Sanatorium "Ozerny", Grodno region: photos and reviews

There are many natural reservoirs in the Grodno region( Belarus).The picturesque forests around them create an incredible atmosphere. Clean air and healing sources have a beneficial effect on the human body. It is not surprising that Grodno sanatoriums offer their services in these places.

The unique nature of

The Ozerny Sanatorium( Belarus) was opened in 2003.In the clear waters of the White Lake, many fish live, in the pine forest it is easy to breathe, and the singing of birds in this protected area will finally make you forget about all the problems.

sanatorium in the lake of the Grodno region

More than 30 types of treatment, rehabilitation and physiotherapy procedures allow you to conduct a diagnostic and treatment base. On a vast territory there are six residential buildings, guest houses, a restaurant, a water park, sports grounds and a medical building. There are special tracks for sports walking and tracking. According to travelers' reviews, the only drawback is the need to constantly go out to move between the buildings.

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For its guests the sanatorium "Ozerny" of the Grodno region offers several types of recreation:

- hotel accommodation;

- weekend tour;

- trip to the sanatorium.


Anyone can book a room in a sanatorium. Depending on the chosen food( breakfast only or three meals a day) on the official site the price list is as follows:

- double one-room( from 2290 rubles);

- junior suite( from 2360 rubles);

- apartments are double( from 3220 rubles);

- lux( from 3450 rubles);

- apartments are triple( from 4100 rubles).

The rooms have a hairdryer, refrigerator, TV, telephone and a set of dishes. The private bathroom has a shower. The apartments feature a seating area and a kitchenette with a kettle and microwave.

cost of a tour


Planning a trip to the sanatorium "Ozerny"?Prices for accommodation travelers are slightly overestimated. The most modest rooms for two may seem close, so the reviews advise you to choose luxury apartments( the best way is to book in advance).Furniture and plumbing new.

Change of linen and towels occurs once every three days, cleaning - daily. The main points concern the work of maids, and the quality of bed linen leaves much to be desired.

Weekend tour

Many residents of big weekend cities are waiting with great impatience, but more often than not, free time from work is occupied with shopping, cleaning the house and other equally important matters. It is almost impossible to rest for these two very busy days. However, there is a way out - go to the sanatorium "Ozerny" of the Grodno region. Here offer a weekend tour, the duration of which is from two to eleven days. The cost of the tour includes:

- meals five times a day;

- accommodation;

- one hour in the water complex( daily);

- oxygen cocktail;

- halotherapy;

- visiting the sports hall and using the inventory.


The permit for a period of 12 days or more can be purchased under one of the programs:

  1. "Beauty and health".
  2. "Health food and weight control."
  3. "Healthy heart".
  4. "Diabetes-2".

Each of the programs includes a certain set of consultations and procedures. Sanatorium treatment means constant medical supervision, nutrition according to an individually selected diet, as well as control measurements of biochemical parameters and body composition.

The program "Beauty and health" consists of various examinations and consultations, and an additional set of cosmetic procedures is aimed at improving the skin of the face, décolletage and neck.

Weight reduction

According to the representatives of the sanatorium, the most popular is a voucher for those wishing to reduce weight. The program is designed for 12 days and offers the following services:

- accommodation in the room;

- assessment of body composition and nutritional status;

- food according to the individual diet;

- consultations of specialists( psychotherapist, physiotherapist, nutritionist and cosmetologist);

- functional diagnostics;

- ultrasound diagnosis( based on the doctor's testimony);

- clinical laboratory studies( biochemical and clinical blood tests);

- therapeutic massage;

- electrotherapy;

- hydrotherapy;

- phytotherapy.

The program also provides for physical activities: classes in the gym, aqua aerobics and Nordic walking. reviews about sanatorium

Cost of the permit for 12 days( accommodation in a single room) - about 47 000 rubles.

"Healthy Heart"

This program is designed for patients with cardiovascular diseases and those at risk( metabolic syndrome, obesity, overweight and high cholesterol).


- food status analysis;

- ultrasound examination of blood vessels and heart;

- assessment of the state of the cardiovascular system;

- consultation of the psychotherapist;

- laboratory research.

Following the results of the survey, a diet, a physical exercise program and a set of physiotherapy procedures are prepared. The cost of a voucher for one person is approximately 49,000 rubles.


Obesity or overweight is the most likely cause of type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, this disease occurs more often, and lack of control over it threatens with serious complications from the eyes, vessels of the heart, limbs and brain. Normalize the metabolism will help proper nutrition.

