How will she force her husband to give up? The psychological side of the question

Alcoholism brings many troubles to the family. It is a disease that can destroy life from the moral and physical aspects. And if we are talking about a close person, in particular, about the wife, the woman tries to find a way of how she will force her husband to give up food. She is ready to do anything to prevent the sad consequences and save the family.

What comes with alcoholism

If you are thinking about how to force a husband to give up, then surely alcoholism already brings a lot of problems. It is a waste of money, a refusal to help around the house, dismissal from work, physical abuse of you and children. In addition, having an alcoholic spouse is unpleasant: pursuing constant smells, immoral behavior at home and in public, neglect of marital duties. You were not ready for this when they said "agree" in the house of marriage? Life is an unpredictable thing and can not be presented as a gift, not what you expected. But, faced with dependence, only you are able to influence the final outcome. You can leave your spouse, leave him alone with the misfortune, having acted extremely ugly and not humanly. After all, no one ever starts drinking alcohol just like that. This is to blame loved ones who did not provide support in time. Therefore, only you are able to help your spouse( and even have to do it), because he is your close person who can become normal. Knowing how to make her husband give up, you will keep a trump card in your hand. At the most appropriate moment, he will change the course of the game in your direction.

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What not to do

How to help your husband stop drinking is important to observe several prohibitions. So, it is impossible:

  • to accuse the spouse of alcoholism;
  • constantly reproach him for immoral behavior;
  • to indulge his desire to drink;
  • to give up and give up;
  • leave it alone with the problem.

Methods of treatment

Alcoholism in the modern world is treated with great success. You can apply to a narcological private( not state!) Clinic, where the spouse will help to fight addiction without publicity. Only this requires his consent. Unfortunately, in our country a person can not be coerced into treatment, he has the right to freedom of choice, even with regard to dependence. Also you can turn to fortune-tellers, sorcerers and other representatives of light and dark forces, stupidly spending money and time. Pouring medicine into the food for coding is dangerous, it can lead to poisoning, and the effect does not last long. You understand that the only correct solution will be an appeal to traditional medicine, which is able to overcome dependence.

Persuasion - the first and only step

How will your husband give up a meal? Convince him that it is necessary. Show him that you love him, that you are close to him, that he needs a sober and healthy family. Let your children sincerely embrace their father, talk about their love. A good family man will certainly listen to the pleas of close people and take the right path. The main thing is do not throw it, do not scold or threaten it. Now you must be as close as possible so that the spouse sees your concern and feels the need and importance. If this does not help, then the case is already started, the time is lost, and the only thing that can be done to stop the husband drinking is to turn to the psychologists who will professionally tell about the harm of alcoholism and the need for treatment.