Pectic substances: properties and composition

Many people know that there is pectin in apples. It is a plant polysaccharide of complex structure, contained in various fruits. Today we want to talk about what properties pectic substances possess, and also how we can receive them. The largest number of them is found in fruits of citrus fruits, apples, apricots, plums and black currants. pectin substances

General description

Pectic substances are the most harmless and effective natural detoxicants. It helps to cleanse and protect the body, removing their toxins. And because of this, vegetables and fruits are called the main medics of the human body and the gift of the vegetable kingdom.

To date, pectic substances are exclusively natural compounds, which are designated as E 440. They are related to the class of consistency improvers. Stabilizers, thickeners and gellants - without them any production will arise. At the same time, numerous studies have established that pectin has no negative effect on the body. That is why its use is allowed in all countries of the world without any restrictions.

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What is famous for pectin substances

This is the main component of the plant cell, which regulates the elasticity of its walls, as well as the fullness of moisture. They provide the characteristic juiciness of fruits. Pectins are contained in the outer covers of fruits, in particular, the skin of apples. It is the squeezes from these fruits that are the main raw material for the production of pectin. properties of pectic substances

Basic properties of

In nature it is contained in an insoluble form. As we have said, there is not much point in trying to extract pectin at home. This requires industrial plants that will successfully extract pectin from the mash of apples, sugar beet pulp, and citrus peels. The properties of the pectic substances obtained in this production are somewhat different. Most often it is a powder, the color of which varies from almost white to beige, depending on the raw materials. A colloidal solution is formed in water.

There is also a pectin concentrate, which is an opaque viscous liquid. The smell will match the original raw material. The properties of pectic substances are used both in production and in the household:

  • The complexing ability of pectin to bind and remove heavy toxins. Thanks to this ability, pectin is recommended by the World Health Organization. Therapeutic daily dose of pectin - 15-16 g, and preventive - 4-5 g.
  • . Student-forming ability. It is widely used in the production of marmalade and marshmallow, jelly and pastille, as well as diet confiture and jams. Excellent fruit taste and aroma is preserved in the finished product due to the fact that pectic substances were used. The composition of such products is only natural and useful for the body, so you can safely give it to children.

pectin substance composition

We all need to measure

We already said that the main raw material for the production of pectin is the beet, apple or citrus pulp, so fiber. Pectin substances retain its natural properties. With excessive use, they lead to a decrease in the absorption of mineral substances, and also provoke fermentation in the large intestine. As a consequence, flatulence appears and the digestibility of the protein decreases.

However, you can not be afraid if you use natural sources. Nobody eats fruit and berries on several kilograms for one sitting, which means that there is no chance to harm the body. The content of pectic substances in the same apples is not so high and will only benefit. But with excessive entrainment with biologically active additives or industrial pectin in the form of a concentrate, an overdose of this substance can be achieved. cellulose pectin substances


Pectic substances are rich not only in apples. Among the leaders can be noted wild rose and plum. Pectin fibers are contained in beets and watermelons, as well as pineapples. About a peel of citrus too it is impossible to forget, knowingly it goes to such a large number of recipes. But in most cases, as sources, apples or beets are used as sources. This is a cheap product, which can be obtained in large quantities during the season.

100 g of beets, currants or apples account for 1.1 g of pectin. Plum, apricot and peach will give approximately 0.9 g, and oranges, pear, raspberries - 0.5 grams. This substance has a positive effect on the body, and to make up for its deficiency, it is enough to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and alsoharvesting for the winter. At excess weight and strong intoxication physicians recommend to include in a ration at least 25 g pectin daily. This will cleanse the body and normalize weight. content of pectin substances


First and foremost is the food industry. Pectin is used as a beverage stabilizer, thickener fillings for cakes and sweets, or an emulsifier for the production of mayonnaises and margarines. In bakery production it is added as a quality improver. It is an ideal stabilizer for fruit yogurt and ice cream, safe and natural. Widely used pectin in the production of canned food as a bactericide.


We have already touched on this topic a little. Pectin is extremely useful for our health, so its sources should be on the table every day. It is used to treat wounds, helps maximize the absorption of nutrients. This is important for expectant mothers and people weakened after a serious illness. Regular and sufficient use of pectin treats diarrhea and constipation, favorably affects the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. There are experimentally proven data that pectin reduces cholesterol. Thanks to this, he becomes an assistant for the elderly.

In modern practice, pectin is prescribed as a remedy for radiation sickness, as well as for the treatment of various intoxications. It is extremely effective in the treatment of digestive and joint diseases and joints. pectic substances are rich

On guard of beauty

Pectin helps to maintain human health from the inside, but the beauty industry has taken its properties and for the production of external means for skin and hair care. Widely used it as a germicide. But this is not all. Pectin is used to eliminate the peeling and cracking of dry skin. Very often, this component can be found in a series of lifting creams.

It is possible and in home masks to add a little pectin to achieve a similar result. To prepare a conditioner for hair, you can take the egg yolk and liquid concentrate, mix them together and apply to clean hair for 15-20 minutes, then rinse. For the skin an excellent option will be a puree of fresh apple with honey and pectin concentrate. Apply as a mask and leave for 20 minutes.

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conclusion As you can see, pectic substances are very useful for our body. This food is a source of health for the digestive tract, a natural antioxidant and even a medicine. Therefore, it is worth taking care that there are enough pectin sources in the diet. If in the winter time they are sorely lacking, then it can be replaced with concentrates. It's not exactly the same, but it's much better than nothing.