Balot's Balm: application and composition

Academician Bolotov had his own idea about the treatment of many diseases, especially those that are called incurable. For many years he was engaged in such sciences as chemistry, biology and physics. Official medicine today shows more and more "misfires," while the popular medicine, on the contrary, is gaining popularity. Such famous scientists as Bolotov, Neumyvakin and others, open medicine to us from the other side.

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Despite the fact that among the supporters of traditional methods of treatment, many facts remain unrecognized, people often use non-traditional methods. In the article, we will talk about such a remedy as Bolotov's balm. He occasionally even indignant doctors. But people have the right to choose how they should heal their bodies.

Royal vodka

The mention of this product is first encountered in the Middle Ages, in the fourteenth century. And before that, many alchemists tried to get her prescription, mixing ammonia, vitriol and other substances. Hydrochloric acid was not invented at that time. But the goal was to formulate a solvent that could affect noble metals. They became the created royal vodka. It was able to dissolve even elements of gold, considered at that time indestructible.

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Composition of

So, royal vodka is an acid that is formed from two acids in high concentration. Three parts of nitric acid were added with one part of hydrochloric acid. Sometimes it was mixed with sulfuric acid. The result was a liquid of transparent color, which gradually acquired a yellow-orange hue. At the same time, a distinct smell of chlorine and nitrogen dioxide was released. And such a pair is dangerous for humans. The product was categorically forbidden to use inside.

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Today it is used for sterility and separation of metals. And in the Middle Ages, liquid was used for torture. Based on the royal vodka today, developed alcoholic beverages. Among them, vodka Tsarskaya and Tsarskoye Selo is known. The latter belongs to the category of premium class.

Balm Bolotova

The scientist has developed 5 rules on which the principles of a healthy life are based. These include:

  • multiplying the number of young cells in the body;
  • conversion to slag salts;
  • excretion of salts;
  • fight against harmful microorganisms;
  • recovery of internal organs.

Bolotov balm, which he developed on the basis of tsar's vodka, will help achieve the above goals. People doubt the usefulness of the means, based on its composition. How can sulfuric, hydrochloric and nitric acids have a positive effect on the state of the body? However, the whole point is concentration.

balsam balsam

Today Bolotov's balm is used not only for treatment, but also as a preventive agent. In some cases, it is able to cure serious diseases, as well as significantly strengthen immunity. For example, the drug neutralizes harmful substances that accumulate during sleep. Therefore, his morning reception will help a person find cheerfulness for the whole subsequent day.

Application of

Consider the most common goals of taking this medication internally:

  • The creation of pepsins( special gastric juice enzymes) is stimulated.
  • Low secretion of gastric juice and zero acidity come to normal.
  • Blood is diluted.
  • Increased sugar content comes back to normal, and the vessels are cleaned of fatty acids.
  • The body rejuvenates.
  • Old and diseased cells are split.
  • Pass heartburn, ulcer, hemorrhoids, gastritis, herpes and other diseases.
  • Immunity is strengthened.
  • The work of the GIT system is normalized.
  • Plaques in the vessels are split.
  • Free radicals are neutralized.
  • Prevent diseases such as atherosclerosis of the vessels, heart attack, stroke, arrhythmia.
  • In addition, the venom of the protein that forms with AIDS is neutralized, and various types of cancer cells are cleaved.

Recipe for

The product is purchased in ready-made form. However, they do it on their own. Consider how Bolotov's balm is prepared. The recipe should be executed exactly. Otherwise, it will not only not show its medicinal properties, but it can also harm the body.


For one liter of water add:

  • 100 milliliters of 6% grape vinegar;
  • from one to two small spoons of 98% sulfuric acid;
  • from one to two small spoons of 36% hydrochloric acid;
  • four tablets of nitroglycerin.

Ingredients are added in this order and mixed thoroughly.

How to take

Take one to two small spoons three times daily before meals or dissolve in tea, compote or coffee after a meal. At the same time for treatment of a serious disease there is a minimal dose. And the maximum can be two large spoons, which take four times a day. King's balm Bolotov is useful to drink and immediately after sleep.

Admission begins with a minimal dose. Each week, add one small spoon. If there is an exacerbation of the disease, then on that day the remedy is not drunk, and the next one is resumed at the dose that was the previous week. Do not be afraid of exacerbations of the disease. This just indicates that the body is cleansed and heals. After exacerbations comes a complete relief from chronic diseases. They will manifest themselves in an easier form.

Balm with gangrene

Gangrene develops with burns, injuries and frostbite. It also occurs in vascular diseases, endarteritis and diabetes. In most cases, gangrene amputates limbs.

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According to the scientist, such consequences can be avoided if taking higher doses of balsam. The course of treatment is from two weeks to a month. Daily drink from three to six times a day for 30-50 ml of the drug. Then gangrene will stop. This fact was called the phenomenon of Bolotovs No. 27.It develops with a shift in the balance of cell production and their dissolution.

It turns out that some number of cells die. As much as they are dissolved in the body. But with gangrene, the dissolving cells are less than the dying off. Therefore, there is a violation of balance, when the balm Bolotova - "Royal Vodka" is applied.

It should be emphasized that the drug promotes the dissolution of only dead cells. On living it does not work. That is why the gangrene process stops. This phenomenon is valid for all types of the disease.

Balm Balm: Feedback from

There are heated discussions about the utility of the remedy. Some people are sure of positive influence and have already been treated for it. Others ridicule the scientist and ask: "Why did not he and his relatives get rejuvenated?" It is clear that serious studies should be conducted and it is officially proven whether Bolotov's balm is useful. Comments of doctors due to lack of information and research are mostly negative.

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But, on the other hand, there is an opinion that the goal for official medicine is not human health, but its morbid condition. Otherwise, where to go to the entire pharmacological industry, which receives a huge profit, and unscrupulous doctors who live by treating patients? Supporters of this position believe that this is the reason for the constant negative position of official medicine in relation to everything that can help to improve human health practically free of charge. Opinions can be many, but to folk remedies, as to medicines, one must be very cautious.