Vata for electronic cigarettes: which is better? How to replace cotton in an electronic cigarette?

In the 21st century, a healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular. People replace bad habits with those that are less dangerous to health, or even refuse them altogether. So, to replace the usual for us cigarettes came electronic. The birthplace of this invention is China. Such devices immediately became very popular. On this basis, cigarettes began to be modernized, and today the buyers have an incredibly huge choice not only of the types of devices and their configuration, but also the tastes and severity of the inhaled steam.

cotton for electronic cigarettes

Functional principle of the

The electronic cigarette functions very simply: a wick-saturated wick is installed inside the spiral. The spiral under the influence of current heats up and evaporates the liquid. A stream of cold air blows away steam, condensation and the occurrence of fog occur, which the person inhales.


The main parts of the electronic cigarette 2: atomizer and battery pack, which can be connected using a 510 connector, an ego-connector and a hybrid connector. The next part is the mouthpiece.

how to change cotton in electronic cigarettes

Atomizer can be maintenance-free, which after the end of its life is replaced with a new one, and serviced, the spiral and wick of which can be exchanged separately. As a rule, preference is given to the second type.

Varieties of serviced atomizer:

  • bakomayzer;
  • rake;
  • genesis;
  • is a universal cliromiser.

When choosing a serviced atomizer, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to learn how to replace the components. One of these details is the wick.

The wick for electronic cigarettes is used as a wick. In the first devices, silica was used, which was later replaced by low-resistance windings and cotton. Did you need cotton wool for electronic cigarettes? Which is better in composition and most suitable for hovering, you will learn from this article.

Criteria for evaluation of cotton wool

what is cotton wool for electronic cigarettes

  • Hygroscopicity.

Wadding for electronic cigarettes should have good hygroscopicity - the ability to absorb moisture.

The GOST term means that cotton wool has been chemically degreased. Hygroscopic cotton wool is degreased by boiling in a lye, bleached in chlorine and purified by sulfuric acid. Can be either sterilized or not. Usually, cotton wool refers to the first type, cosmetic - to the second.

You can independently check the degree of hygroscopicity of wool. It is necessary to make balls from different types of material and immerse in water: the one that drowns earlier, and has better absorbency.

  • Fibrous structure.

Wadding should not contain a lot of lumps, and when squeezing it should crunch.

The structure of the fiber depends mainly on the material used: silk, wool, cotton, wood, glass, flax, hemp, hemp.

In cotton wool, which is manufactured according to all quality standards, there are no short hairs, since cotton grades with long fibers are used for production. Short ones are removed during the cleaning process with air. Also quality cotton wool does not contain dust.

For serviced atomizers, it is very important to use cotton wool with the ability to both hold moisture and hold it. So, for example, flax quickly absorbs, but also quickly gives a liquid. Cotton absorbs more slowly, but delays water. Thus, it is more expedient to use mixed cotton wool made from several types of raw materials with different properties that will complement each other, which will help to achieve the best effect.

Types of cotton

Which cotton wool for electronic cigarettes is best for you? Today, there are many kinds of cotton that can be used for a wick, but not everyone will do.

what cotton wool to use for electronic cigarettes

Wadding for electronic cigarettes, bleached and sterilized, which can be found in pharmacies, by no means suitable. It goes through a process of sterilization and bleaching, which affects the taste.

The most popular are non-sterile cotton wool, cellulose and Japanese cotton. Let's try to understand in more details their features.

Non-Sterile Wool

Is the most suitable option, because for the wick to use unbleached and non-sterile cotton wool. The advantages of this cotton are affordable price, ubiquitous presence and good taste when smoking. However, cotton wool also has disadvantages: it does not conduct a liquid and burns quickly in the winding, for this reason there is a frequent replacement.


Is a natural product obtained from cotton seeds. A distinctive feature is the affordable cost. The advantage of cellulose is that it burns slower, so there is no need for frequent rewinding. In addition, it has good absorbability and fluid conductivity.

Japanese cotton

From the standpoint of merits, it is out of the competition: it absorbs liquid very well, burns many times slower than previous versions, and the shape of the plate makes it easy to cut the strip under the wick.

how to replace cotton in an electronic cigarette

What cotton wool to use for electronic cigarettes, it's up to you. In any case, all individually, and find the most suitable material for yourself can only be experienced. If none of the species could fully meet your needs, you should try cotton wool from mixed raw materials.

How to change cotton wool in electronic cigarettes

Replacing wool can seem to beginners extremely difficult process, but after the first replacement of the wick it will become the most that neither is simple.

Wools should not be touched by hands until the time comes to put it in the wick. Before this, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap, otherwise on cotton wool will remain fat skin discharge, which will provide an unpleasant aftertaste.

It is required to remove the top layer of cotton wool so that it is as airy as possible, then it is necessary to make a tourniquet along the fibers, insert it into the spiral so that it is completely filled, but so that the cotton wool for electronic cigarettes is stretched from side to side,any difficulties. Trim the extra tails.

cotton wool for electronic cigarettes which is better

This concludes our answer to the question of how to replace cotton in an electronic cigarette. The wick will last about a week, after which it will again need to be replaced.

In addition, the maintenance of the electronic cigarette will consist of washing the atomizer and pouring in the liquid for smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are easy to use, they do not need to spend a fortune, and they have a minimum of negative impact on health. This is the reason for their so high popularity.