The drug "Hondrolon": reviews of patients, form of release, indications, instructions for use

Very popular are creams for joints, "Hondrolon" in the form of ampoules and other drugs against joint pain."Chondrolon" is often prescribed to their patients by doctors, but the drug can be bought without a prescription, so many people practice self-medication with its application and without the recommendation of a specialist. Is it worth it? On average, the price of the drug "Hondrolon" in our pharmacies is about two or three hundred rubles. Is it worth that much money? Let's try to look more closely.

chondrolone reviews of patients

The development of domestic doctors

The medicine "Hondrolon" was invented in Russia. This drug is produced by the Ufa pharmaceutical company "Immunopreparat".In many ways, this is why the drug is much cheaper than many similar medicines to fight joint diseases. The manufacturer has existed since 1905 and specializes in immunobiological products, which allow to effectively prevent the development of diseases and fight them. However, as can be seen from the reviews, treatment of "Chondrolon" does not always show exactly the result that the patient hoped for. The manufacturer explains this by the peculiarities of each specific situation: the severity of the disease, the specificity of the patient's body.

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From the advertising campaign you can find out that the "Hondrolon"( tablets under this brand are not manufactured, only the drug for injections) was created using the most modern technologies. This allowed us to develop an effective tool. The company is engaged in scientific research, during which it was able to discover important features of a number of components useful for joints. It is their introduction and gives such a good effect for the joints( oral, intramuscular)."Hondrolon" is popular both because of its low price, and because of its good reputation.

Actual for all

Medical statistics are absolutely ruthless: from year to year the number of cases of arthrosis, osteochondrosis, arthritis is growing. Not only does the total number of sick people increase, but also the frequency with which diseases are diagnosed in the population. Violations previously characteristic of the elderly are now often affecting young people. The pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal system will not be an exception. There are many reasons: ecology, lifestyle, unhealthy food, and only one way out: timely treatment. If you delay - you can find yourself in an almost desperate situation, when the only measure that can help is an operation to replace the joint with the implant. As can be seen from the patients' reviews, the "Hondrolon" allows solving the problem to some extent.

chondrolone tablets

According to statistics, diseases of the musculoskeletal system are characteristic for 27% of people who have crossed the 50-year age limit, and among 60-year-olds and older patients 90%.Most diseases affect women.

What's made of?

As the manufacturer explains, the composition of "Chondrolon" is an effective mixture based on chondroitin, that is, a mucopolysaccharide whose characteristic feature is a large molecular weight.

The agent is recommended for problems of calcium metabolism, phosphoric, as it restores these processes, not only in cartilage tissue, but also in bones. Also, the composition of "Chondrolon" allows to reduce the activity of a number of enzymes, due to which the tissues are not destroyed for a long time for natural reasons. Destructive processes with the use of the drug are slowed down. However, as can be seen from the instructions for use, "Hondrolon"( the price of the drug - about 200-300 rubles per package) activates the formation of glycosaminoglucans in the human body. When you take the medication joint bag, the surface of the joints come back to normal, the fluid inside the joint is produced in normal volume, and its composition again becomes correct, as conceived by nature. The process of formation of thrombi in small blood vessels near the joint is blocked.

Reliably and effectively

According to the results of the conducted researches, "Hondrolon" officially received the status of chondroprotector. These are such medicines that make it possible to provide joints with protection against destructive factors, activate regenerative processes. The European League against rheumatism recommends( and this is confirmed by patients' reviews) "Hondrolon" as one of the main means for the therapy of joint pathologies.

intramuscular injection

Application: what gives?

The results of the conducted experiments, and together with them - the patients' reviews of the "Chondrolon" show that the use of the medication can reduce the pain syndrome, restore the normal functioning of the affected joints and return the patient mobility. According to the manufacturer, the first positive dynamics can be fixed two weeks after the beginning of systematic therapy. The patients' comments on the "Chondrolon" indicate that the effectiveness has been observed for quite a long time.

What happens in the body?

The manufacturer notes that a positive effect is possible only if the instructions for the use of "Hondrolon" are observed( the price of 200-300 rubles per package stimulates careful study of the usage rules so as not to spend money just like that).If the agent is intended for insertion into the muscle, it should be used in this way. Do not inject into a vein! When using a solution for injection, the highest level of active substance concentration is observed in the patient's body after 60 minutes. Gradual reduction is stretched for a couple of hours.

A really good result is observed if the active component of the drug accumulates in the cartilaginous tissue. Side effects of the "chondrolon" can manifest, if due to the specific organism's specific features, the process of digestion occurs with errors. However, as can be seen from the responses of those who underwent treatment with its use, negative phenomena are observed very rarely. In general, the tolerability of the drug in most of the high.

