External signs of autism in children 2 years old

Little children are so charming! Only parents are happy with the joy of their parents, and it would be okay if the pediatrician puts only relatively harmless diagnoses - ARD or ARVI.Unfortunately, the diseases are different, and many of them are quite serious, especially if one observes something that is not right at the later stages, when the process has already gone too far. But some cunning pathologies can be recognized in the first years of life. The earlier a disease is "caught", the more the child has a chance of adapting to modern life. If parents have noticed signs of autism in children 2 years old, do not panic and do not scare the child. Yes, these are not positive signals, but they are not critical. A child can have only a few deviations, which can be overcome by dealing with a competent educator-psychologist. signs of autism in children 2 years old

How does it work?

For every mother her child is the only and unique, but the situation when a baby is born a patient, parents always take it hard. Many people think about giving up the baby, thus removing the burden of responsibility from their shoulders.

But a congenital disease is not always a verdict! Especially if you recognize the disease on time( in our case, the first sign will be bright signs of autism in children 2 years old).

It should be noted that the nature of this disease is still a mystery to mankind. There are hundreds of hypotheses, but none of them is an axiom and does not cover the disease in all aspects. Scientists can assume that the causes of autism lie in the problems of human brain development in the embryonic period. Perhaps the risk factor is the fluctuations of the hormonal background. But often it happens that the disease can be caught at the initial stage and as much as possible smooth out the child's adaptation period. Will your kid live in society? Communicate with the opposite sex? Make friends or even have a family? For people with autism, all these aspects of being can be taboo or simply unnecessary. There is nothing more terrible for parents than watching a baby and feeling helpless. The autist does not trust people, is afraid of them, tries to seclude himself and constantly stands on the verge between the real and inner, invented world. Can you get him out of there? autism in children signs photos


Although it is sad, but it will immediately destroy the aspirations and hopes of parents and say that autism is an incurable disease. She has to live with her all her life. But in 95% of cases it is possible to recognize the signs of autism in children 2 years old and even earlier. Why is it important to identify the problem at an early stage? The fact is that this is a psycho-emotional illness that progresses if it is not treated in time. The child may lag behind in intellectual development, fence off from society, forget the elementary rules of personal hygiene. And it's not his fault, because he just does not know how to deal with such a problem. The fault of the parents is that they are in pink glasses and do not provide timely support to the baby. After all, modern techniques give a realistic chance for an autist to adapt in the society, develop intelligence and even learn how to express their emotions without fear.

For young children is characterized by a difference in the pace of comprehension of the world, but autistic people differ from ordinary children even in the first years of life. What is autism in a child? A photo can not convey a real picture. This kid is defenseless before the world. He's too open and vulnerable. He can not resist someone else's opinion, and he does not have the strength to fight for a place under the sun. The autistic is weak, and if there is no treatment, then over the years he can completely refuse to meet with other people. Many autistics try to isolate themselves even from their own parents, although in most cases only they let them in. what is autism in a child photo

For Toddlers

So, the first signs of autism in a child are visible already in the first year of life. It is worthwhile if the baby does not develop facial expressions, facial features seem frozen. He does not rejoice, and the face does not reflect pleasure. By nine months, a healthy karapuz is already mimicking sounds, trying to pronounce individual words, responds to external stimuli, recognizes relatives. To the autist these pleasures are unknown. One-year-old kid, who does not bluster, does not walk and does not make funny sounds, - you see, this is strange. Even in dysfunctional families, healthy children are happy with the day that has come, they are sipping in the sun, smiling and laughing, they love delicacies. The autist is indifferent to others. The first symptoms and signs of autism in the child should alert the parents, but do not sink into panic. From adults much depends at this time. More walk with the child, read aloud poems and tales, sing songs and play with it. The peculiar reaction of the baby can be just a figment of your imagination, but you can not write off all fears for fantasy. Consult a doctor if you notice strangeness. Then you can thank yourself for your vigilance.

