Reduction mammoplasty: a description of the procedure, indications, contraindications and reviews

Which lady does not dream of a magnificent breast! An increase in the bust is an actual topic for many women. While some are trying to translate their desires into reality, others without regret "say goodbye" to surplus adipose tissue. Why? Sometimes too much bust size negatively affects the quality of life of a woman. Constantly pursues pain in the back, changes posture, deteriorates the quality of sleep. Recently, a procedure called reduction mammoplasty has become quite popular, and patients' reviews of which encourage women to lie under the surgeon's knife. This operation is a real rescue for those who have a diagnosis of "gigantomastia."

Brief description

Reduction mammoplasty is an operation to reduce the size of the mammary glands. To her help recruits women with too much bust, which looks like a cosmetic defect and disrupts the function of the spine. During surgery, the surgeon removes excess skin and fat tissue. As a result, the breast acquires a comfortable size, becomes more proportional and symmetrical. Plastic surgery is considered a solution, rather medical, rather than aesthetic problems.

reduction mammoplasty

Indications for mammoplasty

The first mention of cases of breast reduction dates back to the 16th century. A lush bust increases the risk of developing various diseases, restricts the activity of a woman and promotes deformation of the spine. If earlier the breast size was reduced only by medical indications, today a certain role in this matter is played by the aesthetic factor. How to understand that the operation is really necessary? The following factors can serve as indications for mammoplasty:

  • problems with the spine;
  • difficulty in choosing underwear;
  • increased sweating;
  • back pain;
  • poor sleep;
  • diaper rash on the skin;
  • high risk of oncology;
  • increased fatigue.

Often the surgeon's assistance is necessary because of the appearance of asymmetry, which is especially noticeable in magnificent forms. Hormonal failure, provoked by pregnancy and feeding, also sooner or later leads to disproportions in the upper part of the trunk. Reduction mammoplasty is an important procedure that can give happiness and relief to many women. vertical reduction mammoplasty

When is it better to refuse an operation?

In some European countries, the procedure for reducing breast size is part of the system of insurance medicine, i.e., it is done for free. Reduction mammoplasty is a serious and complex operation that has contraindications. Among them, it is worth noting the following:

  • chronic diseases in the period of exacerbation( pyelonephritis, bronchial asthma, etc.);
  • diabetes;
  • bleeding disorder;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • obesity;
  • colds;
  • pustular skin lesions;
  • adolescence.

There are other contraindications. About them in more detail you can find out at a reception with a mammologian.

Stages of operation

Before a surgical procedure a patient needs to undergo medical examination( ECG, fluorography, blood tests) and do a mammogram. At the consultation, a specialist evaluates the proportions of the body, determines the amount of intervention. Then the final result of the procedure and the type of anesthesia are discussed. After receiving the results of a medical examination and a written consent to the operation, you can start resection. reduction mammoplasty mastopexy

Reduction mammoplasty is carried out in stages. The operation begins with the measurement of breast parameters, drawing lines of future incisions, sterilization of mammary glands. Then anesthesiologists are connected to the procedure. Surgical intervention necessarily involves the use of general anesthesia. After the preparatory stages the doctor proceeds directly to resection. In modern plastic surgery, two options for reducing mammoplasty are used: vertical and anchor. More details about each type will be described below.

At the next stage, the surgeon makes several incisions, removes excess skin and adipose tissue. The nipple is usually not separated from the nerve fibers and blood vessels, moving it above the original position. It is not easy to do this. Therefore, the procedure to reduce the size of the bust is considered one of the most difficult in plastic surgery. Often supplemented with reduction mammoplasty mastopexy, i.e., a breast lift. At the final stage, the specialist imposes self-absorbing seams. Over time, the lines of cuts become almost invisible.

Technique of mammoplasty

The aim of surgical intervention is not only to reduce the size of the bust. It is important to give the breast a beautiful shape. Parameters of the mammary glands determine the type of manipulation. There are two options for implementing mammoplasty: anchor and vertical.

