Managed dreams: methods and advice of a psychologist

Dreams come to us during the rest, when we are immersed in a certain state, which gives us the opportunity to explore our inner world. Sleep all people, but not everyone can remember their sleep, much less manage the events occurring in it. All that we see during the night rest is considered to be beyond control.

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Most of us consider those bizarre fantasies, incredible events and scary characters just a mere reaction to the events of the day. In our dreams we are accustomed to act as a normal spectator, who takes everything he sees at face value. Only in the morning comes the surprise that awakening takes place in your own bed. However, such a concept is the result of insufficient awareness and low level of free energy. If desired, we can always learn to see guided dreams. How to achieve this and why?

Do we need conscious dreams?

This is the first question that arises in the person first encountered with this topic. Do we need managed dreams, are they not harmful to our mental and physical health? There is nothing to worry about. It is perfectly normal for a person to consciously manage a dream. This phenomenon is often observed in young children, creating for themselves new worlds, which are then explored with great interest. But do you need controlled dreams for an adult? Yes, and there are a number of reasons for this. Among them:

  1. The emergence of new sensations. These amazingly beautiful landscapes and flights during the night rest are worthwhile to master the technique of sleeping management.
  2. Self-knowledge. During sleep a person is in conditions of permissiveness. This gives him an excuse to behave completely differently than he does in life. And there is a reason to think about the newly discovered character traits.
  3. Fear of death. According to Buddhists, a dream is a transition to another world. That is a little death. Most of those who fall into managed dreams( the methodology and practice of this phenomenon have already been mastered), are not afraid of death. They had time to be convinced that consciousness is saved even in those cases when the body was disconnected.

Do not be afraid of the fact that in a manageable dream you can "get lost".This chance is zero. The physical body of a person can not suffer from the fact that his master sees controlled dreams. There is a chance only, perhaps, accidentally fall off the bed. But from this sometimes suffer and those who sleep in the "normal regime".

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However, it is not uncommon for practitioners to face one significant problem - excessive enthusiasm. Especially suffer from it those who do not get along with real life. Such people are eager to go into the world of dreams. There is a definite relationship that can be compared to a computer one. However, the emergence of such a problem contributes, most likely, a weak psyche and own dissatisfaction.

What is a conscious sleep?

The possibilities that give us control during the night rest are simply limitless. Managed dreams allow you to interact with your own subconscious mind, improving existing skills, working on eliminating bad habits and getting rid of fears. In the end, it helps to restore psychological health.

How to get to see a manageable dream at night? The technique of this method can be mastered within two to three weeks. On this every day should be allocated at least half an hour.

Phases of conscious sleep

Everything we saw during the night rest can be divided into 3 stages. In order to master the technique of conscious sleep, it is necessary to start from the very first of them, then proceeding to the second one and adding at the end the third phase. Let's consider all three stages in more detail:

  1. Entering into a dream. This phase is based on self-training and self-hypnosis.
  2. Finding at the stage of controlled sleep and working with the subconscious according to a preconceived plan.
  3. The way out of sleep , combined with an incentive psychosuggestion.

There are a number of features of entering a managed dream, and they are taken into account without fail. First of all, a person should be in a rested state. This will allow him to monitor everything that happens.

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In addition, a very important point is the position that the practitioner takes during sleep. It is desirable to take a sitting position. Ideally, this is the so-called coachman's pose. If you will lie comfortably on soft cushions, then, most likely, instead of a controlled sleep, ordinary will come to you. It will also be difficult to control the nightly events in the event that you were under stress or had excessive physical activity before rest.

What else is necessary to know in order to answer the question "How to manage a dream?".Instruction, which psychologists give, advises to choose for this time, when there are no external stimuli. However, this is only necessary at the initial stage. Further, when the management of dreams enters into the ordinary practice, no one will be able to disturb you.

In addition, psychologists who have studied all the intricate dreams, were able to develop the most effective techniques to start monitoring the night plots. These recommendations can be found below.