After a year

At this time the baby is already quite strong. He recognizes his family, meets them with a smile, tries to talk. The signs of autism in children 2 years old are silence and inability to pronounce clearly short words. Surprisingly, a deaf child from birth gives a strong facial expression, while the autistic remains calm. His world is devoid of colors and emotions, but this is the most fertile period for outside interference. At this age the kid is ready for development, he can overcome himself and grow up to be a person who is ready to exist in society. What do we have to do?

First of all, the child should get used to and accept the mother's voice, physical contact with her, her smell and warmth. All contacts with the mother for the autist are like healing power, which stimulates it to develop. With the father of such communication more often does not happen. By the way, it is the mother who can suspect autism in children before all. Early signs of pathology: the child does not smile at her, does not look into the eyes, does not like to be in her arms;sometimes he does not even distinguish it from other people, does not give a visible preference in contact. autism in a child photo

For two years

Even a fully healthy child is aware of his individuality gradually. At first he sincerely thinks that he is connected with his mother and is actually its continuation. But by the time two years there have already been some changes. In these moments, you can distinguish the first signs of autism in a child.2 years is an interesting age, rich in discoveries. Baby first consciously meets and sees off the seasons, receives gifts, perhaps goes to kindergarten or at least communicates with peers on the site. Take a good look at your child. He sits in a corner beech and does not mind when his toys are taken by another baby?

how to identify autism in a child 2 years old

Of course, this is not a reason to consider your child sick. Perhaps he is too shy and timid. Try to play with it yourself. Is he coming to the contact? Can look into your eyes? Touching up to you? He is not afraid to take your toy from you? Sit on the pens? All these actions are inherent in normal babies. If not. .. Always talk to the child. The voice of the native person calms and adjusts to a positive mood. If your suspicions are confirmed, and the doctor diagnosed "autism", tune in that the child will later be able to identify himself as a separate person from you. Try to make decisions together. Always consult the baby and explain your actions. From an autist can not be dismissed, redirect the question, otherwise it will simply close in itself. If you summarize, then the question of how to recognize autism in a child of 2 years, you can answer this: listen to him and hear it!

Up to five

For loving parents the child is always a toddler, but by the age of five it can be safely called pre-school. A child with a diagnosis of "autism" is so early in school should not be given. In a noisy class, he will be uncomfortable and scared. If you looked closely at his behavior before, you probably understood how to identify autism in a child of 2 years: you need to understand his world, his fears. The child really is afraid of the surrounding reality, so go to meet him in some matters. Let there be a school, but special, with small classes, where only 5-6 students, and there is a preparatory period. With the teacher the kid should make friends, otherwise he will perceive the school as stress.

The first signs of autism in a child

Up to two years, the symptoms of the disease can be hidden, but then they can be seen, as they say, with the naked eye. Watch for communication with peers. Try to help your son / daughter adapt to other children. Calms and adjusts for a positive joint walk with friends who also have a child. Be careful not to cause conflicts between children. The autist does not cause fire on himself, but can cause irritation with his behavior, provoke a comrade in games for aggression.

Domestic difficulties

Let's move from theory to practice. What are the main symptoms of autism and its early diagnosis in children? Does the child have to constantly keep supervision? Yes it is. The autist does not understand fairy tales, will not be fascinated by them. He calmly perceives any news, and his calmness can be compared with indifference. The only thing that really takes the autistic out of himself is a violation of his personal order. Autists have a good memory for those things that they want to remember. They remember the arrangement of furniture, the time of food intake, the rules of the studied game and the clothes recommended for certain events. The autist becomes alarmed if his bed is changed to a new one, it's too early to turn off the night light, make a louder sound or order pizza for dinner instead of the usual soup with chicken. By the age of five, the intellectual gap between autism and other children has already been noticeable.

