Pancreatin forte tablets: instructions for use and reviews

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With digestive disorders, every person has experienced at least once. Everyone knows what unpleasant sensations are: nausea, pain, flatulence, an intestinal disorder. From such symptoms help a lot of different drugs, but the best is "Pancreatin Forte."This enzyme, normalizing digestion and improving the condition in many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is considered safe, since it contains substances normally present in the human digestive tract, but which are not enough for various disorders and inaccuracies in the diet.

What is "pancreatin"

This name was given to pancreatic juice containing important for digestion enzymes. As early as the 17th century, physicians determined that it was he who was involved in the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. But only after 200 years, scientists found that without pancreatin, fats are not at all capable of being broken down, in contrast to proteins and carbohydrates, which are digested under the influence of other enzymes. It is because of this in patients with impaired activity of the gastrointestinal tract fatty food is not digested at all. And scientists were able to isolate this substance from the extract of the pancreas of cows and pigs. First, the digestive aid was a very bitter powder. But it was ineffective, as the enzymes were split in the stomach, not reaching the intestine. And only modern tablets of small size, covered with a special shell, effectively perform their functions.

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pancreatin forte

Characteristics of the preparation

"Pancreatin Forte" is a round tablets, coated with a shell, soluble in the intestines. This is to ensure that the enzymes, once ingested, do not immediately break down under the influence of its acidic environment. The preparation contains enzymes necessary for digestion: amylase, lipase, trypsin and protease. They are released in the intestines and participate in the processing of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, the effect of the drug is felt in half an hour after its administration.

On sale you can find another type of drug - "Pancreatin Forte 14000".Instructions for use of this drug will be discussed below. The manufacturer adds the word "health" to the name, since this remedy is more suitable for preventive treatment and removal of unpleasant symptoms with errors in nutrition. This drug contains a lower concentration of enzymes, so it is recommended to begin therapy with it. If he does not help, then go to "Pancreatin Forte."For children, "Health" is more suitable. pancreatin forte instructions for use

What distinguishes Pancreatin from Pancreatin Forte

Several drugs with this name can be found on sale. All of them contain active active substance pancreatin - a mixture of digestive enzymes. Many believe that the prefix "forte" means that the drug is stronger and works better. In fact, the content of enzymes in them is the same."Forte" means that the tablet shell is strengthened and will not dissolve in the stomach. Thanks to this, the enzymes will enter the intestine, they will begin to act there and after the work will be excreted with feces. Therefore, it is considered that "Pancreatin Forte" is more effective and lasting. pancreatin forte instructions

Action of the drug

"Pancreatin Forte" is an enzyme preparation that is needed when the pancreas is broken when it produces few enzymes. This remedy also compensates for the liver's activity with insufficient production of bile. After 30-40 minutes after taking, when the tablet enters the intestine and its membrane dissolves, "Pancreatin Forte" begins to act. The instruction notes that it has the following effects on the body:

  • accelerates the digestion of food;
  • stimulates the formation of enzymes by the pancreas and stomach;
  • promotes better protein cleavage to produce amino acids;
  • improves the absorption of fats and starch, as well as the breakdown of plant fiber;
  • relieves pain in the abdomen;
  • calms the active activity of the pancreas;
  • reduces gassing in the intestine;
  • facilitates a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen;
  • has choleretic action;
  • improves the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Who needs to take enzyme remedies

"Pancreatin Forte", like other similar drugs, is needed by everyone who has digestive disorders. It helps with inaccuracies in nutrition, overeating, or in violation of the masticatory function associated with dental diseases. Many drink it for heartburn, flatulence and bloating. Assign "Pancreatin Forte" to patients who are forced to stay for a long time in a stationary position, for example, after surgery or trauma. It is also useful to healthy people when eating too fatty or harmful food, with irregular meals or a sedentary lifestyle. But most often this remedy is prescribed for various chronic diseases of the digestive system. Many patients need to take it continuously. Often this tool is also recommended for elderly people with a deficiency in the enzymatic function of the pancreas. pancreatin forte 14000

At what diseases the preparation

is useful Though this means can be got in a drugstore without a prescription, more often it is by appointment of the doctor that Pancreatin Forte is used. Instruction for use notes that it is most effective in such diseases:

  • chronic pancreatitis;
  • deficiency of the secretory function of the pancreas after pancreatectomy or irradiation;
  • cystic fibrosis;
  • chronic inflammatory diseases of the stomach, for example, gastritis with a decreased secretory function;
  • gastroduodenitis, enterocolitis;
  • flatulence;
  • intestinal disorders;
  • gastrocardial syndrome.