The first is relevant for working with a large bust. During the operation, the specialist excludes up to 2 kg of excess tissue. To do this, cuts in the form of an inverted "T" are performed on the skin vertically to the submammary fold. With gigantomastia, the operation is carried out according to a similar technique. However, in this case, the nipples may lose sensitivity.

Vertical reduction mammoplasty is suitable for resection of a medium-sized bust. During surgery, the doctor removes up to 500 grams of excess tissue. The surgeon makes one cut around the areola, the other - up to the fold under the breast. With vertical mammoplasty, the probability of complications is almost zero. reduction mammoplasty operation

Rehabilitation period

Recovery after reduction mammoplasty lasts about a month, but in the hospital the woman spends only two days. During the first few days, the pain that results from traumatizing the tissues may be of concern. They are easily removed by analgesics. Postoperative bruises are also considered normal. About two weeks later, there is no trace left of them. A small puffiness can last a little longer.

During the rehabilitation period, the patient is shown the use of compression linen. A special bra helps reduce the load on the seams, but at the same time constantly supports the breast. Two months after mammoplasty a woman can return to a full life and habitual physical activity. The first resection results are formed around this time. The final effect can be estimated one year after the operation. If a woman conscientiously follows the recommendations of a doctor and monitors her health, the recovery process takes place quickly. after reduction mammoplasty

Possible complications of

In positive clinics, resection of the breast passes without negative consequences. However, there are exceptions. Like any other operation, reduction mammoplasty can lead to complications. Not everything depends on the skill of the surgeon. A specific role is played by the features of the structure of the mammary glands, the immunity of women. After surgery, the following complications may occur:

  • multiple bleeding;
  • infection of a wound;
  • tissue necrosis;
  • impaired nipple sensitivity;
  • formation of coarse scars;
  • asymmetry of mammary glands and nipples.

To avoid negative consequences or reduce their occurrence to a minimum, it is necessary to carefully approach the selection of a clinic where reduction mammoplasty will be performed. reduction mammoplasty cost

Cost of operation

For a long time, Germany, Israel and Switzerland are the leaders in the conduct of plastic surgery. The use of new technologies, high-quality equipment, experienced specialists are the main advantages of foreign clinics. Switzerland is the most famous surgery for breast reduction. The cost of surgical manipulation in this country varies from 10 to 15 thousand euros. A little less will have to pay for services in Germany. Breast resection will cost 7 thousand euros. The total cost depends on the level of the clinic. In this country there are status clinics and more "modest" medical institutions. According to many women, Israel is the most acceptable option. Here the price is most consistent with the quality of services. For example, the standard operation to reduce the size of the bust costs about 280 thousand rubles. The price includes escort to the hotel, as well as interpreter services.

There is an opinion that only foreign doctors can perform quality plastic surgery. However, this direction of aesthetic surgery is also rapidly developing in Russia. For example, only in Moscow there are more than 10 clinics, where qualified specialists work. One of the leading directions in these medical institutions is reduction mammoplasty. Prices for services are several times lower in comparison with foreign versions( from 150 to 400 thousand rubles).Reduction mammoplasty reviews

Reviews of women

What does the fair sex say about this operation? Many women who have had to face the problem of a large breast, speak for reduction mammoplasty. They explain their choice by improving the quality of life after the intervention. Disappear back pain and diaper rash on the skin, there is an opportunity to play sports. In addition, psychological discomfort disappears. Many ladies with magnificent shapes are embarrassed by their breasts.

Negative feedback is usually due to the high cost of the operation. If in Russia the price of mammoplasty does not exceed 400 thousand rubles, in Europe this figure is several times greater. In addition, any surgical intervention carries certain health risks. It also frightens the fair sex.

Practice shows that most women after delivery and lactation still come to an operation to reduce breast size. After experiencing the burdens of magnificent forms, they choose surgical intervention, not doubting for a second.