What is useful for lingonberries? Cowberry Berry: Properties and Contraindications

For sure, everyone is worried about their food. In recent years, more and more families are switching to a raw diet or receiving exceptionally healthy food. And many prefer not to resort to taking medications, but to be treated according to the recipes of our grandmothers. Cowberry has long been used to eliminate many ailments. Also it is used for food because of a special pleasant taste.

This article will tell you about when a cowberry( berries) is especially recommended. Useful properties and contraindications will be presented to your attention. Also you will learn about the ways of preparing this gift of Russian forests.

bilberry berry

Forest cowberries: general description

This plant belongs to the heather family. The berry cranberry grows on small bushes that are green regardless of the season. Such plants can be found in almost every region. All this is explained by the fact that birds consume the seeds of berries, which are not digested in their intestines and leave in unchanged form. As a result, birds carry seeds all over the world.

Cowberry( berry) is not afraid of frosts or hot weather. This is an indubitable plus of the plant. The berry has a small size. It looks like red small balls. The leaves of the plant are green, shiny, dense.

Where are berries of cranberries used?

Useful properties of this plant are undeniable. It is used in folk medicine to treat various ailments. Also widely used in cosmetology. Urology, gynecology, traumatology, cardiology - these are just some areas in which bilberry( berries) are used.

Useful properties and contraindications for this product. They must be recognized before use. Consider how useful this product is.

bilberry berry useful properties and contraindications

Contents of vitamins in cowberry

In this article you can see cranberries( photo).The berry contains a large number of vitamins and useful elements. This includes vitamins C and E. Also the product is rich in vitamins of group B and A. In addition, bilberry( berry) contains iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, manganese and copper. Additional elements are present in the leaves and fruits, but in smaller quantities.

What does the plant have?

What kind of berryberries have useful properties? The plant has an anesthetic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect. Also, the benefits of berries cranberries is that they are fighting with microbes and pathogenic microflora in the human body.

The product has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and blood vessels. Also, to some extent, the product can be called an antioxidant, immunomodulator and sorbent. It must be remembered that in order to maximize the benefits of the product, it must be properly prepared and consumed. Also important is the method of storing cranberries and shrub leaves.

How to store and cook cranberries correctly?

Below you can see frozen lingonberry( photo).The berry in this case should be treated as follows. Rinse the fruits and select only dense and whole berries. After that, lay the cowberry on a towel and wait a few minutes. When berries dry, lay them evenly on the substrate. Put it in the freezer for 2-4 hours. After this, pour the product into the container and prepare the next portion in the same way. If you do not want to freeze the berry, you can dry it. In this case, it is necessary to process cranberries at a temperature of 60 degrees for several hours.

bilberry berries useful properties

Useful properties of berries cranberries are preserved only if you consume it fresh or after freezing. If you decide to make a jam or compote of these fruits, then be prepared for the fact that some of the nutrients will evaporate. The most popular dish from this product is Morse. To make it, you need to squeeze out small berries and strain. Juice for a while, and cooked mashed potatoes for 5-10 minutes. Add sugar to taste and cool. After that, pour in the resulting mass of juice and enjoy a good drink.

You can also make freshly squeezed juice. However, many people say that it turns out to be very sour. Cowberry( berry) can be grinded with sugar and packaged on cans for long-term storage.

Restrictions on the use of

In spite of the fact that they have medicinal properties of berries, and they also have contraindications. It is necessary to familiarize with them before the beginning of therapy by this agent. In which cases is it strictly forbidden to use the fruits of the plant?

Doctors say that the berry and its derivatives are contraindicated with a tendency to an allergic reaction. Diabetics should stop using cranberries, which are cooked with the addition of sugar. If you suffer from high acidity of the stomach or ulcer, this product can seriously aggravate the situation. The berry of a cowberry is contraindicated and has others. Fruits and their derivatives can not be used by persons prone to bleeding. This can include postoperative situations.

With special care is to eat cranberries during breastfeeding. Berries can cause an allergic reaction in the child. In this case, it makes sense to replace the fruits with leaves. In cosmetology, the product is not used for sensitive skin, as well as when irritation occurs. Do not give cranberries and their derivatives to children up to one year.

Application in pregnancy

What berries have cowberries medicinal properties and contraindications during pregnancy? The product should not be taken without the advice of a doctor, especially in the last trimester. This can provoke an allergy in the baby's future. Also, when the blood sugar level is raised, it is necessary to abandon the fruit and jam, because they contain a prohibited substance. If you have a threat of abortion, then this product is contraindicated.

During the period of bearing a cow's child and everything that is prepared from it, it helps prevent early and late toxicosis. In the first third of pregnancy, the berry protects against colds that overtake the body very often. In the last part of the term, the product will help to remove excess fluid from the body. This will prevent swelling and kidney disease. The most beneficial will be the cowberry mors. You need to drink it 2 glasses a day. This will be enough to achieve a diuretic effect.


Use for vessels and heart

What is the usefulness of cowberries for the cardiovascular system? The product contributes to a slight dilution of blood. This facilitates the flow of fluid through the veins and vessels. Also, berries prevent the formation of blood clots. It is worth noting that about 80 percent of the cases of detachment of such particles lead to the death of the patient. The fruits of the plant contribute to a decrease in blood levels of cholesterol and sugar. The only exception is berry, cooked with the addition of sweets.

