The drug "Aminazine": reviews of doctors, instructions for use, composition and description

Antipsychotic drugs are psychotropic drugs that are designed to treat psychotic disorders. It should be specially noted that the traditional name for such drugs is neuroleptics. These medications can effectively affect such symptoms as delusions, illusions, hallucinations, thinking disorders, psychotic agitation, behavioral disorders, etc. Only an experienced doctor can prescribe such medications. aminazine reviews

The most popular antipsychotic drug is the drug "Aminazine".Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs, contraindications and indications of the medication are presented below.

Composition, Description, Form

What form is inherent in the drug "Aminazine"?The instruction, the reviews report that this drug goes on sale in the form of a brown-pink dragee, as well as a solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection. The active substance of these agents is chlorpromazine hydrochloride. Also, depending on the form of release, their composition includes various auxiliary elements. What is remarkable about the drug "Aminazine"?Instructions for use, reviews indicate that this is an antipsychotic agent, which in its pharmacological group refers to neuroleptics. It has antihypertensive, antiemetic and antihistamine action.

The active ingredient of this drug is a phenothiazine derivative. In addition to these properties, this medication has sedative, mild hypothermic, antipsychotic, local irritant, vasodilating and moderately M-cholinoblocking effects.

Antipsychotic action of this agent is achieved due to blockade of dopamine D2 receptors of mesolimbic and mesocortical systems. Thanks to such properties, the drug in question can eliminate hallucinations, delusions and other productive symptoms of psychosis.

It should also be noted that "Aminazine", the reviews of which are given below, suppresses a variety of types of psychomotor agitation, reduces the severity of aggression and psychotic fear.

The sedative effect of this drug is achieved through the blockade of adrenoreceptors of the reticular pharmacy that are located in the brainstem. aminazine instructions reviews

Properties of the drug

What are the properties of the drug "Aminazine"?The reviews report that this drug has a depressing effect on conditioned reflex work, relaxes skeletal muscle, reduces spontaneity of motor activity, reduces sensitivity to endogenous and exogenous stimuli in a stable consciousness. The use of large doses of this drug causes severe drowsiness.

Blockade of the vagus nerve in the gastrointestinal tract and dopamine D2 receptors located in the trigger zone and vomiting center, provides antiemetic effect of the drug. It should also be noted that this agent has a weak effect on M-holinoretseptory. In addition, its pronounced effect is noted for alpha-adrenergic receptors.

Action of medication

How does the drug "Aminazine" work? Reviews say that this tool is able to completely eliminate the effects that were caused by epinephrine. Its hypothermic effect is due to the blockade of dopamine receptors that are located in the hypothalamus.

This drug reduces blood pressure, increases heart rate, has a weak antihistamine effect and a pronounced cataleptogenic effect, and also reduces the permeability of the walls of the capillaries.

With intramuscular administration, this medication causes sedation within ¼ hours, and with oral administration - after 120 minutes. Tolerance of the patient to sedative and hypotensive effects develops after about one week.

When taking this medication inside it, the antipsychotic properties manifest themselves on the 4th or 7th day. The therapeutic effect of this drug lasts about 2-6 months. aminazine user manual

Pharmacokinetics of the drug

Is "Aminazine" absorbed? The reviews say that when taken orally, chlorpromazine is quickly, but not completely absorbed from the digestive system. Its peak concentration in the blood is reached after 4 hours.

This drug undergoes the first passage through the liver. Therefore, its concentration in the blood after ingestion is much less than the concentration after intramuscular injection.

This drug is metabolized in the liver with the formation of inactive and active derivatives.

Chlorpromazine has a high bond with plasma proteins. It is widely distributed in the patient's body, penetrating through the BBB.

The half-life of the active substance of this drug is approximately 30 minutes. At the same time, the elimination of its derivatives may be more prolonged.

This medication is indicated together with urine and bile.

The drug "Aminazine": indications for use

Reviews report that this drug is actively used in psychiatric practice. He is prescribed for therapy of psychomotor agitation in a person with schizophrenia. Also, this drug is used for chronic psychosis, acute delusional states, hypomaniacal arousal, insomnia, psychopathy, mental illness, anxiety, fear and anxiety.

