Blood test for hormones

The human endocrine system constantly produces certain biologically active substances, which have a certain specificity. These substances are called hormones and have a huge impact on various systems and organs of man. In addition to the fact that hormones are a significant factor affecting the general state of human health, they also determine its character, libido, temperament and other characteristics. Hormones are a fairly important regulator of almost all processes that occur in the body of any person, regardless of his condition.

It is very important to maintain the normal functioning of the hormonal system of the body all the time. If the time does not reveal the disorder in her work and the causes of these violations, then you can cause significant damage to the body. Such failures, as a rule, lead to a variety of very serious diseases, for example, such as infertility, obesity, early menopause, impotence, mental disorders and even the development of atypical processes. The causes of malfunctions in the functioning of the hormonal system can be even the most, at first glance, harmless factors. Most often, this is a rather common diet in the modern world. No less strong impact on the hormonal background have various poisonings, severe psychological upheavals, genetic predisposition, previous operations, primarily to get rid of unwanted pregnancy, as well as surgical interventions in the work of reproductive organs.

In the human body for the production of hormones, different glands of the endocrine system. Depending on this, the respective hormones are distinguished. Diseases caused by violation of the hormonal background, are determined according to specific symptoms, which, in turn, can talk about a more accurate location of pathological processes. When a patient treats one or another complaint to a doctor, he usually directs him to a blood test for hormones. Based on the results of this study, you can get a clearer picture of the disease. It is noteworthy that the inadequate production of certain hormones, as well as their overabundance, can lead to discomforts. It is very important to follow certain rules before taking a blood test for hormones. The norm may deviate depending on the time of day, the intake of food before taking blood, the psychological state of the patient, and in women, the menstrual cycle also affects the results. That's why doctors, as a rule, warn their patients that they did not eat anything and went to the laboratory from the very morning to take a blood test for hormones. Deciphering of the results is carried out directly by the attending physician, who must take into account all the factors in this particular case. To small deviations from the norm can lead, for example, the intake of drugs that contain certain hormones. Therefore, it is not recommended to take any hormonal medications before taking a blood test for hormones. It is also undesirable to drink alcohol and smoke the day before.

To joke with health in any case it is impossible, and furthermore with the important systems rendering the strongest influence on a condition of an organism. If you ignore the symptoms, constantly postpone the trip to the doctor, then you can start a disease that in the early stages could be very successfully healed. As a rule, untimely diagnosis of ailments leads to irreversible processes capable of causing irreparable harm to human health.