Sanatorium "Berminvody"( Kharkov / Ukraine): services, testimonies and reviews

For many years, the Kharkov-Verkhne-Kyiv sources have been helping people cure various ailments. The most popular mineral springs are poured on the heights of the Berezovskaya gully. It is here that the well-known sanatorium "Berminvody" is located( only 20 km from the center of Kharkov).Since 2008 it functions as a clinical balneological health resort.

Locals and guests of the resort consider it one of the best dispensaries of the Slobozhansky region. Adults and children come here to spend their holidays with health benefits. The doors of the boarding house are open all year round, daily treatment procedures are carried out here.

The main property of the sanatorium is mineral springs and picturesque nature. Nearby there are no industrial enterprises and highways, ornamental bushes, deciduous trees grow everywhere, artificial ponds with fish are created. The dispensary is an oasis in the middle of an old park, where you can really abstract from the life of a metropolis, enjoy the cleanest air, tranq

uility and solitude.


The sanatorium "Bermindvody"( Kharkov) has 9 cottages. Every year, all rooms undergo cosmetic repair and renovation. The choice of apartments is quite wide: from standard rooms to deluxe rooms. For the newlyweds there are discounts, on the day of arrival a pleasant "compliment" in the form of champagne and fruits is organized.

You can book an apartment in advance. There is a spacious loggia with a panorama of the park area. In the budget options, the amenities are shared, located on the floor.

Superior rooms have their own bathroom, TV, mini fridge and seating area. In each cottage there is an Internet - use paid. Room service is carried out on certain days, as well as changing bedding.


The price includes three meals a day. The client can choose a portion or a Swedish version of the table setting. The menu provides dietary meals that are served to people with certain health problems( according to the doctor's testimony).The food is served in the dining room of the health resort "Bermindvody".

Sanatorium, photo of which can be considered in the material, cares about the health of its visitors, so the food here is balanced and fresh. On the tables daily you can see meat and fish delicacies, vegetables and fruits.


For the comfort of guests a clean beach area is set up on the shore of a picturesque lake. The road to the beach passes by a green alley and takes no more than five minutes. Outdoors, surrounded by deciduous trees, you can sunbathe, bathe in clean and warm water. Sanatorium "Bermindvody" offers its guests a variety of water activities: boating, fishing, sporting events.

Medical diagnostic profile

Specializes in dispensaries on different therapeutic directions. Diagnostic base is equipped with modern technology: X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy. Before the appointment of treatment, each newcomer must necessarily pass the necessary tests and consult specialists.

The complex has a children's camp "BMW" for adolescents with various diseases. In the resort there are offices of gastroenterology, endocrinology and urology. Rehabilitation of patients after severe injuries and surgeries is carried out. Sanatorium "Bermindvody" has introduced into practice psychotherapy, deontology( the doctrine of morality and moral principles) and therapeutic gymnastics.

Special physical exercises have been developed to improve the overall condition, and hiking tours are conducted on the terrain. To relieve and relieve pain, acupuncture is used. Special attention is paid to hydrotherapy and mud therapy. Mineral water is used in the form of baths, appliqués, showering, irrigation, sensing and washing.

Use a useful liquid and inside - both in a cold and in a warm form. Water is prized for its unique composition( a set of microelements, organic substances, silicic acid), it favorably affects the digestive organs, the central nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, endocrine and metabolic processes.

Leisure activities

Those who were fortunate enough to rest in this paradise, are eager to come here again. In the boarding house is provided not only quality treatment, but also a full rest. Comfortable conditions for people of different ages are created. A cinema is opened, where entertainment is regularly held with the participation of performers of variety genre, children's and youth groups.

Sanatorium "Bermindvody" additionally opened a library for book lovers with a large reading room. There is a dance club, a children's playground is equipped. There is a museum of the history of the city, which presents interesting exhibitions, ancient chronicles and photographs. You will learn a lot of informative information and get acquainted with the resort.

Special places are allocated for active leisure( bicycles, rollers, sports games) on the territory. The building № 9 has an indoor swimming pool. There are mail, sports equipment rent, ATMs, exchange offices, beauty salon and pharmacy.


Tourists with enthusiasm say about the health resort "Berminvody".Sanatorium reviews from satisfied visitors are constantly getting positive. Although there are also those who expressed dissatisfaction with the living conditions, the quality of care and the medical services provided. However, there are few unflattering comments.

Especially at the resort the children liked, for them the trip to the dispensary was unforgettable. A fascinating journey will be remembered for fun, positive and bright days. Positive exclamations are directed towards attentive medical personnel, a diet and a variety of leisure activities. A relaxed atmosphere of celebration, goodwill and hospitality will give a lot of pleasant impressions.