I want to see

Many people think that they do not dream every night. However, it is not. Dreams come to us daily. So, children see dreams during 80% of their night rest. In adolescents, 65% are assigned to this, in adults - 50%, and in the elderly - 35% of the time.

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Those who wish to manage their dreams need to realize the fact that night plots we see regularly, we just need to remember them. This is the only and most effective method that beginners recommend psychologists.

Ask a question

Also in order to start managing your dream, you need to remember about a problem, the solution of which was never found in the real world. For 10 or 15 minutes before the night rest, experts recommend starting to ask questions to yourself. Thoughts should be concentrated on the unsolved problem until the very moment of falling asleep. This may seem surprising, but most successful people found answers to their questions in dreams. For example, in real life Mendeleev for a long time could not make a table of chemical elements. The answer to the question that tormented him came in a dream. The table of the famous scientist is still used by schoolchildren and students.

Psychologists say that dreams can do much. They show the future, solve complex problems, present answers to difficult questions, etc. That's why dreams need to be respected. Only then will they benefit you. For example, those who today consider themselves unhappy, psychologists are advised to ask a question about the reasons for this to their subconscious. Certainly at night you can get the right answer.

Preliminary preparation of

For those who do not yet know how to manage sleep, and did not apply this technique in practice, you should start with the following:

  1. Support the desire to get into a controlled sleep. In this, as in many other cases, the success of the conceived depends on the strength of intentions. That is, what a person will think more, how he wants to see a conscious dream, the more likely it is that he gets into it. However, here there is a nuance. Excessive desire is sometimes more harmful to the success of the event than a complete disinterest in it. Here you need to observe the golden mean, that is, constantly to be interested in this topic and support it, but not so much that each of the ordinary dreams leads to despair and frustration in its capabilities.
  2. Reading of special literature. How to make sleep manageable? The methods of entering into this state can be found in the books devoted to this topic. Specialized literature will allow you to maintain a certain level of interest in this practice. Thus, R. Webster's book, the creations of M. Rainbow and R. Monroe, K. Castaneda and T. Bradley will teach us to manage sleep. At the same time, not only serious literature will be useful. To achieve this goal will help different forums and blogs, which give practical advice and describe their own user experience.
  3. Maintaining a diary of dreams. For this purpose not only a paper notepad, but also a Word file. The description of dreams is an indispensable attribute of a "successful dreamer".The recording of night adventures should be kept daily, detailing all the details. It is important to record those emotions, thoughts and feelings that arose when "meeting" with the characters of sleep. Or maybe unusual physical phenomena, such as trembling in the body, pressing pains in the chest, dizziness, etc., occurred before the night rest or after awakening? Then this too should be recorded in the diary.
  4. Regular practice. Can I manage dreams the first time? Far from everyone achieves this. Usually people start to control their nightly adventures only after a week of active practice, after a year or several years. It also happens that the first time a controlled dream comes when a person has already found this topic hopeless and completely abandoned it. That's why beginners need to constantly train and try not to lose heart.
  5. Refusal of stimulants and compliance with diet. Can I manage my dreams without adjusting my power? No. It is believed that in the diet of a practitioner there should be no meat and products from it. Do not advise also the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco smoking.

Training of mindfulness during night rest should be similar to sports activities. The result in one and the other case can not be seen immediately, but it does exist. Even if there are no signs of controlled sleep, these or those shifts in consciousness necessarily occur. Over time, the necessary changes will be accumulated in such a volume that the dream will cease to resemble the film and allow the sleeper to correct the events that occur.

Basic techniques for logging into

How to manage sleep? The instruction, given by psychologists, recommends to relax on a maximum a body, not allowing to fall asleep to mind. To achieve this effect, relaxation techniques, which include muscle relaxation and monitoring of breathing, will help.

First of all, a practitioner must retire in a separate room, close the curtains, turn off the phone and lie down, taking a comfortable pose. This will serve as a preparation for managing sleep. The technique allows you to light candles and turn on soft music. However, the above can only be done if there is a certainty that this will not distract from the main goal.