Here it should be noted that the "autist" - not a synonym for the word "fool".Autism is a violation in the work of the brain, but the disorder is peculiar. Only one part of the brain can be affected, while the rest will work 100%, and even more. An autist who can not fasten his pants can solve equations in his mind, prove theorems, write magnificent tales, or draw pictures. In his rider there will be only one point - comfort and the opportunity to remain alone. By the way, in everyday life you can easily identify autism in children. Early signs are manifested in how the child suffers loneliness. Is it good for him? Does it quickly fall asleep when adults leave the room? Is he afraid of darkness or rustle? The autist will not be afraid of the inexplicable, for this he has too few emotions. No matter how insulting, but such a child always prefers loneliness to a society of a person, even if it's his parents or friends. The first symptoms and signs of autism in a child

Heavy forms of

What is autism in a child? Photo can convey the essence of the disease only partially. This is a progressive psycho-emotional disease, which entails complete degradation of the personality, provided that it is allowed to self-exist and will not resist it even in childhood. At the first stages of the disease can be mitigated, and even suspended. Pay attention to the child's speech, his ability to analyze the data, his attitude to clothing. A severe form of autism is accompanied by unexplained acts. A child may feel embarrassed about clothes, strive to strip naked. He can love inedible things, start behaving aggressively and defiantly. Sleeping with an autist is quite unstable, as he can be afraid of anything far-fetched. But the real dangers do not frighten him. Indicative statistics: now for every 90 children one is born with a diagnosis of "autism", although 10 years ago the figures were quite different: 1 kid per 1,000. Scientists can not give a clear answer to the question of what explains the increase in the birth rate of autistics and howthis is avoided. symptoms of autism and its early diagnosis in children

Causes of

It is possible to single out in a conditional group all the risk factors that can provoke the birth of a child with such a diagnosis. The first factor, of course, are gene modifications. It should be remembered that the child should be planned and desired, otherwise young parents can reward him with a whole bunch of diseases grown on the basis of joint drinking, drug use and self-indulgence with dietary supplements. One should be cautious about starting a child if one of the parents has organic CNS lesions, hormonal failures or mercury poisoning.

The critical factor is the impact of viral and bacterial infections, unlimited use of medications or chemical effects on the woman's body during pregnancy.

It turns out that autism is easier to prevent than treat. Although, for example, in the US there are many methods and programs aimed at treating this pathology. Primarily, therapy is based on teaching children to certain behavior scenarios. A knowledgeable psychiatrist can identify autism in a child. The photo in some cases will be enough. A specialist can deal with it individually or in a group, but the work should go complex, that is, at all stages of education. The lion's share of success depends on parents and relatives who can instill in the child the necessary life skills at home. For example, it is better to conduct lessons on brushing your teeth regularly, that is, you need to teach your child to go to the bathroom together. If the strict order of the day is initially established, then it can not be violated. Also under the ban is a sharp change in the situation and the established way of life in the house. You can not scold your child and raise your voice. One sharp scream can "kill" years of work.

Concrete anxious "bells"

Scary is the diagnosis - autism in children. Signs of the photo does not convey with absolute accuracy, but already remotely you can note the apathy of a person, a frozen facial features, passivity and a glancing look, limp hands-the whip. With live communication, hearing can break a speech: grown-up children can walk, moo or scream. Moreover, autistics speak of themselves in the third person, they use a lot of interjections without personal pronouns and appeals. To toys they show very little interest, because they simply do not know what to do with them. Symbolic actions are not interesting to them, since abstract thinking is at zero. Toys autistics use non-standard, which, by the way, can also serve as a signal for parents. For example, a child can twist the wheels of a car, and not roll it;to be interested only in the doll's foot, and not the whole thing. Here so help to define an autism in children signs. Photos of autistic children may also indicate stereotyped behavior. These guys are swaying from side to side, constantly twist something. They also have physical symptoms that indicate a disease. These include systematic cramps, weak immunity, irritable bowel syndrome, and others.