The detachment of nails on the big toes: reasons and features of treatment

It is possible to count a considerable number of ailments, under which deformation of the nail plates is observed. Some of them are easy to get rid of, but not completely from others. One such problem is the detachment of the nails on the big toes. This unpleasant pathology can not only seriously frighten a person, but also negatively affect the overall health. Thus, onycholysis( exfoliation of the nail plate) is a pathological change in the cornified part of the thumb, at which it separates from the skin. It can be partial or complete. In this case, under the nail appears a void in which harmful bacteria can multiply.

The disease develops quite quickly. For example, for half a year the nail can exfoliate completely. Despite the fact that the first is affected is the thumb, the disease spreads further over time. Refusal of treatment can provoke complete loss of a nail plate, and without possibility of restoration.

Most often, the detachment of the nails on the big toes is diagnosed in men who do not always follow the health of the legs. Naturally, pathology must be treated. But first we need to establish the factors that provoked it.

Causes of development of

exfoliation of the nail on the big toe of the cause

If the nail flakes off on the big toe, the reasons can be as follows:

• Circulatory problems in the lower limbs.

• Allergic reaction.

• Fungal leg injury.

• Some chronic pathologies.

• Eczema or psoriasis.

• Acquired or hereditary diseases that are of a physical nature( in the acute phase).

• Traumatic injury of the finger.

• Infection of the finger, in the treatment of which incorrect methods were used.

• Abnormal nail growth.

• Use of uncomfortable shoes.

• Taking certain medications or chemicals.

Nail detachment on the big toe( the causes of the pathological process can be established only after diagnosis) is a serious problem. To delay with treatment of a pathology it is impossible.


exfoliation of the nail on the big toe of the cause

So, the presented disease has such signs:

1. Under the nail appears cavity in which air accumulates.

2. That part of the plate that has moved away becomes yellow, blue or acquires a brown tinge.

3. First, only the edge of the nail is separated, and then the process covers the entire cornified layer.

It should be noted that at the first stages of development the disease is not accompanied by pain. However, if the infection gets into the air cavity, considerable discomfort may appear: ulcers develop, pus is released, bleeding occurs.

Diagnostic features

Nail detachment on the large toes is necessary to treat, otherwise the consequences can be extremely unpleasant. However, you first need to find out the cause of the development of pathology.

Diagnosis of the disease is not difficult. If there was a finger injury, the patient should tell about it. In addition, the doctor externally examines the detached plate. If necessary, a bacteriological culture is conducted to determine the microflora in the void.

Features of proper nutrition

exfoliation of the nail on the big toe

Do you want your nails to be strong and healthy? Then eat fully. It is necessary to observe such rules:

• To have enough iron in the body, you can drink a decoction of sorrel, burdock or dandelion flowers.

• The lack of silicon can be replenished with bananas, salt, parsley and salad.

• If you lack magnesium, you must consume milk and meat.

• To ensure that the body receives a sufficient amount of calcium, you need to eat nuts, cabbage, cheese, sea kale, vegetable oil. It is advisable to use animal calcium, since it is easier to digest. You can get it by chopping the eggshell.

Features of traditional treatment

exfoliate the nail on the big toe of the cause

If the detachment of the nail on the big toe has begun, the treatment will be as follows:

1. If the plate departs due to a fungal lesion, then the drugs "Bifonazol", "Exoderil" are used for therapy. And these funds are not only local application - some of them are sold in tablets for oral administration. Combination treatment from the inside and from the outside will be more effective. Sufficiently good medicine is "Fukorcin".This means you can lubricate your nails up to 4 times a day. Then 3-5% oxytetracycline ointment is applied to the plates.

2. Infectious and fungal pathologies can be treated using a laser.

3. If the nail is exfoliated completely, its surgical removal is shown. In order to restore the horny layer, it is recommended to use a gelatin solution. Drink it will have at least 5 times a day, and the therapy itself lasts 3 months.

In order to prevent further spread of pathology, it is necessary to cut nails shortly once a week, try not to use cosmetic varnishes for a pedicure. In addition, you should change socks every day and use antiseptic means( if there are no contraindications).

Use of folk remedies

left the nail on the big toe what to do

If the nails on the legs move away from the skin, treatment can be performed not only with the help of medications. Useful and popular recipes:

• Olive or sea-buckthorn oil has a good effect. It should be simply rubbed into the nail plates every evening before going to bed.

• Warm baths with sea salt not only strengthen the nails, but also disinfect the cavity formed. However, we must take into account that the salt must be free of impurities. Follow the procedure should be 2 times a day for 90 days.

• Detachment of nails on the big toes can be treated with the help of trays with the addition of herbal decoctions. For preparation, take a large spoon of pre-chopped pine needles and chamomile. The mixture is steamed with boiling water, and then diluted with strong green tea( half).Next, you have to lower your toes in this liquid for half an hour.

• Gelatin baths. Dissolve half a teaspoon of gelatin in a glass of water and let it brew for half an hour. In order for the feed to completely dissolve, the liquid can be slightly heated. Next, lower the nails into the prepared mixture for 15 minutes. The procedure is repeated three times a week.

• It helps to eliminate the onycholysis of apple cider vinegar. It is necessary to mix it in equal quantities with water and use as a bath. Leave the legs in this mixture for 20 minutes, and repeat the procedure twice a day.

In any case, before you apply the funds, you need to consult a doctor.

Prevention of pathology

nails on the legs move away from the skin treatment

Many patients turn to doctors with the question: "The nail on the big toe has departed: what to do?"Naturally, such a disease must be treated. But it can also be prevented by following the following preventive measures:

1. It is better to buy comfortable shoes that are made of natural material.

2. Socks should always be clean, and do not use synthetic materials. It is better to give preference to cotton or linen products.

3. If the feet get wet, they should be wiped and dried as soon as possible.

4. If the finger was injured, it should be immediately tied up and consult a doctor.

5. When working with heavy objects, you must wear appropriate shoes: with a steel toe. This will protect you from getting injured.

6. If symptoms of a fungal or bacterial infection were observed, it is necessary to consult the doctor urgently, otherwise the whole family can suffer.

7. It is not permissible that the toe of shoes should press on the fingers.

8. After visiting public institutions for bathing or washing, it is necessary to wash your feet well with antibacterial soap and work your feet with antiseptic.

These simple rules will help to preserve the health of the nails and the entire body as a whole. Be healthy!