Electronic cigarette Istick Pico 75W: manual and overview

What is the Istick Pico Kit 75w? What is the design of such an electronic cigarette? What are the advantages of this option? Get answers to these and other questions will help our small review of the presented device.


istick pico 75 w

The Istick Pico 75W TC is a compact system designed for beginners. The power of the device is enough to form a thick cloud of fragrant vapor. The purchase of the device looks like an excellent solution on the way to using more advanced and costly options.

Istick Pico 75W is offered to users in several colors. On the market are models of silver, black, purple and white hue. Therefore, a novice vaper has the option to choose the option that best matches his style.

Eleaf Istick Pico 75W TC is convenient to hold in your hand. The device fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The button for activating the device is located on the rounded, narrow part of the case. The system contains a small rectangular display on which the main indicators are displayed. Slightly below are the power adjustment keys "minus" and "plus".The housing has a hole for connecting a USB charger, as well as an opening for gas removal.

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On top there is a connector made of steel and a panel that covers the battery. These components rise above the body by a couple of centimeters. In general, the device is characterized by compact parameters.

Istick Pico 75W comes with an understandable instruction. Therefore, to understand the management of the device turns out to be able even to those users who never held in their hands an electronic cigarette.


istick pico 75 w firmware

In translation into Russian Istick means "matchbox".Indeed, the electronic cigarette confirms its name. After all, the body easily fits in a small palm, and its height is some 7 centimeters. As for the width of the device, the parameter is equal to 23 millimeters. The weight of an electronic cigarette without a battery is 114 grams, and with a battery is 159 grams.


The model is equipped with standard accessories for this kind of electronic cigarette. In the box with the device you can see the USB cable, with which the device connects to the computer for charging and changing firmware. Also here there is a detailed instruction manual, where there are descriptions in Russian.


istick pico kit 75 w

The Istick Pico 75W has a thoughtful OLED display, from which it is convenient to read information not only in the dark, but also in bright sunlight. The display shows the voltage, battery, temperature. If necessary, the display can be completely disabled. There is also a 180 degree flip function.


The electronic cigarette is supplemented by the new Eleam 3 Melo. Istick Pico 75W thanks to this gets a more stylish exterior design and acquires a solid functionality. The element is made of metal and glass. The cliromizer has a fully collapsible design. If necessary, you can replace its connector or glass.

The main feature of the Eleaf 3 Melo is the liquid filling through the top. For this purpose, the lid is removed, after which the fragrant substance fills the tank, draining over the walls. There is no need to detach the element from the housing of the electronic cigarette.

Another point is the presence of invisible holes for the eye, by which the force of the puffs is adjusted. They are hidden under a special ringlet. Its rotation leads to a decrease or an increase in thrust. There are no designations. For this reason, you have to adjust the parameter, focusing on your own feelings.


istick pico 75 w tc

The Istick Pico 75W has a 18650 battery that can be easily removed from the device. The manufacturer of the electronic cigarette advises using batteries with a current strength of 25 amperes. These elements are installed in a special spring-loaded compartment that contains a positive contact made of brass.

A USB port can be used to charge the battery. The system can also be connected to the network using a standard plug-in device. The manufacturer did not claim the operation of the electronic cigarette during charging. Therefore, do not resort to such actions, so as not to risk again.

It should be noted that the rechargeable battery does not come with the Istick Pico 75W.You must purchase the submitted item separately. Selecting the battery is recommended, based on the desired battery life of the system.

System protection

The electronic cigarette Istick Pico 75W is protected from the following:

  • Short-circuit.
  • Card overheating.
  • Voltage drops when charging the battery.
  • Evaporator overheating.
  • Excessive recharge.
  • Gas concentrations in the middle of the device.

Istick Pico 75W: firmware

eleaf istick pico 75 w tc

The device supports an updated firmware, during which new functions are added and errors in the work of the device are eliminated. For these purposes, the electronic system is connected to the computer via a USB-cable, which is included. Firmware downloads are downloaded directly from the manufacturer's website.

At the moment, the most recent changes are version 1.03.This firmware adds the following improvements to the operation of the Istick Pico 75W system:

  • The display shows the number of puffs performed.
  • The user becomes available information about the time spent on tightening.
  • According to the request of the fans of the device, the firmware returns the original form of the interface that was presented in the base model.

Instruction manual

To turn on the electronic cigarette Istick Pico 75W, you need to press the button five times, which is responsible for the power supply. The system automatically starts up if a battery is attached to the case. To turn off the device, repeat the above steps.

Go to the menu by pressing the power key 3 times. Buttons "plus" and "minus" allow you to change the functions of the device and switch between the individual modes of operation. To confirm the desired option, press the power key again.

The model also provides for the possibility of locking. For this, the "plus" and "minus" buttons are simultaneously clamped for several seconds. Then Lock should appear on the display. You can unblock the system by repeating the operation.

Advantages of

eleaf istick pico 75 w melo

Eleaf Istick Pico 75W has a number of advantages. Among these is worth noting:

  • Compact size and light weight.
  • Enough high power.
  • Quality assembly.
  • Absolute safety of operation.
  • Fine adjustment of temperature conditions.
  • Ability to install individual firmware.

Disadvantages of

The comparative disadvantage of the Eleaf Istick Pico 75W electronic cigarette is the somewhat unusual arrangement of the buttons for control. In addition, not all liquid tanks can be installed on the device. However, such shortcomings do not look so significant after a long acquaintance with the operation of the system.

In conclusion

As you can see, the electronic cigarette Eleaf Istick Pico 75W TC looks like a pretty good option for beginners. Pleases here the presence of a wide range of colors, intuitive control, the ability to update firmware. Obvious advantages are also protection of the device from overheating, voltage surges, short circuits. In general, the device does not disappoint people who are just getting acquainted with the culture of wapping.