How to take flax seeds with maximum health benefits?

Recently, more and more people are trying to learn how to take flax seeds with health benefits. After all, this absolutely natural plant product not only allows you to saturate the body with vitally important vitamins, fats and fiber, but it can also help cope with many diseases. The specific way of using flaxseed directly depends on what purpose the person pursues. Today, most often it is used to eliminate constipation, to correct and smooth weight loss. Apply it and with diabetes to improve health. how to take flax seeds

Getting rid of constipation

Unfortunately, every year the number of people suffering from chronic constipation is rapidly increasing. This is promoted by inactivity, poor nutrition and an unfavorable ecological situation. However, there is a simple, natural and inexpensive remedy that allows you to get rid of this disease easily and without harm to health, a flax seed. How to take this product and what should I look for?

Take the infusion necessary, which is prepared by brewing 2 tablespoons of a glass of boiling water. Use it twice a day. In this case, if such a problem with the chair is old, then you can increase the daily dose by one more glass. In order to enhance the effect, it is necessary to add ground seeds and kefir or juice. But it is recommended to use no more than 2 table spoons a day.

Special attention should be paid to the interval between the methods of the remedy - it should not exceed 6 hours and can not be less than 2. For women in the situation, as well as practicing breastfeeding, such remedies can be used only upon receiving the doctor's approval. And do not forget about a possible allergy. To find out about its presence or absence, in the first three days it is not necessary to drink more than one and a half glasses of infusion of flax seeds. The maximum period of use of this tool is not more than 2 months.

The correct weight loss flax seed how to take

That this plant helps to lose weight, probably every girl and woman heard, but not everyone knows how it helps to lose weight. Therefore, how to take flax seeds in order to get rid of extra pounds, we will burn here.

First, you can reduce weight only if this product is used daily and at least 2-3 months. Secondly, for weight loss you can take both the seeds themselves, and the infusion prepared from them. Thirdly, the greatest effect can be achieved by adding them directly to food, rather than simply using them separately. So, how to properly take flax seeds for weight loss? It is best to do this at breakfast or dinner. In the first case, a couple of spoons of seeds should be added to the morning portion of porridge, and in the second - to mix them with a glass of kefir. Using these dishes daily for 4-5 weeks, you can forever say goodbye to 4-6 kg. And if you also drink between meals on half a glass of seed broth, the weight loss can increase to 6-8 kg. This means for losing weight is prepared on the same principle as the decoction against constipation, only the amount of water is reduced by half.

Flax seeds against diabetes how to properly take flax seeds

Strengthen the action of insulin, as well as maximize the protection of the body from this disease can also this product. Talking about how to take flax seeds in this case, it should be understood that everything depends on the purpose.

So, if you need to strengthen the effect of drugs and strengthen the body, then you should prepare the infusion in the following way. Flax seeds, burdock and chicory roots, bilberry leaves and beans( 1 /1/1/3/ 3) are mixed and 500 ml of filtered warm water are poured. The mixture after 12 hours of infusion is filtered and used only after meals and no more than 4 glasses per day.

If the infusion is planned to be used as a prophylaxis for the onset of diabetes, it is prepared as follows. From 1 to 3 small spoons of seeds filled with a glass of cold water, insist in a dark place for at least three hours. Use infusion only before bedtime and just a glass.

Now that you know how to take flax seeds in specific cases, do not forget about the individual characteristics of the body. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, you should always consult a specialist.