Gynecological clinics in Moscow, public and private: reviews, ratings. The best gynecological clinic in Moscow

Beauty and health are inextricably linked. From the state of a woman's health depends not only her external attractiveness and mood. Strong health is a pledge of moral and physical well-being.

The female organism is a delicate and complex system, to maintain uninterrupted functioning of which is rather difficult. Regular supervision by a specialist should become the norm for every woman who respects herself and appreciates her health.

gynecological clinic in Moscow

About the causes of violation of women's health

Gynecological disorders can result in:

- STI( sexually transmitted infections), they are often asymptomatic, but are dangerous to health;

- contraceptive disorders;

- violation of personal hygiene;

- the impact of poor ecology( affects the reproductive health of women);

- self-treatment, tissue damage( consequences of previous operations: abortion, childbirth, various manipulations);

- weakness of immunity.

To whom to trust?

Every woman needs to consult a gynecologist from time to time. In addition, we must not forget about a systematic preventive examination at a gynecologist, which should be held at least twice a year.

The question of maintaining a physical form is often associated with the problem of finding a good specialist. There are often cases when, having laid out a lot of money for a reception, a woman does not receive proper professional assistance. The market of medical services in the capital abounds with a variety of offers from a variety of clinics that position themselves as advanced medical institutions. What gynecological clinic in Moscow is worthy of the trust of a woman who wants to preserve her health?

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How will the specialists of the clinic help?

Specialists of the gynecological clinic are required to ensure that during the consultation, a visual examination, comparison of complaints and symptoms, the appointment of examination and treatment. To diagnose the causes of the problem, usually a laboratory analysis of blood and urine, ultrasound, and if necessary histological, bacteriological, genetic studies, conduct kolkoskopiyu( special examination of the vagina), examine the mammary glands.

Each gynecological clinic in Moscow is interested in conducting treatment using modern techniques and tools:

- when carrying out drug therapy, the specialist prescribes the necessary anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, drugs to enhance immunity;

- the appointment of hardware therapy( physio- or laser) is performed to accelerate the healing of deformed tissues and enhance the medicinal action of the drugs;

- the surgical intervention is necessary to solve the problem of external defects of the genitals, as well as to treat certain acute inflammations.

Features of gynecological services in Moscow

Gynecological care in the capital is provided by a large number of specialized and multidisciplinary clinics. The most important indicator of the level of the gynecological center is the use of high technologies and complex diagnostics in the work.

gynecological clinics in Moscow

The best gynecological clinics in Moscow use the advanced world standards and technologies in practice. As a basis for their consultations, common practices are practiced: gynecological examination in the armchair, ultrasound, laboratory examination of the smear, and coloscopy. The use of new diagnostic techniques( ultrasound, laboratory, radiographic, laparoscopic) provides detection of early stages of pathology. High-precision PCR, ELISA diagnostics allows detecting hidden infections, which prevents complications.

Each gynecological clinic in Moscow uses in the treatment of both conservative and surgical methods. Individual therapeutic course may include medication and physiotherapy, sanatorium treatment. Surgery in gynecology is often used to provide emergency care. In modern operative gynecology, there is an active introduction of minimally invasive technologies that ensure the safety of the reproductive function of the patient. In modern gynecological practice, a surgical laser is widely used.

An unconditional achievement that characterizes gynecological clinics in Moscow is the use of high reproductive technologies that provide quality care to patients in solving the problem of infertility, pregnancy planning.

the best gynecological clinics in Moscow

In the capital gynecological centers, surgical and medicinal interruption of unwanted pregnancy is practiced.

Today in the capital gynecological practice, such an area is actively developing, as intimate plastic, represented by a variety of surgical measures that provide cosmetic correction of defects in female genitalia.

Moscow gynecologists are guided by the prevention of female diseases, the development of screening programs that support the health of patients of any age.

About the work of one of the best clinics in Moscow

Modern women are increasingly choosing exactly those gynecological clinics in Moscow that combine high qualification of personnel, affordability of services, introduction of the latest scientific achievements, attention and individual approach to patients and a general benevolent atmosphere.

gynecological clinics in Moscow

One of the best, according to the Internet users, gynecological clinics in the capital - the clinic of obstetrics and gynecology "Evpomedprestizh" - meets the highest modern requirements.

The clinic provides accurate diagnosis, highly effective treatment, as well as preventive measures to preserve the female reproductive system, apply the latest achievements in the field of genetics, immunology, endocrinology, pharmacology. The specialists of the clinic are successfully engaged in treatment:

- infertility;

- inflammation of the genital organs;

- hormonal and fungal diseases;

- STDs;

- disorders of the ovaries;

- violations of the monthly cycle;

- cervical erosion;

- correct external defects of genital organs.

The specialists of the center also provide midwifery services and help with:

- planning and conducting pregnancy;

- the earliest conception and bearing of a child;

- assisting with childbirth;

- postpartum follow-up.

The clinic has all the capabilities to provide diagnostics and treatment at the modern level:

- its own laboratory with the latest high-precision equipment, which guarantees the delivery of results in the shortest possible time;

- a complete set of related specialists( cardiologist, therapist, mammologist, endocrinologist, etc.).

