"Mikozan": analogues."Mikozan" or "Exoderil": what is better

Fungus of the nail plate is not only a disease, but also an unpleasant cosmetic defect. To eliminate pathogenic pathogens, there is a huge number of drugs. One of the most effective in this area is "Mycosis".Analogues are more affordable, but not always able to cope with the ailment.

Description of the drug "Mycosis"

Infecting a fungus is quite simple. The causative agent waits in the pool, sauna, gym and other places where it is difficult to maintain cleanliness and conduct permanent disinfection. Determine the damage to the nail can be by thickening, discoloration and deformation of the plate. Independently the ailment does not pass, and the lack of adequate treatment will only lead to a deterioration of the nail and contamination of adjacent plates.

Antifungal preparation "Mikozan" - serum, which is able to rid of the fungus of nails( onychomycosis) in a short time. The drug is produced in the form of a clear lacquer, which when applied does not change the color of the nail and does not give it shine. Among the many similar drugs, "Miconaz" is recognized by patients as one of the most effective. In the kit with serum there is a brush-applicator and 10 disposable nail files.

Mycosan analogues

The active component of the drug is the filtrate of the rye enzyme. It is this substance that has a powerful antifungal activity and prevents the spread of pathogenic pathogens. Strengthen the healing effect and additional ingredients - pentylene glycol, dimethylisosorbide and hydroxyethylcellulose.

"Mikozan": instructions for use

Analogues of an antifungal drug may have a similar release form and therapeutic effect. A distinctive feature of "Mikozan" is its ability to penetrate into the deepest layers and eliminate the pathogen. Also on the surface of the affected nail an invisible film is formed, which slightly increases the density and reduces the porosity of the plate.

To obtain a positive result, follow the recommended use instructions described in the instructions. It is necessary to clean the affected nail with a disposable file, and then apply the serum "Mikozan".

Cheap analog Mikozana

Analogues means from a cheap price category are most often an ointment that does not penetrate well through the nail plate. This significantly reduces the effectiveness of treatment.

The nail plate should be treated at least 2 times a day. The duration of treatment depends on the stage of nail damage. In some cases, several months of therapy are sufficient, and in others, complete recovery only occurs in six months.

Cheap analog "Mikozana": how to choose?

At present, a huge number of medicines can be found on the pharmacy counter, which are able to rid of fungal damage. Each agent has a certain composition and is active with respect to the specific type of pathogen. For the treatment and prevention of mycosis nails are often prescribed an innovative remedy "Mycosis".Analogs are the closest in form to release and efficiency - "Lotseril", "Batrafen", "Ofmolil", "Exoderil".The principle of therapeutic effect of these drugs is that when applied to the nail plate, the active substances penetrate to its base. This is possible due to the liquid basis of the preparations and competently matched composition.

Mikozan price analog

Independently to choose an effective and cheap analogue of "Mikozan" for fighting onychomycosis is problematic enough. Only a specialist can determine the type of pathogen and correct the treatment. Antifungal varnishes and serums for nails are easy to use and show a positive result of therapy in most cases.

Is Exodaril effective?

Means for elimination of fungi based on naphthyfine - "Exoderil" - is quite popular in this group of pharmaceutical products. Drops and ointment are prescribed for mycoses and candidiasis of the skin, pityrious lichen, onychomycosis of the nails. The therapeutic effect of the drug only applies to certain species of fungi: Trichophyton, Epidermophyton, Aspergillus, Microsporum, Candida.

mycosan or exoderyl

When choosing which remedy is better for getting rid of the fungus - "Mikozan" or "Exoderil" - you should pay attention to the affected area. Serum and droplets are intended for the treatment of nails, while the dermis is more suitable as a preparation in the form of an ointment. You can hear a lot of positive feedback from patients who treated the fungus with these medications. At the same time, neglected cases will be hard to treat. The average price of "Exoderil" drops is 570 rubles.(10 ml).


Antifungal nail polish "Oflomil" is developed on the basis of amorolfine hydrochloride. The substance has a harmful effect on fungi of various types. Complete with the bottle of the drug is attached a set of nail files, which should remove the affected part of the nail, then apply the product itself. The varnish should dry for a few minutes.

Mikozan instructions for use analogues

According to the instructions, it takes at least 6 months to eliminate onychomycosis on the nails of the hands. If the nail plates on the legs suffer from the disease, then the therapy will last for 8-9 months. Mikozan has a faster therapeutic effect. The price( analogue practically does not differ in cost) - from 650 to 800 rubles.for the bottle."Oflomil" will cost customers 800-960 rubles.

What do patients and doctors say?

Facing such an unpleasant ailment as a nail fungus, you can at any age. If you seek help from a specialist in time, you can get rid of the characteristic symptoms in a short period of time. Doctors do not recommend treating onychomycosis independently, so as not to start the disease and prevent the infection from passing to the neighboring nail plates. Many patients were treated with the drug Mikozan.

Analogues of the antifungal drug from the Netherlands are no less effective. Similar drugs are produced by both import and domestic pharmaceutical companies. The most effective is the medicine, which was picked up by a dermatologist, after the examination of the patient. When observing the rules for the use of antifungal drugs for nails, the first result of treatment should be evaluated not earlier than one month after the initiation of therapy. In the absence of improvements, the specialist will select another antifungal agent.