Avencapt Spray: instructions for use, analogues

Avancept Spray is an effective disinfectant from a Russian manufacturer. This solution is widely used for cleaning surfaces, tools and other things in medical and preventive institutions, dental offices, laboratories, etc.

Of course, many people are interested in additional information. What is "Avansept Spray"?What properties does the product have? How to use it correctly? Are there any caveats? Is the disinfection process associated with danger? Many people are looking for answers to these questions.

Avancept Spray tool: description of the composition and form of the

Advance spray

release."Avancept Spray" is available in the form of a clear, colorless solution( possibly a light blue or light yellowish tinge) with a characteristic slight odor of alcohol.

The main active substance of the agent is 1-propanol - its concentration is 28%.Other components are also present in the composition, including alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride, dodecylamine and polyhexamethylenebiguanide hydrochloride, purified

water and fragrances.

The solution is placed in a vial of durable plastic with a volume of 500 ml. Comes with a convenient nozzle for spraying the product. You can buy and "Avancept-Spray" 750 ml - this is a more economical option.

What properties does the tool have?

Advance Spray Instruction

This solution has a lot of useful properties. It is active against most gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. For example, it disastrously affects the mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of various intestinal infections.

Possesses "Avansept Spray" and antiviral properties, as it is active against herpes pathogens, acute respiratory infections, poliomyelitis, hepatitis, HIV infection. The solution has a harmful effect on fungal microorganisms, including representatives of the genus Candida and Trichophyton. The product helps to quickly clean the surfaces of contaminants and infections, regardless of their origin.

In what situations is it advisable to apply the solution?

advance spray spray instruction manual

In what cases is the Avansept Spray used in modern medical practice? The instruction contains information that the range of application of the solution is very wide.

  • For cleaning surfaces and equipment in microbiological and clinical laboratories.
  • For disinfection of equipment, surfaces and furnishings in hospitals, diagnostic rooms, health centers( we are talking chairs, beds, hospital mattresses, ultrasound equipment, dental instruments, thermometers, mirrors and other items that can get biological fluids and secretionspatients).
  • The solution is used for cleaning toys, door handles and other items in preschool and school establishments.
  • Spray is used to clean tools and surfaces in beauty salons, massage and beauty salons, saunas, baths, swimming pools and other public places. For example, the drug is suitable for the treatment of rubber mats and special shoes( this is how the fungal infection is prevented).
  • The solution is used to disinfect the surfaces of ambulance transport after transport of medical equipment, patients with various infections, contaminated medical linen, etc.
  • The product is used in pharmaceutical and biotech factories, catering and trade.

Avansept Spray: instructions for using

Advance Spray Description

In fact, it's easy to apply the solution. As already mentioned, the bottle has a nozzle for spraying. The contaminated surface should be sprayed with the product from a distance of 30 cm. On average, the drug consumption is 30-40 ml per square meter of surface.

The tool or surface can also be wiped with a clean cloth or swab dipped in a solution. The product dries quickly - as a rule, it takes 10 minutes. The disinfection exposure is five minutes. After applying the drug on the treated surfaces there are no stains and other traces.

By the way, the tool can be used for sanitizing hard-to-reach corners, since with the help of a special nozzle spray can be sprayed on virtually any surface.

Features of two-stage cleaning

Advancept spray 750 ml

If it is a question of disinfection of dental instruments, objects used for care of patients, then two-stage cleaning is expedient.

  • First, a small amount of Avancept is applied to the surface of the instrument using a spray gun. Next, the remnants of the product together with the contaminants are removed using a sterile tissue. The tool or device for the care of patients is sent for standard sterilization.
  • After sterilization, the spray "Avancept" is used again. The solution is sprayed onto the tool( sometimes it is wetted with a cloth, which is then treated with a surface).The drug should be left for five minutes, then remove its residues from the surface with a sterile cotton swab or paper napkin.

How much is the disinfectant solution?

For many people, it is important not only the pharmacological properties of a particular remedy, but also its cost. In fact, the prices for this solution are quite affordable.

A bottle with a volume of 500 ml will cost approximately 220-240 rubles. You can buy a larger volume - the cost of 750 ml of the solution ranges from 270 to 290 rubles, which is more advantageous if you have to use the tool often to handle a variety of tools and surfaces. It is worth noting that many foreign analogs with the same properties are much more expensive. It is this fact that makes the tool so popular.

Are there any effective counterparts?

Advance Spray Analogues

What should I do if, for one reason or another, there is no way to use Avansept Spray? Analogues of this solution exist, and their choice is quite wide.

Quite disinfectant properties have such tools as "Triosept-Express" and "Triazin."To clean tools and surfaces from contamination and pathogenic microorganisms, the solutions "Quartet" and "Forsage" are widely used. Of course, the composition of these antiseptics is slightly different, but the results are almost the same.

Is the solution dangerous?

For many healthcare professionals, one of the main priorities is the safety of the tool used. According to the results of clinical trials, with proper application the solution is safe. Even if a small amount of the drug gets on the skin during spraying, it does not cause irritations( allergic reactions are possible only in case of hypersensitivity of a person to this or that component of the drug).

If you get into the mucous membrane of the eyes, you may get small redness, irritation and burning, which, however, quickly pass even without the use of drugs and eye drops.

Testimonials of specialists show that this remedy really disinfects surfaces and tools, thereby preventing the spread of infection and the occurrence of epidemics. The solution is consumed slowly, and its cost is relatively low, which, in fact, makes the spray so popular and in demand.