The "Diabetes-2" program offered by the "Ozerny" sanatorium in the Grodno region includes:

- assessment of the psychological status;

- study of nutritional status;

- instrumental and laboratory diagnostics of kidney, liver and pancreas function;

- examination of the cardiovascular system;

- analysis of metabolic disorders in diabetes. Grodno sanatoriums

For the patient a diet, a program of physiotherapy procedures and physical exertion is prepared.

Opinions of holidaymakers

As for medicine, the reviews about the sanatorium "Ozerny" tell us about the wonderful specialists. The implementation of all the recommendations will certainly lead to the desired result. At the end of the rest, the guests notice weight loss( from 2 to 8 kilograms) and improvement in overall health indicators.

Written recommendations for proper nutrition are also observed after returning home. Thus, they manage to reduce the risk of developing dangerous diseases and continue the external transformation.

Of course, there are also conflicting opinions, most of which concern, for example, poor nutrition. Sanatorium treatment suggests a different approach than five-star hotels on the coast. Here you will not find a buffet or expensive restaurant dishes, but there is a large selection of locally produced dairy products.

Water treatments

The main entertainment for holidaymakers is a wellness complex. In a freestanding building there is:

- swimming pool;

- water park;

- an exercise room;

- bowling club;

- winter garden. sanatorium lake on the map

For the youngest holidaymakers there is a separate pool with warm water. According to reviews, there is good ventilation in the water park, but there are only three slides and a "lazy" river.

Most visitors like the complex, which includes several types of saunas( Turkish, Finnish, infrared and snow), a tropical shower and a jacuzzi. For thrill-seekers, we advise barrels with ice water.

However, this is not the only entertainment that the "Ozerny" sanatorium offers. The reviews tell us that there is also a bar in the complex. During the day, you can enjoy sweets that are forbidden by diet, and in the evening - dance in a disco.


To increase the body's resistance to physical exertion and to spend the accumulated energy it is possible with the help of sports. Sanatorium "Ozerny" of the Grodno region offers to tourists:

- an exercise room;

- sports hall;

- tables for table tennis;

- large tennis courts( one indoor);

- the stadium;

- basketball court;

- a walking trail of health( 1.5 km);

- ski track( 2,5 km).

Scandinavian walking classes are organized daily, and on weekdays the schedule includes aqua aerobics, table tennis tournaments and volleyball.


Reviews of the sanatorium tell us that much attention is paid to the organization of leisure guests. Performances of creative teams, exhibitions and sales of folk craftsmen, a library and Internet cafes, entertainment for children - you will not miss exactly. sanatorium lake reviews

Be sure to pay attention to cultural events. It can be evenings of acquaintances over a cup of tea, an incendiary dancing flash mob, a day of Belarusian culture or the screening of feature films( cartoons).

Even if you are bored by the sanatorium "Ozerny", there are always some interesting sights on the map. For a fee, the staff will happily organize the following excursions:

- Lida Castle( XIV century);

- Zhirovichi monastery;

- the city of Grodno;

- a complex of "Korobchitsy";

- Belovezhskaya Pushcha( in winter time).

Every week there is a free trip to Grodno with a visit to the shopping center and the zoo.

General impression

As we have already said, the sanatorium "Ozerny" opened its doors only 12 years ago. Surprisingly, vacationers were able to find similar features with similar health resorts that provided sanatorium treatment in the USSR.Do you know who makes such an impression? That's right, the staff.

Administrators at the reception do not just forget about friendly smiles, but they can not even answer the elementary questions of tourists. There is a lack of organization and a complete lack of client orientation. No one will consult on the list of services that are provided for an additional fee.

You can find out the necessary information only in special folders at the reception desk or on the TV, where you can watch commercials all day long. In fact, it would be much more convenient to issue special brochures or decorate stands.

Reviews of holidaymakers strongly recommend paying attention to staff training and reviewing the policy of the sanatorium. Spa treatment

In addition, the official site does not have a travel and public transport schedule, with which you can reach your destination.

One more note concerns the reservation service. After 17.00 on weekdays, as well as on Saturday and Sunday, it is unavailable. The representatives of the sanatorium respond to emails with great delay.

In a word, the sanatorium "Ozerny", which has a magnificent territory, a medical base and a practically new number of rooms, is a little behind. It's time to get accounts on social networks, refresh photos on the site and start selling their wonderful services to travelers.