How correctly to be soared in a sauna? The sauna is Turkish. Finnish sauna - how to steam properly

Nowadays any sauna is called a "sauna".This is done, regardless of the features. There are a lot of tips on how to properly bathe in the sauna to get the most out of the procedure. They need to know. how to steam in a sauna

In the sauna it is impossible to meet the familiar brooms and basins with water, because it is due to its absence that a person can tolerate such heat. What happens at this time? A person begins profuse sweating, and not immediately, only at the second approach, the pores are opened, and all the toxins act. Another attribute of the sauna is a pool with ice water. The Finns for this purpose have a lake of the Kola Peninsula.

Sauna accessories

It usually takes about two hours to complete the steaming procedure, and when you are going to wash it, you should find out exactly which things will be given to you and which ones you need to take with you. Now you can buy many interesting devices for a sauna in one set. Be sure to know how to steam properly in the sauna, so as not to harm your body. Bring a woolen hat or a handkerchief to remove the hair. They are very sensitive to the temperature drop, and after 3 visits to the Finnish sauna without a headdress, you will feel how fragile they are. Before going to the sauna you need to weigh yourself to find out how many kilograms you will lose after the steam room. Ask in advance whether there is a swimming pool in the sauna. After all, the contrast of scorching heat and ice water is the main meaning of the procedure.

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Bath mixes

Before entering the therma, it is necessary to wash well under the shower, preferably with as much hot water as possible. It is best to rub yourself with a stiff washcloth and use some body scrub. After that, you can briefly go to the therma. Since the temperature difference is high, do not start to abuse - start there for no more than 10 minutes. In order for the pores to open quickly, a mixture of ground oat, olive oil, large salt and honey is very useful. The health benefits of the sauna will increase significantly. However, do not smear it at the very beginning. Give the body first to get used to the heat, then exit the steam room and indulge in hot water in the shower. After 15 minutes, you can repeat the procedure again.

Finnish sauna: how to steam?

To begin with, settle on the bottom shelf and for about 5 minutes sit quietly, then mash with a mixture of oatmeal and circular movements from the bottom up, rub it into the skin. You can use a massager with balls. The main thing, do not forget to put on a hat and do not wet your hair, they must remain dry until the end of the procedure. The second time, if health allows, in the steam room you can stay up to 30 minutes. After that, you should stand under the shower to wash off the sticky mixture and sit for a while in the dressing room, relax. Relaxation and pleasure - this is what the Finnish sauna will bring to you. How correctly to be soared in it, you will learn after the first session.

Contrasting procedures

It is very useful during the rest to drink herbal or green tea with lemon, cranberry juice or apple juice. The most persistent people can go to the steam room for the third time. The pores of your skin are already open so that sweating will not interfere. Your skin is breathing, all the toxins are already out, and you can jump into the icy water, but you have to be very careful! Hypertension and suffering from heart disease is better to just take a contrast shower. Otherwise, you can seriously damage your health. After sauna it is necessary to lubricate the skin of the body with a moisturizing or nutritious cream based on olive oil. Problem areas are recommended to be treated with anti-cellulite and put on clinging cotton underwear.


The Turkish sauna - hamam - differs radically from the Finnish sauna. The principle of its impact is based on the creation of a special climate. The temperature there ranges from 35 to 55 degrees, and the humidity in the room is almost 100%.Turkish bath has a relaxing effect on a person, it is built in such a way that the floor warms up and the marble walls and sunbeds. Steam here is easy - this is the main secret. It gently and slowly affects the skin and gradually opens the pores, while improving blood circulation and metabolism. If you know how to steam properly in a sauna, you will get a huge health benefit. Procedures in the hamam relieve joint and muscle pain, have a beneficial effect on breathing and, in their therapeutic characteristics, are no different from those in a Finnish sauna. However, they are much more sparing and have virtually no contraindications. In the hamam often use all sorts of aromatic oils.

Features of Turkish bath

The benefits of sauna for the body is enormous. In the hamam, heat loss slows down, which promotes oxidative processes and improves metabolism. Under the slow action of heat, the vessels and capillaries gradually expand, while the flow of blood from the internal organs is carried out. Just like in the Finnish sauna, the sauna( Turkish) provides a pool with cold water. Sharp temperature changes are very beneficial for the walls of blood vessels, but people with chronic heart disease, aneurysm and hypertension should be extremely careful not to abuse contrast procedures.

In the hamam, the skin of the body is moistened naturally. Do not cover your hair. The steam also acts beneficially on them, strengthening the roots. Shevelura with a regular visit to the Turkish bath becomes strong and shiny. Do not forget about the preventive effect, especially for the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Infrared sauna - how to steam

Modern beauty centers and fitness clubs are increasingly offering their customers a new type of service - an infrared sauna. Small booths are an individual slimming remedy, and they can be purchased for a home. This procedure also speeds up the metabolic process in the body, the outflow of excess fluid occurs, and the circulation of lymph is improved, which helps in the fight against cellulite. The principle of the cabin of the infrared sauna is simple: sensors are built into the walls, radiating waves of a certain length and heating the body. All this has a beneficial effect on soft tissues and speeds up the metabolic process. Vessels are dilated, and lactic acid is also removed from the muscles.

However, it should be mentioned that a person has an individual adaptation to heating, and in some, the metabolism remains at the same level. Many are wondering whether the infrared sauna will help them lose weight. Comments of doctors make you think. Without a set of physical exercises, this device is unlikely to help you lose excess kilograms - for half an hour sitting in it only 120 calories are burned, which is negligible if a person leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Also, do not forget about some contraindications. So, for example, do not spend the procedure at the beginning of the working day, when serious loads are waiting for you. Cosmetic means are good only for the Finnish and Turkish baths, here they are forbidden. You can get skin burns or earn allergies. Do not forget to take fluids during the procedure, otherwise you are dehydrated. And do not make several approaches in a row, this can cause irreparable harm to the heart.


There are a number of diseases in which an infrared sauna is strictly prohibited:

- all types of malignancies;

- psoriasis and neurodermatitis;

- nephritis and cystitis in acute form;

- arthritis and arthrosis;

- diseases of the cardiovascular system.

You should not also use the sauna during pregnancy and lactation.

If you know how to steam properly in the sauna, then no harm to health will not follow.


- The procedure should not last more than 25-30 minutes.

- Ideal time is an evening after fitness.

- Do not use any creams and body oils.

- Do not eat up the procedure, but on an empty stomach, too, do not sit.

- Do not use the sauna to treat colds and flu.

- Do not forget to drink constantly during the procedure.

If all the rules and indications are met, the infrared sauna will bring you many useful emotions and reduce the appearance of cellulite in problem areas. And also reduce weight.