Features of the action

As can be seen from the patients' reviews, "Hondrolon" works almost always, and the effect is good. Experts explain this by the fact that the drug can penetrate into the joint cavity through the synovial membrane. Only a quarter of an hour after the administration of the drug, and the active substance is already present in the affected area.

chondrolone side effects

From the synovial fluid, the chondroprotector gradually penetrates deep into the tissues of the cartilage. Studies show that the therapeutic concentration persists for about 48 hours. In another day, metabolic products leave the body through the urinary tract.

What's on offer?

"Chondrolon" in the pharmacy is represented by ampoules for injection of the drug injectively. If under the same name the seller offers tablets, ointments, gels, then the buyer has faced a counterfeit goods. The manufacturer pays attention: before you pay for the purchase, you need to check the package - is there any damage, integrity is preserved. Inside the cardboard box, not only ampoules are required, but also an instruction that explains in detail how to apply the "Hondrolon".In the description all the features of the action, as well as side effects of the "Hondrolon" are indicated, the groups of persons for whom the medication is contraindicated are described in detail. It is necessary to carefully read this material before use, so as not to be disappointed in use.

chondrolon user

In each package, "Hondrolon" is represented by sealed ampoules. The volume of one container is 1 ml, inside it is 100 mg of powder. The drug is white, designed for dilution in a special solution. Distilled water must be used as a liquid. One package contains 10 ampoules, designed for 10 applications.

We buy with the mind

Before you pay for the packaging, you need to check the expiry date. The manufacturer must indicate it on the cardboard box. There are cases when pharmaceutical sales points are not very attentive to the timely removal of overdue drugs from the shelves. The use of such a tool can lead to unpredictable effects.

The same manufacturer offers several other products for the protection of joints. There are tablets, gels, capsules, which allow to restore health to the musculoskeletal system. On sale they are presented under the names "Chondroxide", "Khondrogaard".As can be seen from the reviews, the result of using these drugs is also not bad. At the same time, choosing a drug for yourself is strictly not recommended, it is better to entrust it to the doctor. If the doctor advised you to use the injection, do not change it to ointment or gel.

"Chondrolon": features of using

The drug is intended for injection in the form of an injection into the muscle. At the first stage of the course, one injection is done every day, using one ampoule. To dilute the powder, use pure sterilized water. The fourth use and then - with a doubled amount of the drug.

chondrolon medicine

Usually, the attending doctor gives recommendations on the application of "Hondrolon".In some cases, the duration of the first part of the course is more or less than recommended by the manufacturer. In another situation, the doctor can correct the second stage of treatment. Also, the doctor selects the optimal dosage option, focusing on the peculiarities of the patient's condition.

When to apply?

As can be seen from the instructions, the manufacturer's recommendations, "Hondrolon" shows a good effect with a wide range of lesions of the spine, joints. The drug is effective in degeneration, tissue dystrophy. To achieve positive changes in the patient's condition using "Hondrolon" can be with arthritis of various joints, osteochondrosis, affecting the spine.

These indications are the list listed by the manufacturer in the instructions for use. But other chondroprotectors, based on the same component, are often used to stimulate bone growth( relevant for injuries, fractures), in the treatment of periodontal disease, periodontitis. Many doctors advise using the "Hondrolon" in these situations, despite the absence of direct recommendations from the manufacturer.

When not?

The list of contraindications for "Hondrolon" is rather narrow. Like any other medication, this powder for injections can not be used if there is an increased sensitivity, intolerance to any of the substances used in the process of manufacturing the drug. Also, the drug should not be used if the patient is hypersensitive to metabolites that are formed when the active ingredient is cleaved in the body.

"Chondrolon" can not be used if a tendency to bleeding is revealed, if thrombophlebitis is diagnosed, affecting deep, superficial veins.

Specific features of

In general, "Chondrolon" is not used to treat children, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. At the same time, there is no official information on the effectiveness of such therapy, so the result is unpredictable. In some cases, the doctor can analyze the situation, weigh all possible risks, explain them to the patient, on the basis of what to apply "Hondrolon" with constant monitoring of the patient's condition. At the same time, from the use of the drug in such situations try to refuse, if possible.

chondrolone composition

An allergic reaction may occur. As a rule, it is expressed by the swelling of the face, the itching of the skin. Hives develop. At the injection site, local hemorrhage( bruise) can form. It is necessary to consult with the attending physician. Probably, with such symptoms, the use of the drug is ineffective, so it is necessary to cancel the drug or to replace it with another medication.