Contact lenses Cooper Vision Biofinity: description, reviews

Cooper Vision Biofinity lenses allow you to adjust almost any degree of farsightedness, myopia and astigmatism. These American polymer products have long earned recognition not only in the US, but also in other countries, including Russia. Today we learn what features and benefits these lenses have, and what users themselves think about them. contact lenses biofinity cooper vision


Cooper Vision was founded in the United States back in 1959.Today, this company is considered the second largest in the production of soft contact lenses. This manufacturer produces replacements of glasses not only of traditional wearing, but also colored, one-day, toric, multifocal. Today the company offers such models of contact lenses as Biomedics, Proclear, Biofinity.

The company has patented its production technology for these polymer products, and today it sells its goods at affordable prices. biofinity cooper vision

Advantages of

Biofinity Cooper Vision lenses have such superiority in comparison with polymer products of other firms:

- Universal design. In such lenses is very convenient. Aspherical optics, a rounded edge and an excellent angle of inclination ensure an excellent fit of these polymers on the eye. These indicators make the vision sharp, and wearing-comfortable.

- The ability to wear contact lenses Biofinity Cooper Vision continuously for a week. Or to wear them only during the day. By the way, these substitutes are designed for 30 days of wearing. But if a person wears them around the clock, then the period is reduced to 1 week.

- High oxygen permeability( 160 Dk / l).

- Excellent hydration. In these lenses, a person will not feel dry in the eyes, since such polymers are made of last generation hydrogel silicone( kofilkona).That's why the eyes in these glasses substitutes will always be moistened.

Contact lenses Biofinity Cooper Vision: types

Polymer products of this range are as follows:

- Biofinity hydrogel products.

- Multifocal lenses.

- Polymer products Toric.

- Lenses Biofinity XR.

These kinds of polymer products have their own characteristics. lenses biofinity cooper vision reviews

Multifocal lenses

These are multifocal hydrogel soft eyeglasses designed to correct age-related farsightedness.

Innovative lens design Cooper Vision Biofinity Multifocal has several correction zones, which allows you to see clearly at both close and long distances.

The method of disinfection of these polymeric products is chemical or peroxide.

These are the most expensive lenses from this series. So, the cost of 1 lens is about 2 thousand rubles. The term of wearing these polymers is not more than 1 month. cooper vision biofinity

Lenses Biofinity Toric

These are silicone soft products for the correction of astigmatism. You can wear them both during the day and at night. These lenses are made using the unique technology "Aquaform", which provides the maximum degree of oxygen permeability. These glasses substitutes include silicone, composed of macromers( long molecular chains).

The wide annular zone allows to stabilize the position of the lens on the eye.

These glasses substitutes have a toning function. Protection from ultraviolet radiation they do not have. The moisture content is at the level of 48%.

For one lens you need to give about 450 rubles.

Polymers Biofinity XR

Many doctors disappoint their patients by telling them that contact lenses are not worn with a high degree of myopia. Use of glasses is admissible. But this can not be said about Cooper Vision Biofinity XR contact lenses. The company also took care of people with very poor eyesight, releasing hydrogel polymers with such diopters: from -12.5 to -20, and also from +8.5 to 15. Such lenses allow air to penetrate to the organ of vision. With such glasses replacements, people will stop using moisturizing drops.

These lenses also wear 1 month. They have the function of toning, but there is no protection against ultraviolet radiation.

The price of a lens( 1 pc.) Is approximately 460 rubles. lenses biofinity cooper vision

Good grades of people

Lenses Biofinity Cooper Vision reviews of women and men are mostly flattering. And these responses are completely justified. Here are the advantages to users of using these hydrogel materials:

- Lenses are easily put on and removed. People who have tried in their lives to replace the glasses of other firms, note that these polymers are easy to operate. Other lenses often stick to the eyes, like suckers.

- Many users note that protein deposits do not accumulate in the glasses substitutes.

- The great advantage of these polymer products is that they can sleep through the night. It is very popular with those people who often spend time on trips, business trips, etc. After all, it is difficult to remove lenses in a train or car. And with the replacement of points Cooper Vision Biofinity this and do not have to do. A person can sleep in them all night, and next morning he will get up and feel fine.

- In such lenses it is very comfortable to work at the computer, and also to sunbathe in them in summer on the beach. They will not dry out.

- Suitable for people with very poor eyesight. Some users could not even imagine that with a high degree of myopia, you can abandon the usual glasses and go to these thin polymer products.

- Men and women do not even feel these lenses before their eyes. Unlike similar products from other manufacturers, these polymeric materials are, you might say, invisible. biofinity cooper vision reviews

Negative user ratings for

Unfortunately, not always the Biofinity Cooper Vision lens reviews are of an approving nature. There are people who were dissatisfied with these glasses substitutes. So, some, for example, say that after several days of wearing they had a veil before their eyes, there was a terrible discomfort. This really can be the case, if a person put on a replacement for glasses, the expiration date of which has already expired. Therefore, before you buy any product, especially for stock or at a discount, you should look at the production date.

Some other users note that these lenses have a short term of wearing, only 1 month. People want these polymer products to be worn for at least 3 months. And another drawback, which draws attention to people with poor eyesight, is the high cost of lenses. But as they say, you have to pay for quality. Good things will never cost cheap. And health does not need to be saved at all. It is better to abandon another skirt or blouse, but to get high-quality lenses that can be worn with comfort. Excellent acuity, lack of sensation of dryness of the organ of vision with such polymeric products will be provided.


This article introduced the reader to the quality American substitutes for glasses. Biofinity Cooper Vision lenses are unique polymer products that allow their wearer to see clearly without feeling any discomfort. The specificity of these lenses is that they can be worn for days, and the eyes will not dry out. The only drawback of these products is high cost. However, many users turn a blind eye to this disadvantage, because lenses have a large number of advantages over other polymer products and even glasses.