Cowberry strengthens blood vessels and veins. If you suffer from varicose veins, then this berry should always be present in the diet. In addition, the product helps in the fight against hemorrhoids of a different nature.

Benefits for the stomach and intestines

What other bilberry( berries) have useful properties and contraindications? As you already know, the fruits are contraindicated in gastric ulcer, gastritis and various inflammations of the digestive tract. However, the berry can prevent the development of these pathologies. The doctors found out that the cause of gastritis is the bacterium. The product has antibacterial action. With the periodic use of fruit or decoction from the leaves of the bush, you can avoid the occurrence of gastritis and ulcers.

red bilberry photo berry

In what form is it better to use cranberries? To treat the stomach and intestines, give preference to tea. For its preparation, dry the leaves and fruits of the plant. After that, grind them with a blender or knife. The resulting powder is poured with hot water and insist for 20 minutes. Take the received liquid on 100 milliliters daily on an empty stomach.

Urinary system: treatment of cranberries

Cowberry( berry) can have a curative and preventive effect on the urinary system. This product perfectly fights pyelonephritis, cystitis, bacteriuria and other pathologies. In this case, treatment is often complex. Leaves and berries cranberries have an antimicrobial effect in infections of the kidneys and bladder. Also, the product has a mild antispasmodic effect. This helps to eliminate burning and pain during urination.

Often this tool is assigned to future mothers. After all, during pregnancy it is forbidden to use almost all antibiotics. Cowberry berries gently cleanse the excretory system from excess salts, harmful bacteria and pathogenic microflora. Already after one week of regular consumption of Morse, a woman notices the positive effect of therapy.

In case of skin damage

Even in ancient times, decoction of cowberry was used as a regenerating agent. However, this method of treatment can not be used independently. Before such a correction it is worthwhile to contact a dermatologist and get individual appointments and a scheme. Daily compresses can quickly heal skin damage and contribute to its renewal.

It is worth mentioning the limitations. You can not do such compresses on your own. All because of the fact that cowberry juice contains many acids. Such a composition can cause damage to the already damaged skin.

Cowberry for immunity

Cowberry berries help to increase the body's protection forces. Surely everyone knows this. Unfortunately, recently it is easier for people to take medicine than to apply folk methods. However, cranberries can put a man on his feet in the shortest possible time. Berries contain a large amount of vitamin C. It has an immunomodulatory effect on the body. Also removes toxins. Do not forget about the antipyretic effect of the product. Cowberry fruit liquefies blood. Due to this, fever is suppressed.

berries cranberries medicinal properties and contraindications

During the consumption of berries, the pathogenic microflora in the throat region is suppressed. This plays an important role in the treatment of the disease. Berries cranberries can help both in viral and bacterial infections. In addition, cranberry based preparations are widely used for prevention.

How is the tool used in gynecology?

In addition to all these areas, berries cranberries are used in obstetrics. The product helps fight inflammation of various etiologies, thrush, vaginal flora and so on. Often the drug is prescribed as part of complex therapy. How is the composition used?

During correction of gynecological pathologies, it is customary to drink decoction from leaves or cowberry mors. It should be noted that in cases of violations of the vaginal microflora that did not cause inflammation, cowberry broth is used for syringing. Remember that this technique is contraindicated in colpitis, vaginitis and other diseases. Before using it is necessary to consult with the precinct gynecologist.

Cowberry use in cosmetology

Cowberry berries bring tremendous benefit to the skin and hair. In this case, it is worth remembering that the first application should be tested. Sometimes the product causes an allergic reaction. This fact may become a surprise for some of the fairer sex.

You can make a mask from the pulp of berries. It will transform your appearance and improve your complexion. Vitamin E helps to rejuvenate the skin and restore its elasticity. For hair, decoctions of leaves are often used. They are an excellent antioxidant, and perfectly cleans the curls from external contaminants. The product contributes to the acquisition of shine and health of the head of hear. In case of poor hair growth and excessive hair loss, do the following mask. Rastolkite a few berries cranberries and add to the mash two teaspoons burdock oil. Strike the substance in the roots and distribute it through the hair with the help of a comb. Hold the mixture for one hour, then rinse with water using a shampoo.

Where can I get lingonberries?

At present it is not difficult to find the described product. Leaves and fruits you can collect directly from the bush. Fortunately, the plant can be found in many regions. Also you can buy already assembled product in supermarkets or markets.

properties of berryberry

If you do not want to mess with the processing of fresh raw materials, go to the nearest pharmacy network. There you can buy dried fruits and cranberry leaves. Some of them already have individual packaging for brewing. From such a product you can prepare a decoction and tea. This form of release is provided for the convenience of consumers. Store this product only in a dry place at room temperature.

Summing up the article or a brief conclusion

You now know what has bilberry( berries) useful properties and contraindications. Also, you learned how to get the most out of your product. If you still have questions about this small berry, contact your dietician. The professional will tell you about the main beneficial properties of certain berries and fruits. Also will give individual advice and recommendations. Eat right and warn many diseases with the help of folk remedies. Strong to you health and well-being!