CO2 Fractional Laser: reviews, photos

Modern cosmetology has gone far ahead in its development. Sometimes when contemplating the result of well-coordinated work of cosmetologists it seems that they can do everything. What is the use of CO2 laser for cosmetology? Feedback on the use of fractional laser positive or negative?

Laser therapy objectives

CO2 laser has a wide range of applications. Most often with its help try to eliminate such age-related changes as:

  • wrinkles;
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • pigmentation.

Also with the help of carbon dioxide laser beauticians help get rid of scars and scars, acquired due to acne or any other way.

However, in the case of acne, it is necessary to cure acne, otherwise laser polishing loses all meaning.

Principle of the

CO2 laser operation, the laser has a point high temperature effect on the skin. At the point of contact, he makes a microscopic hole, which allows the old scar tissue to dissolve. The dead cells are evaporated, but the processes of collagen production and tissue renewal are becoming more active.

Point laser action helps to achieve maximum effect with a small area of ​​thermal exposure. A significant area of ​​the skin remains unaffected by the laser beam, due to which the recovery period is markedly reduced.

Carbon dioxide laser is delicate in application. Therefore, it is used without fear even for the correction of very delicate zones of the face, neck, hands and eyes. Laser procedures allow you to get rid of pigmentation, increase the elasticity of the skin, etc.

Results from the laser application

What does the client of the cosmetology clinic decide on the face polishing with this laser?

Fractional CO2 laser - one of the most effective when it comes to correction of skin defects. This is the gold standard of cosmetology in cases where there is a need to get rid of scars or scars.

The result of fractional grinding with carbon dioxide laser directly depends on the depth of wrinkles and scars, and yet the effect can be seen after the first procedure. Especially it concerns people with a light type of skin, which reacts lightly to any kinds of cosmetic manipulations. In some cases, two procedures are enough to ensure that a person has forgotten about his skin problems forever.

The carbon dioxide fraction laser is very popular also because it does not cause complications. Special preparatory procedures before polishing are practically not required. And after manipulations, only the redness of the skin is observed, as if a person was slightly burned in the sun. During the week, all traces of polishing are completely gone.

The fractional CO2 laser differs from other

Carbon dioxide lasers are of several types. How does a fractional CO2 laser differ from others?

Cutting, ablative lasers affect the entire surface to be treated. Because of this, the recovery period after their application is significantly increased and the likelihood of complications - too. Fractional carbon dioxide laser has a partial, dot effect on the skin. Moreover, these impact zones are accurately calculated using a computer, which allows all risks to be minimized.

Regeneration processes after the application of a fractional CO2 laser pass much faster. Start your daily activities, you can go out on the next day. The mild redness will gradually disappear.

Fractional carbon dioxide laser is much more effective than, for example, erbium. After all, it does not just stimulate the evaporation of water from tissues - the technique of its action is directed to the evaporation of the tissue itself( for example, the scar).

Preparing for laser grinding

Before a fractional CO2 laser is used, a person needs to perform simple preparations for the procedure.

  1. One to two weeks before the procedure, it is necessary to minimize any contact with the sun. Sunbathing is strictly prohibited.
  2. People with III-V phototype before the polishing are assigned special depigmenting creams or creams with a high sunscreen factor.
  3. It is necessary to conduct prophylaxis of herpes with the help of medications advised by a cosmetologist.

Laser grinding can be considered a small cosmetology operation. The procedure is quite serious, therefore it has its own contraindications.

  1. Pregnancy or lactation period.
  2. Age of the patient under 18 years.
  3. Infections such as herpes, impetigo, acne.
  4. Oncology.
  5. Psoriasis.
  6. Inflammatory processes in the treated area.
  7. Blood diseases.
  8. Mental diseases.
  9. Propensity to form keloid or hypertrophic nodes.

Procedure of procedure

The procedure in which a CO2 laser is involved lasts about an hour or two. The operation proceeds as follows.

  1. The skin is cleaned with a special gel. Apply calming lotion.
  2. Local anesthesia is done so that the patient does not experience even the slightest pain.
  3. It is necessary to coordinate with the cosmetologist in advance the need for sedatives before the procedure, as well as antihistamines.
  4. Before polishing the face is covered with anesthetic and anti-inflammatory cream. The operation can be started only 30-60 minutes after its application.
  5. After a certain time, the cream is removed, and the face is again rubbed with lotion.
  6. The grinding itself takes an average of half an hour.
  7. After the operation, the beautician again covers the skin with a soothing cream. Then the specialist can apply a few more cosmetics.
  8. After the procedure for three days, special creams are used, which the beautician selects to the patient depending on the skin type.
  9. After a week, a follow-up inspection is carried out.

Side effects of

The emergence of side effects is found in only 3% of patients in cases where a fractional CO2 laser was used for grinding. Reviews, photos of patients after unsuccessful operations show that there are only four forms in which the side effect of the procedure may appear:

  • keloid scars;
  • skin clogging;
  • hyper or hypopigmentation;
  • infection.

Whether or not side effects appear will directly depend on the skill level of the cosmetologist who will perform the operation. It is important, however, how conscientiously the patient approached the preparatory period and how carefully he watched his skin during the recovery period. An important role is played by the reliability of information about his state of health, which is provided by a person to a cosmetologist.

CO2 Fractional Laser: Reviews

Advertising brochures promise that a positive result after laser correction is guaranteed. However, there are quite different opinions about the effectiveness of procedures in which a fractional CO2 laser is used.

Reviews, photos of some patients are simply surprised by how much better the visual appearance of the skin after polishing. And the first positive results appear within twenty days after the procedure. Then within half a year the skin continues to be updated, its condition improves with each month.

Individual experience shows that laser fractional grinding can cope with even the largest and most unattractive scars.

But at the same time, there is another side to the procedure: some patients are not lucky, the side effects still appear on their skin. Although the matter is most likely not in luck, but in the degree of responsibility with which a person treats his health. After all, it is not only important to prepare for the procedure, but also to make sure that the chosen clinic has a good reputation, and the patient himself had no contraindications to the procedure.