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What should I do next and how can I manage sleep? A few minutes after taking a comfortable pose, you just need to lie down and breathe evenly. It is important to monitor the sensations. Only after this you should begin to relax the muscles. For this there are a large number of techniques, but the most widely used methods are:

  1. Mentally say to yourself that this or that muscle is relaxed. It is important to feel that this is actually happening. It is necessary to start with the muscles of each finger on the legs, then gradually move up and describe each small part of the body.
  2. Visualize, imagining that in each muscle there is a small amount of a substance( water, metal, etc.).After receiving a sense of gravity from it, you should immediately get rid of it. For this it is recommended to simply imagine how water or liquid metal gradually flows out of you.
  3. Imagine that the body fell from a great height and instantly relaxed. It is important to prolong such feelings for as long as possible.

However, how can you manage sleep if relaxation results in falling asleep? Yes, it happens quite often, and such a reaction of the body is considered normal. Then for relaxation you can try the following methods:

  1. Rocking .This method implies a mental representation of yourself in a boat on the waves or riding on a swing.
  2. Visualization of the object in the hand. The easiest way to imagine a mobile phone. After the appearance of the sensation of the object, squeezed in the palm of your hand, you need to raise your hand mentally.
  3. The idea that you are in a nice place. In this case, the consciousness has a chance to catch on the picture and go into it.
  4. Attempt to separate from your body. "Fly out" helps to feel pressure on the head.
  5. Motions performed by an unphysical body. To achieve the desired effect will allow the usual wiggling of the hand or foot. In this case, the physical body must remain at rest.

The techniques described above can cause confusion. However, in the near-normal state, the implementation of the above actions is not particularly difficult.

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"Enter" into a conscious sleep helps and another very effective method. It involves setting the alarm for early morning. It can be 4 hours or 5. Waking up, you need to get up, go to the toilet, preferably drink water and then go back to bed. All listed manipulations should not take more than 5 minutes. After that, one of the ways of falling into a controlled sleep should be applied.

Rules of conduct for

In order to adapt as easily as possible to a controlled dream, it is important:

  1. Do not be afraid. Emerging fear is the main obstacle to success. Any event that occurs in the dream, does not affect the real life. Do not be afraid of the state of complete immobility in the waking consciousness. This phenomenon will indicate that the "entrance" to the managed sleep is already open.
  2. Use the power of your thoughts. In a guided dream, you just need to think about something, and it will immediately appear. This will allow you to move around in space, create your own worlds and mutate characters that are unpleasant to a person.
  3. Moving. Beginners can easily "fall" from the state of controlled sleep. Do not allow this only in case of constant movement. Attention should be fixed on any subject.

Control over other people's dreams

You can also control a person in a dream, that is, his night vision. However, this practice is only available to those who are able to keep their own subjects under control.

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How to manage other people's dreams? For this, first of all, it is necessary to focus your thoughts on the right person. Then you should relax and throw aside all extraneous thoughts. To do this will help lighted candles of white, blue or blue, as well as incense. Next, you need to imagine a cloud that surrounds the person you need, and go through his white clubs. This method allows you to be in the dream of an outsider. Only after this, you can bring in someone else's story any picture, sound, action or image. But it is worth remembering that a person will see the ordered plot, if all manipulations will be conducted after midnight.

Works of Elena World

This author is familiar to those who are interested in the theme of conscious dreams. Elena Mir is a psychic, a psychologist, a parapsychologist, a spiritual healer, an artist and a traveler in past lives. In addition, she is the author of a number of books on controlled dreams, practicing them for more than twenty years. The most popular is her work "Managed Dreams".Elena Mir points out in it that during the night rest, which lasts for a third of a person's life, we learn about new information about ourselves. In this book, the author acquaints his reader with all possible methods of conscious transition to new worlds that come to us in dreams. Based on personal experience, E. Mir says that each of us can become aware of his "I" not only in the daytime. It is not difficult to do this at night, during dreams.

This practice, according to the author, will expand life experience and fill life with new events. E. The world indicates that every person can live a second life in their dreams, and opens up to his readers parallel worlds that can be seen by stepping over the boundaries of space and time.