Syrup "Help": types, application, feedback

Children from three years are recommended to give syrup "Help".This tool is issued in several types, each of which has its own purpose. Syrup has a positive effect, and also supplies vitamins, strengthens immunity, has a soothing effect. There is a syrup "Help", which helps cope with colds. And this is by no means all kinds of means for children. Each of them is made on natural ingredients, selected in a unique way.


Kinds of syrup

Children's syrup "Help" is produced in a 100 ml vial. There are several kinds of means. These are:

  • laxative syrup for children;
  • antiparasitic;
  • soothing;
  • immunomodulating;
  • for colds( anti-cold) - it is also used as a means to improve immunity after and during ARVI and other pathologies.

Each species has its own purpose and unique composition, but they are all natural, made without the addition of artificial substances. The syrups are pleasant, sweetish. Children take them with pleasure.

syrup for children

Instructions for use

All types of syrup are taken equally. Children aged 3 to 11 years are recommended to give "Pomogush" syrup for 2-3 teaspoons a day. At the age of 11 to 14 years, the dosage is increased to 3-4 teaspoons.

The product can be consumed with tea or mineral water. Duration of admission is 2 weeks. After that, a break for 7 days is done.

Before taking syrup, it is always worthwhile to get medical advice.


Children's syrup refers to unique products that have virtually no contraindications, except for individual intolerance of the components that make up the product. There are no other restrictions on admission.

baby syrup

Application of syrups and their features

Each of the five types of the product has its purpose.

Children's syrup "Helps for immunity" is enriched with iodine, vitamins. The foundation was based on natural components: sea buckthorn, dog rose, nettle, calendula. The preparation contains black currant, propolis. The substance helps to strengthen the immunity of the child.

Children's syrup "Help" can be given in pure form, following the instructions, or in the form of additives in tea, juice, water.

Soothing syrup contains lime, chamomile, mint. There is sea buckthorn, magnesium, which strengthens the nervous system. In a lot of vitamins. All these components are able not only to deal with anxious conditions, increased excitability, but also help to better adapt to the child when visiting kindergarten, school. After all, changing the situation always leads to stress. This baby syrup helps cope with it.

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To control the intestinal microflora, getting rid of constipation is recommended to give the child a laxative syrup from the series "Help".In its composition anise, cumin, apple, cherry, strawberry, which help improve digestion and normalize the stool. Also at the heart of the remedy there are vitamins of group B, vitamin C, which have a general strengthening effect.

In the spring and autumn periods, when the risk of infection with influenza and other viral infections is high, it is recommended to use the children's immunomodulating syrup "Help" with anti-cold effects. In its composition, oregano, cranberries, plantain. Also included here are marshmallow and thyme, honey, vitamins, iodine. All components contribute to increased immunity, have antiviral and antimicrobial effects.

For the prevention and treatment of helminthic invasions, an antiparasitic syrup is used in children. It is necessary to have it in every family where there are animals. As part of the means of chamomile, dog rose, birch. Here there are cumin, raspberry, calendula, and also vitamins. In such a combination of substances have anthelminthic and antibacterial effect.

All kinds of syrup are made from natural ingredients: plants, fruits. In syrups there are no coloring agents, artificial flavors. All substances that make up the product are natural. The peculiarity of production made it possible to produce a pleasant syrup.

Each remedy is rich in vitamins: all syrups are saturated with vitamin C, B vitamins. The latter are necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system, as well as for improving blood circulation. It is because of vitamin B deficiency in children that insomnia occurs, irritability increases. Vitamin C is an excellent tool for strengthening immunity. It increases resistance to infection, and also protects the body from any stress.

baby syrup immunomodulating

Parents' reviews

The web has many reviews about the syrup "Help", and they are all positive. Mothers say that this remedy really works. It is pleasant to the taste. Convenient to take. Some parents immediately noticed the results. Children became more calm, quickly adapted to the kindergarten, to the school.

Parents give syrup during periods of colds, as well as in any case, when it is necessary to boost the body's immune defenses urgently.

Adults like that the product is natural and copes well with the protection of the body from any negative factors. And the tool is able to protect the child not only from ARVI, but also from angina, bronchitis and other pathologies. Especially parents recommend giving the drug to children after winter, when the body is greatly weakened.

Producer: the syrup is produced by the Altai company "Yug".

Special instructions

Before using any medication, consult a pediatrician. Only a specialist in a narrow profile can decide whether a child can be given syrup or not. Keep the product out of the reach of children.