Children's dentistry at Domodedovo: reviews

Children's dental diseases in most cases do not threaten life. However, the treatment of teeth and gums in small patients is associated with a number of difficulties. Of great importance is the qualification of a specialist who not only knows how to work in the dental field, but also knows how to calm the child. Working with children has many features.

Many good reviews can be heard about pediatric dentistry at Domodedovo. Here, small patients can be helped with a variety of oral diseases.

Basic information about the establishment of

The Children's Dental Clinic No. 47 is a public health institution in Moscow. Despite the fact that funding is carried out at the expense of the federal budget, everything is here to provide quality services to small patients. The clinic can serve children from the first days of life. The real pride of the institution is a new equipment that allows you to treat tooth decay in a non-contact way.

Looks in the mirror girl

Address of children's dentistry - st. Domodedovskaya, hous

e 14. You can get here quickly from the metro station "Orekhovo".If you go from the center, you need to sit closer to the first car. You can get to the clinic from the station in 10 minutes at a calm pace. Children's dentistry at Domodedovo is an institution in which there is no registry. All patients' cards are kept by doctors. You can make an appointment by submitting an application on the official website or by calling the number indicated. The clinic is open daily from 8:00 to 18:00, except weekends and public holidays.

Research in a medical institution

Pediatric dentistry on Domodedovo street is a polyclinic in which babies from the first days of life can undergo a routine examination. The institution has all the resources for the timely detection of various pathologies. Initially, a small patient is sent for examination to a pediatric dentist. Already in the first minutes the doctor can reveal caries or other pathological changes in the oral cavity of the child. Visually, it is possible to determine how correctly the bite is formed.

Child at the dentist

In inflammatory processes, a child can be referred to a blood test. In addition, the institution has its own X-ray room.

Therapeutic dentistry

The most common tooth disease in childhood is caries. Therapy of this pathology in childhood has its own characteristics. As a rule, when caries of baby teeth, children do not feel pain, so parents do not rush to seek medical help. This is a huge mistake. After all, the damaged tooth acts as a hotbed of infection. The child begins to suffer more respiratory diseases. If immunity is reduced, dangerous complications develop.

The child

Do not be afraid to seek help from a doctor at Domodedovskaya, 14. Pediatric dentistry has its own characteristics. Specialists who work here know how to mentally adjust a small patient. If you believe the reviews, most children have only the first minute of fear. Then the child realizes that the doctor will not do anything to him. The therapy passes completely without pain. Do not frighten kids and modern drill, because there is no familiar to many frightening sound.

In children's dental polyclinic № 47, you can also undergo treatment of gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Teeth fluoridation

Some babies only begin to erupt their teeth and almost immediately deteriorate. This does not always mean that the baby is not eating well or the mother's breast milk is not of the highest quality. Pathology can be hereditary. If the baby's teeth turn black, do not despair. But it is also impossible to remain idle. It is worth asking for help in pediatric dentistry at Domodedovo.

Children brush their teeth

The reviews show that the fluoride of the baby teeth is carried out at a high level in a medical institution. The procedure allows to restore the mineral composition of the enamel. As a result, the destructive process stops. As a rule, after the loss of spoiled milk teeth, good permanent incisors and molars grow.

The most effective, according to the experts' feedback, is the deep fluoridation of tooth enamel. After professional cleaning, the teeth are thoroughly dried. Then they apply a special solution with a high content of fluorine. This procedure is sufficient to perform once a year.


The removal of milk teeth in dentistry is not welcome. The child grows, and the absence of even one molar can lead to malocclusion. However, in some cases, one can not do without surgical intervention. Often such a need arises when the permanent teeth already begin to erupt, and the dairy remains in place. Timely operation allows you to speed up the process of changing teeth. Surgical intervention is also required for complex eruption of milk molars. In this case, the doctor performs an excision of the gingival hood.

The boy heals teeth

Any surgical intervention is performed under local anesthesia in pediatric dentistry at Domodedovo. The reviews show that anesthesia is selected for each child individually. Beforehand, the baby needs to pass the tests, as well as to test the sensitivity to the chosen medication.

bridle fusion The tongue and lip bridle are important elements of the dental system. Small mucous folds affect the correctness of the child's speech, his bite. However, in some cases, to the oral cavity of the baby fully developed, it is necessary to perform plastic bridles. On the first examination, the dentist examines the baby and makes a decision to conduct an operation. Sometimes a pediatrician or a speech therapist can identify the problem during a prophylactic examination of the patient.

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You can perform a simple operation in pediatric dentistry. From the metro station "Domodedovskaya" will also be able to get to the polyclinic. Intervention can be performed even without anesthesia. With a sharp movement of a special tool, the dentist cuts the bridle. The entire procedure lasts a few seconds. Then the specialist treats the wound with an antiseptic and releases the small patient home. A few days have to rinse the mouth with a solution of soda.

Refusal of the operation can lead to unpleasant consequences. This is the displacement of the dentition, changing the speech of the child, problems with chewing food, etc.

Helping children's orthodontist

An incorrect bite is a problem that can not be ignored. First, crooked teeth are ugly. A child with an incorrect bite develops psychological complexes with age. Secondly, the problem leads to the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The patient masturbates the food improperly, and with some products can not cope at all.

Tooth plate of the boy

Visit orthodontist in pediatric dentistry at Domodedovo is recommended when the child reaches the age of 2-2.5 years. At this time, the young patient has already erupted all the milk teeth, and the specialist can understand how well the bite is formed. The earlier the problem is identified, the easier it will be to fix it. Patients usually have special leveling plates. To very small children( up to 3 years), a specialist can appoint special nipples( pacifiers).Periodic sucking of such a product helps to correct bite.

Professional oral hygiene

If you believe the statistics, about 80% of the adult population can not properly brush their teeth. What can I say about the children? Poor oral hygiene leads to the formation of dental calculi and caries. You can eliminate the problem in pediatric dentistry at Domodedovo. The phone for appointment to the doctor is listed on the official website of the clinic.

Professional dental cleaning in children has some features. Milk teeth are characterized by a fragile enamel. In the clinic at Domodedovo, special equipment with soft nozzles is used, which allows carefully removing plaque and stone.

Reviews about medical institution

Children's dentistry on Domodedovo street can compete with private institutions of the same type. Pleases parents with the professional approach of local specialists. One should also note the availability of high-quality modern equipment.

Reviews show that in the clinic there are almost never any queues. All patients come to the reception by appointment. To clarify information about the work of a particular specialist, you can visit the official website.