How to treat lamblia with folk remedies?

Before we start talking about the methods of treatment, let's consider in more detail the disease itself Giardiasis. Its pathogens are lamblia, which penetrate the body and settle mainly in the small intestine or gall bladder. According to statistics, 1/5 of the world's population is affected by Giardiasis, which is difficult to identify, since most of the symptoms of the existence of parasites in the body there, but sometimes they can be cholecystitis and enteritis.

Infection with
In order not to think about how to treat Giardia, you should first of all avoid:
- the use of products not subjected to heat treatment,
- do not drink unboiled water,
- observe the rules of hygiene, especially hand washing beforefood.
In any of these cases, you can put cysts( inactive forms of lamblia) in your body, after getting into which they are activated and begin to multiply.

Symptoms of
Treatment of lamblias with folk remedies or medication is required if the following symptoms occur:

- pain occurs at the top of the abdomen, or near the navel,
- a decrease occurs, or a slow increase in( in children) body weight,
- lossappetite,
- manifest consequences of hypoavitaminosis,

- various symptoms of disruption of the gastrointestinal tract( diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, etc.).

Treatment of

It should be remembered that the treatment of lamblia with folk remedies must be accompanied by a diet. It involves the exclusion of flour and sweet, while it is recommended to give preference to meat, sour-milk products, cranberries, vegetables( cabbage and carrots).In order not to get sick from a sick person - boil the objects used by him for a few minutes. And, as always, do not forget to wash your hands.

Folk recipes

1) One of the prescriptions, which involves folk treatment of lamblia, is the use of tansy. To do this, 5g tansy ordinary pour boiled water( 1 st).Warm infusion is drunk in three divided doses.

2) It is very effective to use a tincture of garlic, which is drunk in quantities of 20 drops every half hour before meals, adding them to the milk.

3) If you do not know how to treat lamblia in the liver, folk medicine will recommend drinking brine sauerkraut( 1/2 cup) in the morning on an empty stomach.

4) You can also use green walnuts. Hundred of such nuts are cut, add honey and pour a liter of vodka. Place the mixture in a container of dark glass and allow to stand for two weeks in a dark place. After this period, drain the liquid and drink half a teaspoon each time before eating.

5) Very often, lamblias are treated with folk remedies using ingredients such as beet juice( 100 ml), carrot juice( 100 ml), a little cognac and honey. All this is mixed and eaten 100 grams three times a day 30 minutes before meals.

6) Very many people use the traditional treatment of lamblia, consuming 100 ml of broth chowder only once a day. To prepare the broth you need 6 g of finely chopped roots of a blood-groove and a glass of water. They are mixed and boiled for 10 minutes.

7) Use tincture of corn stigmas: pour 10 g of stigmas with a glass of hot water, then insist for two weeks. Drink two tablespoons several times a day.

In addition to the seven recipes described, lamblias are treated with folk remedies using other decoctions and infusions. Here were the most popular recipes.

I would like to recommend that parents monitor the hygiene of children, because they are most likely to suffer from Giardiasis at the age of 2-5 years. It is difficult to detect it, since it manifests itself after another disease. Symptoms observed in this case have already been described above. Among them, particular attention should be paid to abnormal stools and diarrhea.