Chickenpox( quarantine): how many days are there in kindergarten and school?

Chickenpox or chicken pox is a highly contagious disease that spreads by airborne droplets. Especially the risk of getting infected in places of mass congestion is great. This infection first of all affects children and adults, who in childhood did not have chickenpox. This disease is traditionally considered childish. Usually it becomes infected in schools, gardens and hospitals. In this review, we will consider how to properly organize quarantine for chicken pox.

Main activities of

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As a rule, the virus is transmitted by airborne droplets from the patient to a healthy person. As a result of getting into the mouth and mucous membrane of the nose of an uninfected baby, the infection immediately gets into the blood and spreads throughout the body. While the pathogen does not accumulate in the tissues in the right amount, it will not manifest itself in any way. This period can last from 1 to 3 weeks.

So, how to organize a quarantine for chickenpox? How many days does it last? The main goal of

this event is to prevent further spread of the infection. Quarantine is carried out if one of the groups has been diagnosed with a case of chicken pox. All actions are conducted in accordance with SanPiN.The examination of children in this situation should be carried out by medical personnel every day. During the quarantine, all classes are conducted with the children in the same room. In addition, in a room twice a day must be wet cleaning. Effectively removes the chickenpox virus and ultraviolet light. That is why quarantine of premises is carried out several times during quarantine. The dishes, furniture and toys are treated every day with a special disinfecting compound. Airing of premises is carried out twice a day.


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is announced If a group of children infected with chickenpox is found in a group, quarantine in a chicken pox is declared. How many days does it last? First of all, the information about the ill is transferred to a children's hospital. The district doctor examines the child. If the diagnosis is confirmed, information about the case of infection is transmitted to the SES, which in turn prepares a quarantine order in the institution.

Will the kindergarten be closed for the period of quarantine?

What is waiting for the institution in which chicken pox was found? Quarantine - how many days are there in kindergarten? First of all, it is necessary to say that the institution does not close and continues to work, but with a number of restrictions.

Quarantine duration

Many parents are worried about quarantine after chickenpox. How many days does it last? As a rule, in gardens and schools it lasts three weeks. This is the duration of the maximum incubation period of chicken pox. If after the completion of the quarantine the case of the disease is found again, it can be increased.

Should I lead a child into the garden?

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Not every parent has an opportunity to leave the child at home. How many days can quarantine for chickenpox last? If at the time of detection of an infection case your child has not attended a children's institution, staff will most likely recommend you stay at home. This will help to avoid further spread of the disease. If there is no possibility to leave the child at home, you can ask the manager to temporarily transfer the child to another group. If the parents decided to take the baby to the kindergarten, they will be asked to write a receipt of the relevant content.

Sometimes there are also not quite standard situations. For example, a child could interact with a patient outside the kindergarten. In this case, he can visit a children's institution for the first 10 days from the incident. From 11 days until full recovery, he should be at home.

Vaccinations during quarantine

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There are many more restrictions that quarantine brings with chickenpox. How many days will the special regime work for the child in the kindergarten? Often parents are faced with a difficult choice: is it worth it to vaccinate against chickenpox during quarantine? Is it possible to do Mantoux reaction during this period of time? According to medical workers, there are no contraindications to vaccination against varicella during quarantine. The best drug for injection in this case will be the vaccine "Varilrix".It can be administered to prevent disease. As for other vaccinations and Mantoux, they can be done only after the quarantine is completed in the garden.

Precaution will not prevent

Suppose a chickenpox was found in the group that your child visits. How many days in the kindergarten will the quarantine last? If for some reason you have to give the baby to the group in which the incubation period has been introduced, you should remember about precautions. They will help protect children from infection.

Some recommendations:

  1. It is recommended for children to visit the band in a gauze dressing.
  2. Physical culture and music classes are held only in one room.
  3. The quarantine group goes to the street through a separate exit and walks only in a specially designated area.
  4. Upon returning home, the child must wash and disinfect his hands.
  5. Homes for prevention should be carefully processed all surfaces.
  6. Parents should examine the child every day and monitor his state of health. If you suspect that the baby is sick, you need to call a doctor at home.

Quarantine facilities: who should not visit?

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Suppose, in the kindergarten or school, which your child attends, they introduced quarantine for chickenpox. How many days will there be a special regime? Who should not go to quarantine facilities? Doctors do not recommend to appear in institutions where quarantine is declared, to pregnant women, children under the age of one year, and to elderly people. If you exclude visits to the institution for some reason is impossible, it is necessary to wear a gauze bandage.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, at school or kindergarten there is no need to enter quarantine for chicken pox. At an early age, this disease occurs easily. So it is better to just give the child an illness in a natural way. If it is a question of such institutions of social sphere, as a maternity hospital or a hospital, then quarantine is simply necessary. However, despite all the recommendations made, many parents, when in the children's educational institution that their child visits, they enter quarantine for chicken pox, prefer to leave the child at home. If there is still no possibility to leave the child, then they ask the head of the institution to temporarily transfer the baby to another group. However, such measures are not always justified.


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Varicella is an unpleasant and extremely contagious disease. But it is better for them after all to have an illness in childhood. In this review, we examined when quarantine for chickenpox is announced, how many days it lasts, and what other measures are taken to prevent the spread of the disease.