Lenses FreshLook Dimensions: user manual, reviews

Beautiful eyes are the dream of any woman. New lenses Freshlook Dimensions - the choice not only of the fair sex, but also of boys and men. They create a magical look, without reducing the naturalness of color. Are made for people with light eyes and are represented by three shades.

You can learn more about the ruler of lenses from a well-known manufacturer, you can read the features of the products, their advantages and feedback by reading this article. colored lenses freshlook dimensions


Established in 1980, CIBA Vision, a vision correction company, took second place in the market of contact lenses 12 years after its opening. Today the company's products are supplied to more than 70 countries around the world, and the staff numbers more than 6 thousand specialists. The company is the largest developer and manufacturer of contact lenses and care products.

The company's laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies. Innovative developments are given special attention. The doctors of the company take care of the health and comfort of their clients. After the merger of CIBA Vision with Wesley Jessen Vision Care, the production of a wider range of products intended for vision correction begins. To date, the catalog of the company has a lot of interesting products.

Basic information

Freshlook Dimensions lenses were developed in Switzerland for people with bright eyes. The colors were specially selected in such a way that the iris looked as natural as possible. This effect is achieved due to a special staining technology - "three in one".toning lenses freshlook dimensions

Freshlook Dimensions color lenses have a design that allows oxygen to pass through the cornea. Also, they contain a sufficient moisture content of 55% for the normal functioning of the eyes. Due to these properties, the lens can be worn without harm to the eyes. An additional function is protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Application of

Freshlook Dimensions( 6 lenses) is recommended for people who want to make the color of the eyes more intense, without strengthening it to unnatural.

Colored lenses give bright eyes a bright and intense shade. The products are represented by a new generation of contact lenses. They are designed specifically for use by people with bright eyes. A feature of the products is the use of the FL inversion indicator. Thanks to him, you can easily determine whether the lens is turned inside out or not. If the freshlook Dimensions color lenses are in working order, a special inscription is visible on the edge of the product. Even if you wear them incorrectly( inside out), after a few minutes you can feel discomfort. lenses freshlook dimensions

What is the main feature of the lenses Freshlook Dimensions? The colors of the products are chosen in such a way that it harmonizes with the natural shade of the eyes.

Lenses are a cosmetic. They make it easy to change the image, giving the eyes a rich tint. The carbon contour makes the look deep and expressive. The eyes visually increase in size. Due to the smooth color transition, the hue becomes unusual, but at the same time it remains natural.


Freshlook Dimensions lenses are made from a material called Fefilcon A. The substance refers to modern hydrogels. A large percentage of water content increases the convenience of using lenses - they are not felt before your eyes, do not cause irritation and dryness.

The brightness of the chosen shade and the transformation of the look is combined with practicality and comfort of operation. The user does not feel burning and tired eyes when using lenses. lenses freshlook color options

The disadvantage of lenses is low oxygen permeability. This feature has many colored lenses. For this reason, you should avoid wearing them at night. With lenses it is recommended to use moisturizing drops. Special solutions are used for this purpose. It is necessary to avoid solutions containing hydrogen peroxide in their composition.

In the production of lenses the technology of combining patterns is used, which makes it possible to create a color that is as close as possible to the natural. The unique coloring of the eye will appeal to anyone who tries cosmetic products of a well-known company.

Advantages of

Freshlook Dimensions have many positive features. Many users note their advantage over glasses, as well as the products of previous generations.


  • natural eye color;
  • high oxygen permeability;
  • a wide, unpainted part of the pupil allows you to maintain a clear vision while moving the lens;
  • possibility to purchase products with zero diopters;
  • comfortable landing;
  • naturalness and brightness of colors;
  • lenses Freshlook Dimensions are safe for health. lenses freshlook dimensions reviews

The main thing - to choose the right shade of products. Photos often do not give an accurate idea of ​​the color. Therefore, before applying, you should contact an ophthalmologist.

The lenses do not accumulate protein deposits during the wearing period, which guarantees the health and beauty of the eyes. Products allow you to enjoy excellent quality of vision and unlimited freedom of action. Providing a broad view, the lenses are able to maintain excellent peripheral vision.

Lenses Freshlook Dimensions: colors

Lenses are available in 3 main colors:

  • "blue azure";
  • "Water of the Caribbean Sea";
  • is a "green lagoon".

Gradual transition from the painted part to the transparent area allows creating a natural color effect. The shades presented in the catalog make the eyes extremely attractive. Lenses Freshlook Dimensions - an excellent choice for those who want to transform their image in one stroke.

Recommendations for wearing

Contact lenses are for daily wearing.

In the afternoon, it is recommended to continuously use the lens for no more than 24 hours. The wearing time increases gradually. Before going to bed, the product must be removed. The exact duration of lens wear should be determined by a specialist. Each month, the products must be changed.

Also should be regularly examined by an ophthalmologist. If the product is damaged, burning in the eyes is possible. Before each use, you should carefully inspect the lenses Freshlook Dimensions. The instruction will help you to understand the features of the product. freshlook dimensions 6 lenses

Lens Care

To ensure that the lenses last long and do not cause trouble during operation, they need to be properly handled.

Lens care regulations:

  • products must be disinfected regularly;
  • the necessary procedure is rinsing;
  • enzymatic cleaning of lenses;
  • for enzymatic removal of protein deposits is performed enzymatic cleaning of lenses;
  • the optimal lens care system is selected by the contact correction specialist.

It should always be remembered that before any manipulation with lenses it is worth carefully washing your hands. It is not recommended to leave Freshlook Dimensions in saline solution overnight. Do not use the solution in the container again. Do not use the solution after the expiration date.

Lenses Freshlook Dimensions: reviews

To appreciate cosmetic lenses, you need not only to view a lot of photos and read the instructions for use. Reviews of users who have tried this product will help you to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the product. A detailed description of the actual experience will become a practical guide to action.

Most people who use lenses say that they are easy to use, they can effectively correct vision and have an attractive appearance. Products throughout the entire period of wearing do not deliver unpleasant sensations, do not require complex care and sit comfortably for a long time.

In comparison with other manufacturers, CIBA Vision produces products that are constantly being improved. Lenses of the new generation are a kind of breakthrough in the manufacture of optical products. lenses freshlook dimensions instructions

Many users note that the lenses are very thin, comfortable and look much more natural than color ones.

In addition to the obvious advantages and positive feedback from users, you can note the low price and availability of the product. Lenses are sold in most specialized online stores. It is better to buy the product from the official dealers of CIBA Vision.

So, when using lenses, you get a visual increase in the eyes, an increase in the natural color and expressiveness of the look.