Massage beds: specifications and reviews

Probably, every person faced with back pain. They can have a permanent character, which is very distracting from the usual way of life. Many do not pay attention to unpleasant sensations, but in vain. After all, problems with the spine can not go by themselves, but require qualified treatment. Massage beds will help reduce pain and cope with salt deposits, vertebrae jams. Their actions are directed at certain areas of the body. Thanks to the use of various techniques - reflexotherapy, the use of jade discs and rollers, manual therapy - they help a person relax and relieve tension. How correctly to use similar beds? Are there any contraindications for doctors? These questions will be answered in the article. contra-indication of a massage bed

What we know about massage beds. The main characteristics of the

Miracle invention appeared in the East. After all, it is well known that it is there that the questions of medicine and health are treated with particular interest. What is unique about massage beds? First of all, they cover all parts of the spine at once. In addition, the height and angle of the device are adjustable. Thanks to this, you can massage even the most difficult part of the body. Depending on the bed model, the following functions can additionally be included:

  • infrared rays that provide warming up of soft tissues;

  • jade rollers( stone therapy);

  • acupressure;

  • reflexotherapy;

  • relaxation of the whole body.

Modern massage beds have the ability to read and determine "clogged" muscles. It is on them that the greatest burden is due to manipulation. This massage helps to get rid of fatigue, chronic fatigue, relieves pain, breaks salt and other deposits. In addition, with the help of such a technical device you can adjust the weight. massage beds

"Nuga Best": is it worth choosing this company?

Recently, there are quite a lot of companies that offer to buy similar beds for massage. How not to make a mistake and make the right choice? Most of the positive feedback was given to the Nuga Best massage bed. Producers assure that it helps to cope with quite serious problems: intervertebral hernia, scoliosis, varicose veins, obesity.

The main highlight of the invention are rollers. They can be made of several materials: jade or turmanium ceramics. The last fusion is the development of Korean specialists. These rollers start moving up and down along the spine when the device is turned on, gradually warming up the muscles and ligaments. In addition, infrared rays are connected to the process, which gently warm up the diseased zones. As a consequence, the vessels expand, the blood flow to the muscles increases, and the pain gradually subsides.

Choosing a bed with jade rollers

Before you buy a massage bed, you need to study all its characteristics. It's not worth chasing cheap models, it's better to choose something that really suits you. The bed with massage rollers deserves positive feedback from customers. As a rule, these rollers are made of jade. This material has long been used in medicine and has a number of useful functions:

  1. Eliminates insomnia. Due to its natural properties, the alloy calms the nervous system, relieves tension.

  2. Are you tired at work? Rollers made of jade will help bring the body into tone.

  3. Helps relieve nervous tension, stress, depression. To do this, you need to go through the procedure - 10-15 minutes a day.

  4. In connection with a complex environmental situation, poor nutrition, overstrain in people, especially in women after 30 years, hormonal disorders are observed. Jade can help normalize the functioning of the thyroid gland.

  5. Disposal of slags. Due to the thermal effect on the tissues, toxins will be eliminated through the pores of the skin.

  6. Normalizes the circulatory system, the work of the heart muscle.

All changes take place in the body in a complex way, patients feel themselves after the procedures are cheerful. bed with massage rollers

Useful advices for

Jade massage bed is in great demand. Many patients note the excellent effect already on the 4th procedure. All the charm is that you can have a miracle device at home and massage at any convenient time. It is not recommended to combine the process with watching TV or reading books. You should be as relaxed as possible. Then the result will not take long.

Are there any contraindications to

The most popular question that prospective buyers ask: "Is there a contra-indication for a massage bed?" Of course, they are available. It is strictly forbidden to use:

  1. Children under 3 years old. The fact is that at this age in babies the spine, tendons, muscles are still very weak. Therefore, any increased load can lead to serious consequences.

  2. Pregnant women. In the early term, it can provoke miscarriage, at later - lead to premature birth.

  3. People who have foreign bodies in the body. These can be pacemakers, metal plates and more.

The following contraindications should also be considered:

  1. Spinal Injuries.
  2. Recently transferred surgical procedures.
  3. Neoplasms.
  4. Strokes and heart attacks.
  5. Furunculosis, dermatitis, lichen and other manifestations on the skin.
  6. Menstruation.

Before using a massage bed, it is better to consult a surgeon. massage nougat

Opinion of doctors

Before buying a massage bed, of course, I would like to hear the opinion of specialists. They are quite contradictory. Many doctors claim that the movement and touch of hands no one can replace. And indeed it is. Complicated cases, problems with the spine can be cured only through acupuncture, manual therapy, drugs. Especially negative reviews are expressed by gynecologists. According to them, women who have at least small changes in the uterus can develop serious problems and disorders after the course of such massages.

There are doctors who are supporters of this technical invention. They gladly advise to purchase a massager for their patients. After all, it's not in vain that such beds are installed in many sanatoriums. massage bed reviews

Customer reviews

Massage bed, reviews about which are mostly positive, still has drawbacks, which can not be overlooked:

  • high cost( about 80 thousand rubles);

  • is a scientifically unproven effect;

  • if the bed has broken, it is problematic to repair it.

The undoubted advantage is that you can use at home, after the procedures immediately there is a feeling of relaxation, tranquility. The muscles are toned up nicely, and the skin is tightened. The effect is noticeable after 4 sessions. jade massage bed

Massage beds - a novelty, which appeared on our market relatively recently. Producers assure that they are able to help cope with back pain problems, obesity, establish a hormonal background, improve the overall well-being of the patient, relieve stress and depression. The opinions of the doctors differ, but there are still supporters of such beds. In any case, before you buy a similar product, you need to consult a specialist and take a survey.