Priority in personnel work is a harmonious combination of providing effective treatment with creating maximum physical and psychological comfort of patients.

Networks recommend

Women who have problems with their health can get the necessary information about traditional and new methods of treatment and diagnostics practiced in the capital's centers, on the sites of "Prodocs",, ClinicAdvisor, etc. Here you can also read reviews aboutgynecological clinics in Moscow.

The networks are full of warm, grateful reviews of the work:

- reproduction centers Vitroclinic, Nova Klinik, Children from the test tube, Mama

- gynecological hospitals Ginamed, Doctor Leader, In Time

- clinical hospital "Mother and Child",

- gynecological centers "Blagovest", "Diagnostics", "Marriage and family", "Euromed", "Lera", "For birth", "Elegy", etc.

Equipped withon the last word of technology, has received many appreciated reviews one of the best metropolitan multi-profile institutions "Garantclinics ", the specialists of which successfully cure the most neglected cases of female diseases. The advantage of applying to" Garant clinics "is the opportunity to receive the help of highly qualified doctors, ensuring the accuracy of diagnosis, efficiency and confidentiality( if desired, anonymity) of treatment, physical and psychological comfort.gynecological clinics in Moscow reviews on forums, communities, Internet sites help to do the best.

After reviewing the reviews, you can make an opinion about this or another medical institution and choose a worthy one for yourself.

Rating of gynecological clinics in Moscow

The site offers attention of all interested rating of the best metropolitan clinics, having presented the institutions that received the highest score.

Rating of institutions from the category "Gynecological hospitals":

- № 5 - 79;

- No. 11 - 50;

- No. 1 - 39;

- No. 2 - 1.

From the category of "Maternity Hospital":

- No. 20 - 200;

- No. 8 - 74;

- No. 15 - 176;

- No. 36 - 77.

From the category "Women's Advice":

- No. 166 - 5;

- No. 7-6;

- No. 111-4;

- No. 133-4;

- establishment in Zhulebino - 3.

The site presents the ratings of the best private specialized and multidisciplinary clinics in Moscow. Here are some of them:

- "DeltaClinic" - 10.76.

- "Grandsons of Hippocrates" - 11,58.

- "Women's Health Center" - 11.11.

- "Miracle Doctor", - 8.92.

- "Family doctor" - 8.33, etc.

The site offers the richest information about ratings, which fit in more than two dozen pages. If desired, each woman can familiarize with them.

About the selection criteria for

It's good to have acquaintances among specialists: a professional, like nobody else, will be able to give a real assessment to the level of the institution and will notice the existing shortcomings.

private gynecological clinics in Moscow

But this option is not available to all. Often, women have to choose a specialist on their own. Experts recommend that the following criteria should be followed:

- How closely are the patients treated in the clinic? Whether complaints are heard, how carefully the examination is being conducted, is there not an unjustified haste at the same time?

- How simple and clear is the doctor explaining the symptoms, prescribed tests or medications? Does not the doctor of the patient "fall asleep" with the difficult terminology for him, does not ignore the requests to explain something?

- Does the clinic have the necessary equipment to inspect and conduct operations?

- What is the nature of the prescription of the doctor to be examined further from other specialists: recommendatory or demanding, concretizing? The latter gives rise to a negative evaluation of the clinic.

- Is there a comprehensive examination at the first visit to the gynecologist( smears, internal examination, examination of the mammary glands)?

If at some point creeps in doubt, you should consider choosing another clinic.

Which clinic to prefer: public or private?

Today, the patient, among other things, has to decide the question: which clinic to seek treatment - in the state, in the old fashion, or in the private, which is now a large number in the market of medical services? A special wealth of specialized private clinics is represented in the capital.

First of all, one should understand what private gynecological clinics in Moscow differ from state ones?

The attitude towards the patient is the main difference. The staff of the private clinic is always interested in the client turning to their institution again, in the state clinic - on the contrary, they want to reduce the number of visitors. Therefore, in a private clinic, unlike the state clinic, the attitude towards the patients is maximally benevolent, warm, all specialists realize the important role of the psychological aspect in the effectiveness of treatment. In the state institution, there are cases of overt rudeness.

In a private clinic, the patient knows what she is paying money for, and consciously. As in any other city, gynecological clinics in Moscow( state, in which treatment should in principle be free of charge) require the visitors a variety of donations that affect the quality of care.

rating gynecological clinics in Moscow

Public clinics often send patients to laboratories of private hospitals, if you have to take tests in a budget medical institution, the result must wait for a week.

The lack of innovative equipment and highly effective diagnostic equipment, the use of obsolete methods, the shortage of drugs, long lines, staff negligence - with all these "delights" will have to meet, if the preference is given to the public clinic.

Relatively inexpensive treatment in the public clinic does not pay off its questionable quality.

A woman facing a gynecological health problem in order not to make a mistake in choosing should collect information on the Internet about clinics and specialists practicing in the city, study the ratings and choose the best for themselves. You should definitely ask the forum if other patients are satisfied with the work of the chosen clinic, ask about possible "pitfalls" of treatment. The more carefully the problem is monitored, the easier it will be to find your own gynecological clinic in Moscow - an institution that can safely be entrusted with the most valuable - one's own health.