The young lady is soft and other types of plants: a description and application in folk medicine

The mattress soft is a perennial grass, reaching a height of 125 centimeters. Its stems are branched, slightly ascending and 4-faceted. Leaves are collected at 6-8 in whorls. They have a linear-oblong form, pointed, up to 2 centimeters long and 2.5 to 4 millimeters wide. Their inflorescence takes the form of a sprawling panicle. White flowers on short pedicels have a width of up to three millimeters. The mattress soft blooms throughout the summer.

bedstraw soft


grows The grass grows in the European part of the Arctic, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, in the western part of Siberia. The mattress soft prefers meadows, pine and occasionally oak edges, stony slopes, shores of lakes and rivers, and roads.
In folk medicine use flowers, leaves and stems of grass.

Composition of

In the rhizomes and aboveground part of the plant contains many useful substances. These are tannins, and coumarins, saponins, steroidal, purpurin and pseudopurpurin, rubyadin and rubidinum rubidin, molluscs, various acids, flavonoids and many other microelements.

Thanks to its rich composition, the plant is considered very useful for the body.

Kinds of the lady's

medicinal properties and contraindications

The mattress is soft, the description of which we have examined is only one of the plant species. But other varieties of this herb are also known. Let us consider briefly each of them.

Ordinary is a tall plant with small linear leaves. Its flowers have a gentle golden hue. They are at the ends of shoots in large numbers. The flowering time is from the end of June to the end of summer. It contains many essential oils, tannins, acids and flavonoids.

The first lady is another known species of this plant. Has a branchy straight stem, yellow flowers and spreads a very pleasant honey aroma. You can meet a real lady on a hayfield, for example. He likes nutritious good soil, where he grows in large quantities. However, despite its delicate aroma, the taste of the plant is bitter and slightly astringent.

The sweetheart is fragrant - a beautiful grass that reaches a height of 65 centimeters. Inflorescences consist of fragrant flowers, have the form of half-zonths with a diameter of not more than seven centimeters. The plant begins to bloom in the middle of spring and continues to emit flavors throughout the summer. Also this very young lady has a very rich composition. The therapeutic properties and contraindications of it should be studied in detail before starting to use. In folk medicine, the plant is used in the treatment of many ailments.

Scrounger is considered a harmful species. Its stems have small denticles, due to which it is convenient for him to climb the straws. White flowers are located in the rare semi-zonthies. However, it is widely used in the treatment of diseases. So, juice of a grass drink from a cancer, dropsy, at illnesses of a liver and a struma. This is an excellent diuretic, which also helps with skin diseases.

The northern matron prefers to grow on forest meadows, marshy margins and stony placers. He has white beautiful flowers, and leaves, like other species, are collected in whorls. In folk medicine, any mattress is used.

Therapeutic properties and contraindications

bedstraw soft description

The herb is used for medicinal purposes not only in Russia. It is also used in Ukraine, in Belarus. It is also known in France, as well as in other countries.
The plant has spasmolytic, sedative, astringent effect. Folk healers often recommend it for heart disease, hypertension, osteralgia, kidney pathologies and female ailments. The matron soft has proved his effectiveness many times, when a positive result was achieved with cancer tumors, scurvy, scrofululosis, as well as gout, epilepsy and gastrointestinal diseases. It is noteworthy that in various localities its medicinal properties are known and used in its own way.

Given the strong effect of plants, do not forget about caution in treatment. So, infusions and tea from the grass is not recommended for pregnant women and children. The lady has properties to thicken the blood and is poisonous. Therefore, you should carefully monitor the dosage.

Application of

The mattress soft application has a different. It is consumed inside, making juice. One tablespoon is drunk four times a day for gout and epilepsy. Also, the grass is included in the phytosbores, from which tea is made and the diseases of the stomach are treated. Tincture rub, for example, sick hands. Decoction treats the heart, and baths with the addition of infusion provide a sedative effect, which is very useful for too excited children. bedstraw soft application

Here is a simple recipe for cooking infusion: three tablespoons of grass, previously shredded, add in 500 milliliters of boiling water and insist for an hour, covering the pan with a lid. Then it should be filtered and taken at 100 milliliters four times a day.