In addition to these conditions, indications for the use of this medication are: persistent hiccups, alcoholic psychosis, indomitable vomiting and severe nausea. In the presence of pain syndrome, this drug enhances the action of analgesics.

aminazine tablets reviews

It should also be noted that the agent in question is prescribed for diseases that are accompanied by increased muscle tone, tetanus( as a combination therapy with barbiturates) and after the disorders in the cerebral circulation.

Not so long ago this drug was used for artificial hypothermia in the composition of lytic mixtures. In anesthesiology, this medication is often prescribed for premedication and potentiation of general anesthesia.

In dermatological practice, "Aminazine"( reviews of patients about this drug are mostly positive) is used for itching dermatoses. In addition, it can be used in the treatment of acute porphyria.


In what cases is the antipsychotic drug "Aminazine" not prescribed? The doctors' comments report that this remedy is not used for comatose conditions of any origin, as well as with severe oppression of the nervous system, severe cardiac and vascular pathology, intolerance of the active substance, progressive diseases of the brain and spinal cord of a systemic nature, ulcerative gastrointestinal lesions and during the thoracicfeeding.

Because of the high risk of developing hepatotoxic reactions, this drug is prescribed with extreme caution in alcoholism. The same applies to breast cancer, pathological changes in the blood, hyperplasia of the prostate gland, zakratougolnoy form of glaucoma, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, myxedema, vomiting, cachexia, Reye's syndrome and the elderly.

Preparation "Aminazine": instructions for use

Tablets, which are described below, are used in psychiatric practice in the initial daily dosage of 25-100 mg. This amount is divided into 1-4 admission. Over time, the dose is increased every four days by 25 or 50 mg until the desired effect is achieved.

In case of anxiety conditions before the operation, this preparation is drunk for 2-3 hours. aminazine patient reviews

The maximum single dose of this agent is 300 mg and the daily dosage is 1.5 g.

As for the solution, it is administered intravenously or intramuscularly. The initial dosage of this medication is 25-50 mg.

Before the introduction of the drug, dilute it with 2-5 ml of a solution of sodium chloride or a solution of procaine. The injections are done intramuscularly.

The maximum single dose of this agent is 150 mg and the daily dosage is 1 g. As for intravenous administration, these values ​​correspond to 100 and 250 mg.

Adverse effects of

Does side effects of "Aminazine"( tablets) cause? The reviews indicate that during the first stages of treatment, this medication can trigger dry mouth, paresis of accommodation, frigidity, increased drowsiness, constipation, sleep disorder, dizziness, anorexia, tachycardia, severe orthostatic hypotension, urinary retention, decreased potency, allergy and fallblood pressure.

Prolonged therapy with this drug causes seizures of neck and tongue muscles, neuroleptic depression, akineto-rigidity phenomena, extrapyramidal disorders, amenorrhea, akathisia, delayed response to various stimuli, hypercoagulation, vomiting, mental changes, heart rhythm disturbances, skin pigmentation, bone marrow suppressionhemopoiesis, gynecomastia, cholestatic jaundice, galactorrhea, hyperplotinemia, oliguria, diarrhea and malignant neuroleptic syndrome. With intravenous infusion, phlebitis form, and intramuscular infiltrates.

aminazine instruction on the use of pills reviews

Special recommendations

Therapy with this drug requires careful monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, kidney and liver function.

This drug may cause photosensitization, and therefore it is recommended to avoid irradiation during its administration.

Analogues and cost of

The price of this medicine depends on its form of release. A package of 10 ampoules can be purchased for 60 rubles, and a similar number of tablets costs about 150 rubles.

The analogues of this medicine include "Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride" and "Tizercin".


According to the specialists, this medication has a powerful antipsychotic effect, eliminating all signs of psychomotor agitation. However, it should be noted that reviews about this tool are of a different nature.

Some patients claim that this drug is effective in Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, psychosis, epilepsy, and also alleviates anxiety and stress. Other consumers believe that the drug in question provokes the development of epileptic seizures, trembling of the hands, various personality disorders and a state of increased drowsiness. aminazin instructions for use price comparison reviews analogues

In any case, this remedy should only be used for the intended purpose and under the supervision of the treating doctor.