The preparation is also used to prepare the gastrointestinal tract for X-ray or ultrasound examination of the digestive organs. pancreatin forte 14000 instructions

"Pancreatin Forte": instructions for use

Tablets can not be grinded or chewed when taken. Swallow them you need only whole, with plenty of water. The dosage should be determined by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease and the age of the patient. Usually adults are not recommended to exceed the dosage of "Pancreatin Forte" 14000 units of enzyme lipase per kilogram of weight. This is 2-3 tablets of the drug three times a day after meals. But most often drink 1 tablet 3 times a day. You can take this medicine only once if you break the digestive process. For preventive purposes, "Pancreatin Forte 14000" is recommended. The instruction notes that it effectively normalizes digestion. In complicated cases, if the secretory function of the pancreas is disturbed, the drug can be taken continuously, regularly consulting with the doctor.

Contraindications to admission

Although the drug is considered relatively safe, but still not all can be used. Enzymes, which are its main active substance, are isolated from gastric juice and bile pigs. Therefore, it often has allergic reactions. In addition, it contains lactose, so it is contraindicated for people with its intolerance. It is not recommended to use "Pancreatin Forte" in the following cases:

  • in acute pancreatitis;
  • with exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis;
  • for serious violations of liver function;
  • for hepatitis;
  • of cholelithiasis;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • in children younger than 3 years;
  • during pregnancy and during lactation;
  • for individual intolerance. pancreatin pte reviews

Side effects of

Usually the drug is well tolerated, and after its reception the condition only improves. But sometimes there may be side effects. Most often, they occur with individual intolerance or improper intake, for example, with an overdose. There can be observed such phenomena:

  • allergic reactions;
  • nausea, abdominal pain;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • deficiency of folic acid and iron.

Special instructions when taking

This enzyme agent strongly affects the absorption of not only food, but also various drugs. Therefore, if you need to take several medications you need to consult a doctor. It is not recommended together with "Pancreatin Forte" to drink antacids based on magnesium or calcium, as well as alcohol-containing solutions, as they weaken the effect of the drug. You should also be attentive to patients with diabetes, because enzymes worsen the hypoglycemic effect of certain drugs. But sulfonamides and antibiotics are better absorbed by enzymes.

People who are forced to drink this remedy for a long time are advised to take iron supplements in addition, as pancreatic enzymes make it difficult to absorb. You should be more careful with such funds for patients with cystic fibrosis. The dosage of the drug should be prescribed by a doctor, and it depends heavily on the quantity and quality of the food taken.

Analogues of the preparation

Enzyme agents used to improve digestion are now many. People with stomach and pancreas diseases should consult a doctor, so that he recommends the right drug. By the presence of enzymes and the characteristics of the action, there are several drugs.

  • The most famous is "Mezim Forte".The composition of these agents is completely similar, only the producer and the percentage of enzymes are different. Therefore, people react differently to these drugs. And often many people think what to drink: "Pancreatin" or "Mezim Forte."What is best, can be determined only after they are taken.
  • The preparation "Creon" is available in different dosage. It contains the same enzymes as Pancreatin, but it is produced in Germany and costs 6-7 times more than it. The convenience of this drug is that it is produced in gelatin capsules, soluble in the intestine.
  • Panzim and Panzinorm medicines are also German-made. They have greater enzymatic activity. They contain, in addition to pancreatin, bile and the mucous membrane of the stomach of cattle.
  • Very similar to the action of "Festal" and "Enzistal".These are the products of Indian pharmacists. In addition to pancreatic enzymes, they contain bovine bile.

These are the most famous drugs containing "pancreatin".In addition to them, several other drugs have the same composition and similar effect: Normoenzyme, Gastenorm, Mikrazim, Forestal, Pankrenorm, Solizim, Enzibene, Hermitage and others. pancreatin or mesim forte is better

Reviews on the use of "Pancreatin Forte"

Many people respond positively to this drug. They believe that, in comparison with expensive imported analogues, Pancreatin Forte acts just as well. Reviews of him noted that he well relieves pain in the abdomen with indigestion or overeating, effective for chronic gastritis and pancreatitis. Some people constantly have this medication in the medicine cabinet, taking it whenever they notice the heaviness in the abdomen and increased gas production. Patients with stomach diseases, too, often choose from all the enzyme preparations namely "Pancreatin Forte."Many people say that although it is inexpensive, it effectively helps digestion, quickly removing nausea and pain. Especially for those who have a healthy stomach and who occasionally take medication, it is better to buy a cheaper "Pancreatin Forte" for 50 rubles than "Mezim" for 250 rubles. And according to consumers' reviews, they have the same action.