Dermatologist in St. Petersburg: addresses of clinics, reviews

During our life we ​​often face various problems and diseases, and in order to overcome them effectively, it is necessary to apply to competent doctors. Today we decided to talk about skin diseases. This is a colossal group of ailments, which are sometimes not so easy to handle. To put the right diagnosis and get treatment, which you really help, will require an experienced dermatologist in St. Petersburg. Of course, such a doctor is in every clinic - private or public. However, their qualifications may be very different. Therefore, today we decided to conduct a small research and make a list of the best specialists in this field. Perhaps now you just need a dermatologist in St. Petersburg, and with our help you will find it. dermatologist in St. Petersburg

Dion Medical Center

This clinic was opened eight years ago, and during this time the doctors have accumulated an invaluable experience in the treatment of a variety of skin diseases. It is remarkable that every year the doctors of the clinic are trained in new methods of treatment, attend advanced seminars and refresher courses. The clinic pays much attention to the technical equipment of cabinets and laboratories, constantly updates the equipment, changing morally obsolete to the most modern and effective. All this leads to the fact that diseases, literally yesterday considered incurable, in the center are defeated in a short time. So if you need a good dermatologist in St. Petersburg, then contact "Dion".Here you will certainly be helped. In the city there are two branches of this clinic: the center on Kollontai Street and the center on Akademika Lebedeva Street.

dermatological center

Doctors of the Dion clinic

Two leading experts work here. Judging by the responses of former and current patients, each of them is a true master of his craft. Marina Rysakova is a wonderful dermatologist in St. Petersburg. In 1997 she graduated from the Pavlov University, the general medical experience - 25 years, of them by specialization - more than 16 years. I have completed training in dermatoscopy and trichology, ozone therapy and laser techniques.

Konstantinova Margarita Yurievna is another good dermatologist in St. Petersburg. She finished her studies in 2002, primary specialization - dermatovenereology, then received a number of certificates on dermatovenereology and dermatooncology.

These specialists offer qualified help in the treatment of fungal diseases and dermatitis, mycoses, depriving and many others. There are a number of positive reviews from patients who have recovered from such complex diseases as neurodermatitis and rosacea, psoriasis and many others. Kaliningrad district of St. Petersburg

Multidisciplinary clinic EMC

In St. Petersburg on Victory Street, 17 there is another remarkable dermatological center. Of course, other experts are also taking the reception here, but the clinic has gained fame due to two star dermatologists who have been working within its walls since the day of its foundation and until now.

Lead receptions Makarova Victoria Viktrovna and Karima Ekaterina Valeryevna. On the official site, you can find many words of gratitude from former patients, especially the parents of the youngest of them. They write about how, with the help of doctors, they got rid of pyoderma and sweating, dermatitis and mycosis, lesions of parasitic nature and pathologies caused by allergies. But the biggest group of patients are teenagers with different forms of acne and post-acne. The dermatological center provides a quick solution to these problems, and compliance with the recommendations of doctors ensures that the problem does not return.

It is very important that the hours of admission of a children's dermatologist and an adult specialist are shared here, although there is often one specialist working in the polyclinic for both these directions.

good dermatologist in St. Petersburg

"Med + After" clinic

The clinic is located on Oleko Dundicha street, 17. This is a huge and quite old center that deals with the problems of the largest organ of our body - the skin. It successfully treats psoriasis and eczema, fungal diseases of the skin and nails, acne. For experienced doctors, it is not difficult to remove the spider veins and remove various neoplasms( moles and papillomas, fibromas).

At the same time the main rate of the center makes for the qualification of its specialists. This is a very correct position, since no equipment will replace the doctor's ability to conduct differential diagnostics, to distinguish external manifestations of diseases of internal organs from typical dermatological problems. dermatologist Vyborgsky district

We are looking for a specialist in the community

Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg has quite a large number of clinics and private practitioners-dermatologists, so that each patient will have a choice. First of all, I would like to mention the multidisciplinary Medical Center named after Pavlov. Here, take professional doctors, specialists of the highest category. A wide range of services will allow you to quickly solve your problems and get the desired result.

Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg is also famous for dermatologists, who are engaged in private practice. At the same time, if the problem concerns the scalp, then judging by the feedback, you can choose to choose Yuri Voronkova. She has vast experience in the treatment of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, as well as allergic dermatitis. Today he is engaged in treatment of the scalp and smooth skin, mechanical removal of mollusks and pityriasis.

