant at the beginning of flowering. For this, the side branches and the top of the grass are cut. Dry the herb collection in a ventilated shaded place.

a series of medicinal properties and contraindications

The sequence. Therapeutic properties and contraindications

As already noted above, this herb is unique in its effect on the body. The sequence copes with such intractable diseases as eczema, dermatitis, diathesis, psoriasis. And such therapeutic properties of the sequence, as stimulation of the adrenal glands and normalization of the metabolism, have been revealed quite recently. It turns out that this plant stimulates the release of hormones that help the body cope with allergies. Probably, almost all mothers bathed their newborn children in the broth of a string. Such baths help cope with irritations on the baby's skin. But, in addition to external positive effects on the body, the healing properties of the string can be felt on yourself, taking the broth inside. If you have problems with digestion, drink tea from the string. Also, the broth of this herb has a diuretic and diaphoretic property. Contraindications as such are not present, only intolerance of separate components. herb healing properties

Therapeutic properties of the sequence. Recipes

Herbal Infusion

Take three tablespoons of dry herbs and pour a glass of hot boiled water. Then heat the mixture( almost to the boil) in a water bath. Cool and strain the grass. The resulting infusion dilute with cold boiled water( to a volume of 250 ml).Drink half a cup three times a day after meals.

Herbal decoction of

The ratio of grass and water is taken as in the first recipe. Then bring to a boil and keep on a low heat for about a third of an hour. Cool, strain, and then take one tablespoon four times a day.


Brew the herb( the broth can be made strong) and let it brew for about an hour. Strain and pour the infusion into the bath.