Ultrasound of mammary glands in St. Petersburg: medical centers, specialists and reviews

Ultrasound of the mammary glands in St. Petersburg is a method for studying the morphological structure of breast tissue using reflected high frequency ultrasound signals. This procedure makes it possible to differentiate and visualize deeply and superficially existing neoplasms, the size of which does not even reach 5 mm. With the help of ultrasound can diagnose a diffuse form of mastopathy, cyst, mastitis, fibroadenoma, abscess, breast cancer and a number of other problems. uzi of mammary glands in spb urgently

During the procedure, all segments of the mammary gland are examined. That is, it refers to the entire distance from the border with the chest wall to the most sucking area. The study itself is accompanied by the fixation of findings in the form of special photographs, called echograms. It is worth remembering that the procedure is allowed only in the first phase of the monthly cycle.

The average price of breast ultrasound in St. Petersburg is 1900 rubles. Below are the best clinics where you do not have to spend too much money for this procedure.


Ultrasound of mammary glands in St. Petersburg without problems can be done at a clinic called "Energo" located on Kievskaya street 5. It is a modern multidisciplinary center where specialists provide a wide range of medical services. Here, in addition to ultrasound examination of the mammary glands, it is possible to undergo diagnostics and a full course of treatment in the following areas:

  • gastroenterology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • pediatrics;
  • Neurology;
  • gynecology;
  • cardiology;
  • urology and others.

The diagnostic capabilities of the clinic also include laboratory tests, MRI, functional studies and, of course, CT.uzi of mammary glands of spb reviews

You can make ultrasound of mammary glands in St. Petersburg here for only 1900 rubles. For this service you can contact one of the leading specialists of the clinic - Perevezentseva Yulia Borisovna. The doctor specializes in ultrasound diagnostics of a wide spectrum. She actively participates in various Russian as well as international congresses devoted to radiation diagnostics.


People who are interested in where to make ultrasound of mammary glands in St. Petersburg, often turn to comments from patients who have visited different clinics. In occasion of "Energo" visitors always respond positively, as they like everything in this clinic. Most often they indicate acceptable prices and the qualifications of doctors. The patients claim that the specialists communicated with them in a friendly and smiling manner, which additionally created a cozy atmosphere.


Ultrasound of the mammary glands in the Primorsky region of St. Petersburg at a high level is done in the medical center "Dynasty".He is in the street Repishcheva, 13. People come here for help from all families, because in this place the doors are open to everyone.

In the "Dynasty" specialists take in such directions: gynecology, gastroenterology, dermatology, surgery, phlebology, otolaryngology, traumatology, psychiatry, narcology and dentistry. In addition, there is a wide range of diagnostic services. It includes not only ultrasound, but also laboratory and functional diagnostics. uzi of mammary glands in spb the price

Ultrasound of the mammary glands in St. Petersburg in this center will cost patients 1,100 rubles. According to many clients, the best specialist is Yelena Borisovna Belozerova. In addition to ultrasound examination of the mammary glands, she also conducts diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system, sclerosis, neuralgia, atherosclerosis and headache.

Opinion of patients

Reviews about ultrasound of mammary glands in St. Petersburg in the center of "Dynasty" can not be bad. Patients are completely satisfied with the price policy, the range of services provided, as well as the attitude of staff to people. Absolutely all customers are pleased with the fact that regardless of the race or nationality of the person here, he will be provided with medical care at a decent level.

"Family Doctor"

When asking about where to make breast ultrasound in St. Petersburg, people always repulse the location of the clinic."Family Doctor" is located near the metro station Petrogradskaya, so getting to it will not be difficult. You can find it at the address: Akademika Pavlova street, 5.

The multidisciplinary medical clinic for adult patients provides assistance in the fields of allergology, neurology, gynecology, endocrinology, dentistry, physiotherapy, cardiology and traumatology-orthopedics. At the same time, laboratory tests are performed here, as well as ultrasound, functional and X-ray studies and endoscopy. In addition, patients can be sent after diagnosis to preventive medical examinations or surgical treatment. where to make uzi mammary glands spb

Ultrasound of mammary glands in St. Petersburg in a clinic called "Family doctor" will cost about 1500 rubles. One of the best specialists conducting ultrasound research is Lamden Dmitry Konstantinovich. He is a candidate of medical sciences and holds the position of a doctor of functional diagnostics. This specialist has more than 65 publications and monographs. Dmitry Konstantinovich always meets patients with a smile on his face and answers all questions.


Patients who have repeatedly asked for help from specialists of the clinic, argue that in order to find a place where it is possible to do urgent breast ultrasound in St. Petersburg, it is necessary to pay attention to it. No one at the center has noticed any minuses, although the clinic has existed for quite a long time. Among the main advantages of patients are the convenient location of the clinic, a cozy atmosphere inside it, as well as a fairly wide range of procedures.

"Seven Doctors"

The "Seven Doctors" Center is located on the 10th Sovetskaya Street, 4-6.Here the reception is conducted by: phlebologist, psychologist, pediatrician, diagnostician, cardiologist, ophthalmologist and other specialists.

Services for ultrasound examination of mammary glands will cost about 1900 rubles. For this procedure, most people turn to Oksana Mikhailovna Kravchenko. She always does her job well and gets on well with both adults and children. According to people, this specialist is no worse than doctors in foreign clinics. uzi of mammary glands to make spb

What do people say?

Strangely enough, for all the time of observation in this clinic, no client has found any deficiencies in it. People are satisfied with the attitude of the staff to the patients, available answers of specialists to any questions, as well as the opportunity to get advice and go to the treatment of almost any disease. Many visitors even call the "Seven Doctors" the best clinic not only in St. Petersburg, but in the whole of Russia. uzi of mammary glands in the seaside area of ​​St. Petersburg

"Medical On Group"

The hospital, which is well-liked by all, is located on Bogatyrsky Avenue, 25. Physiotherapy, gastroenterology, phlebology and other directions are provided here. Patients can be treated and get rid of benign neoplasms, boils, ingrown nails and other problems that require surgical intervention. uzi of mammary glands in spb

breast ultrasound costs about 1300 rubles. Do it different specialists, but leading are:

  1. Kondakova Irina Alexandrovna. This doctor has become the best for many patients, since both adults and children can approach him for help. Irina Alexandrovna always comes to work in a good mood and raises it to her clients. In addition, she is a true professional in her field. It is for this that its visitors love.
  2. Khairova Natalya Yurievna. A doctor of the highest category always gets a lot of praise from his patients, as he is able to cope with all their problems. She always listens attentively to the person and answers all his questions.

Customer feedback

In their comments, people most often talk about the literacy and courtesy of specialists. In addition, all of them are satisfied with the prices for services. A lot of positive feedback comes to the clinic about the use of innovative equipment in it, which always gives the most accurate results.