If you are looking for a specialist in adult problems, then pay attention to Veselova Natalia Nikolaevna. She has more than 10 years of practical experience in the treatment of the most complex dermatological diseases, and the responses of former patients are the most positive. dermatologist

Vyborgsky District

The Northern Capital is a huge city, so it's no surprise that everyone is looking for a doctor closer to home. The clinic "Grinty-honey" is very famous. That's why we decided to talk about it in our article. Among a number of other doctors, an experienced dermatologist also takes part here. The Vyborg district serves several hospitals, but judging by the reviews, patients tend to trust the clinic that has been tested, which guarantees effective treatment.

In addition to it, the City Dermatovenerological Dispensary No. 10 is located in this area. It is located at: Parkhomenko Avenue, 29. Here there are offices for adults and children, and experienced doctors are ready to help cure any skin disease. Some patients do not risk to go to the city's polyclinic doctors, believing that the level of care there is lower than in modern private clinics. However, judging by the reviews, patients are satisfied with the quality of care. Of course, here you will need to pre-register at the reception, and sometimes wait for reception in the order of the live queue, but the treatment will cost much less. dermatologist in St. Petersburg, Moscow region

Primorskiy district

Where in this area does a professional dermatologist work? Primorsky district is one of the oldest in the city, it differs not only in beautiful architecture, but also in excellent medical institutions. The clinic "EuroMedika" has two branches, it is the Komendantsky Prospekt, 17 and Veterans Avenue, 16. Experienced dermatologists are taking the clinic here. Among them Svetlana Katekina, a young practitioner who regularly visits symposiums and congresses on dermatovenereology and improves her qualifications. He has all modern methods of treating a variety of skin diseases.

A huge number of warm reviews of grateful patients refers to the activities of a doctor of the highest category Pushkar Julia Vladlenovna. She has over 20 years of experience in dermatovenereology and dermatocosmetology. He successfully treats neurogenic dermatoses, allergic and viral diseases, diseases of the sebaceous and sweat glands.

Children's dermatologist

If a problem arises in your child, you can refer to Sadikov Akmal Kakharovich. This doctor-dermatologist, pathologist, a doctor of the highest category, a member of the European Association of Dermatologists and Venereologists. On the official website of the clinic there are many grateful comments that parents of small patients left. The clinic "EuroMedika" is a modern medical institution, all offices of which are equipped with the latest equipment, which makes treatment as effective as possible. Judging by the reviews, the cost of treatment here is not the highest in the city, while the results are impressive.

Moscow region

Dermatology is one of the most complex branches of medicine, since almost every internal disease, hormonal disorders, as well as problems with the nervous system, have various skin rashes, itching, flaking, hair loss and fragility among many other symptoms. Find the true reason and send a person to a narrow specialist who will help solve the problem - this is the key to success. And therefore it is extremely important who is your dermatologist. In St. Petersburg( Moscow region) the clinic "Atlant Med", where the amazing doctor Sobotovich Tatyana Vyacheslavovna is working. She successfully treats such problems as acne and atopic dermatitis, bacterial skin infections, viral and fungal diseases. The clinic employs the latest laboratory, which allows the doctor to collect diagnostic data and draw the appropriate conclusions. The clinic is located at 23/2 Varshavskaya street.

Clinic XXI century

This name was taken for a reason, the point is that the medical center was opened in 1999, at the turn of the century. But in fact, equipping the clinic fully justifies this name. Be sure to pay attention to it if you need a dermatologist in St. Petersburg. Nevsky district is not the only location of the outpatient center, today there are about 16 of them in the city. A wonderful specialist Shaposhnikov Alexander Evgenievich, a doctor of the highest category, works here. He has 28 years of practice in the specialty. He has modern methods of treating chronic and infectious diseases. The second most popular expert in this center is Lesen Matvey Zalmanovich. He has extensive experience in practical work with children and adults.

Demos clinic

This is a modern complex that provides a wide range of various medical services. Among the center's specialists there is a dermatologist. In St. Petersburg Frunzensky district became famous due to the excellent service and high qualification of the doctors of this clinic. Judging by the reviews, you can get a full consultation every day, you need to go through a checkup and count on effective treatment. Whichever problems you are concerned with, from teenage pimples to severe hormonal disorders, you can be sure that a solution will be found.

We hope that a brief survey of dermatological clinics in St. Petersburg will help you in solving problems.