Method of application, instruction "Lactomone".Reviews about the drug

The treatment of intestinal problems is now particularly widely discussed by specialists and popular manufacturers. After compositions on the basis of beneficial bacteria can not only adjust the microflora, but also restore the stool, improve well-being, create a sense of comfort and so on. You can not miss the fact that such medicines increase the body's immune defenses. From this article you will learn the information that the instruction informs about one such preparation.

Lactomone is a complex of useful microorganisms that helps a person to be healthy and feel great. You will find out more about how to use it. It is also worth mentioning about what the Lactomon drug has.


Form of issue. What is included in the preparation?

What does the instruction tell consumers?"Lactomone" is a medicine that consists of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. This means that it contains a full range of microorganisms that are necessary for a person to maintain the digestive tract. The product is available in the form of a powder, from which you subsequently have to prepare a suspension. In one sachet contains 3 grams of medicine.

Externally the powder has a whitish-yellow hue. The manufacturer allows small red inclusions. In this case, after dissolution, a white suspension is obtained. The drug "Laktomun" price in Russia is in the range from 600 to 700 rubles. If you buy a composition on the territory of Ukraine, then 14 sachets will cost you 200 hryvnia.

How to get an appointment for taking medication?

What information about the indications informs the users about the instructions?"Lactomone" is a medication for the purchase of which there is no need for a prescription. Every person who has evidence for this can take the composition. Doctors report that the medicine is not capable of harming anyone, except in cases that are described in contraindications. Annotation reports that the drug is prescribed in the following cases:

  • for intestinal dysbacteriosis and vaginal flora in women;
  • during the therapy with antibacterial drugs and chemo-compounds;
  • for viral and bacterial bowel disease, which is accompanied by diarrhea;
  • during a strong flatulence and gas formation;
  • is an allergy of various origins.

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"Lactomon" for children: is it possible?

Often the drug is given to children. In this case, its use can be made from the first day of life. The use of the described medicine allows the child to adapt quickly to new conditions. Also babies in the first months of their life suffer from colic. The drug "Laktomun" promotes the rapid colonization of the microflora of the digestive tract and reduces the strength of gas formation symptoms.

The composition allows the maximum absorption of useful vitamins and nutrients. That is why it can be used in premature babies, whose nutrition plays a big role in the ability to survive and catch up with their peers in the future.

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Are there any contraindications to the use? ADVERSE REACTIONS

What does the instruction say about side effects and limitations to use?"Lactomone" is a medicine consisting of a complex of bifido- and lactobacilli. These substances are normally present in the digestive tract of each person. That is why the use of the composition has no limitations and contraindications. However, in the presence of sensitivity to dairy products or persons with lactose intolerance, it is worth choosing another means, for example, Bifidumbacterin. The price of this drug is about 100 rubles.

The drug usually does not cause a negative reaction and is well tolerated by consumers of different ages. However, the manufacturer reports that a case of an overdose of this medication was previously recorded, as a result of which the child developed sensitivity to the drug. The baby was premature.


Method of application of powder

The composition must be dissolved before use. For this it is permissible to use milk, juice or clean water. The liquid should not be hot. Breastfed can dilute the drug in an adapted mixture or breast milk. The amount of liquid is no more than 100 milliliters. After stirring, allow the medication to infuse for 10 minutes. Take the composition is desirable during meals.

The dosage of the drug depends on the age of the patient. Babies are prescribed half the sachet once a day. The opened package is kept in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours. Adults and children after 2 years are shown 1 packet once a day.

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Testimonials of people who used the described

drug. Consumers report that the composition diluted in water has a rather unpleasant aftertaste. It is because of this that the consumer advises using milk or juice. In this form, give the medicine to the child is much easier.

Parents of newborn babies say that with regular use of their babies the symptoms of colic become less pronounced. Babies could empty the intestines without increased gas production and pain. After two weeks of daily use, the baby feels much better. At children immunity rises, state of health comes to norm.

Despite all the positive arguments, the medicine should not be taken uncontrollably. If you do not consult a doctor, then strictly follow the instructions for use. Good luck with your treatment and good results!