"Keyver" preparation: instructions for use( injections)

If the pain can not be removed by oral administration of the drug, then a solution for injection "Keiver" is used. Instructions for the use of shots advises to do with pain syndrome of medium and high severity. This may be the patient's postoperative state, renal colic or lumbar pain.

Composition and form of the preparation

In 1 ml of the solution for injection is 25 mg of the active substance - dexketoprofen. To the auxiliary ingredients of the substance are ethanol in the amount of 96%, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide and water for injection.

The drug is a clear, colorless liquid. Packed in glass ampoules, which are enclosed in a cardboard box of 5-10 pieces. Each ampoule contains 2 ml of the medicine "Keyver".

The Instruction for the application of the injections refers to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic drugs, which are derivatives of propionic acid.

Pharmacological properties of

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Dexketoprofen trometamol( active substance of this preparation) is a salt of propionic acid. Characterized by analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Refers to a class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs.

The mechanism of work is aimed at reducing the synthesis of prostaglandins as a result of inhibition of cyclooxygenase. That is, the conversion of arachidonic acid to PGG2 and PGH2 endo-peroxides is of a cyclic nature. Of these, in turn, prostaglandins PGEi, PGE2, PGF2a, PGD2 are formed, including a substance such as prostacyclin PGI2, as well as thromboxanes TxAg and TxBg. The suppression of the synthesis of prostaglandins affects the impulses of the inflammatory process, for example, on kinins that affect the basic functions of the drug. The overwhelming effect of dexketoprofen on the activity of cyclooxygenase-1, cyclooxygenase-2 was revealed.

Clinical trials have established the analgesic effect of the drug at different degrees of pain syndrome. His analgesic properties were found by injecting the solution inside. An analysis was made of the intensive impact on pain during postoperative intervention. These are orthopedic and gynecological surgical manipulations, as well as operations on the abdominal cavity. Use with a different degree of pain in the spine drug "Keiver".Instructions for the use of shots recommends doing and with renal colic.

Studies have shown that a medical device acts instantaneously, and its maximum effectiveness is manifested for forty-five minutes. The analgesic effect on the body lasts about eight hours, but only if at least 50 mg of "Keyver"( injections) have been injected. Description, indications for the drug - all this is very important to study before using it.

With intramuscular administration of dexketoprofen trometamol, the highest concentration is observed in about twenty minutes. Has a high degree of connection of plasma proteins - 99%.The spread of dexketoprofen varies in the region of 0.25 l / kg. The half-distribution period is 0.35 hours. Displays after 1-2.7 hours.

Indications for use of

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Medication should be administered intramuscularly or intravenously with acute pain syndrome of medium and high intensity KAWER.Instructions for the use of shots advise to do only if oral therapy does not help. It is advisable to use them after surgical intervention, with the appearance of renal colic and severe pain in the lumbar region.

Contraindications to use

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Has a medicine "Keiver"( nyxes) indications and contraindications. The second include:

  • hypersensitivity to the active substance of dexketoprofen and to additional components of the solution;
  • asthma attacks and bronchial spasms;
  • acute rhinitis, nasal polyps, hives, angioedema;
  • ulcer and bleeding;
  • gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis;
  • bronchial asthma in history;
  • heart failure;
  • kidney diseases of moderate and severe severity;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • severe liver disease;
  • use for neuraxial( intrathecal or epidural) administration;
  • pregnancy, especially III trimester;
  • lactation period.

Do not discount any of these factors in the appointment of the drug "Keiver"( nyxes).Instructions for use describe all the features of the correct use of this drug.

The drug is not prescribed to small patients due to the lack of knowledge of its effect on the child's body. With caution should take it to the elderly.

Preparation "Keiver"( nyxes): instruction for use

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For adults, the recommended dose of administration is 50 mg. The interval between injections should be at least 8-12 hours. If necessary, a second injection is carried out after six hours. The daily dose is 150 mg. The drug is used for one-time relief of acute pain. It is not used for more than two days in a row. After the initial pain relief, if the situation permits, the patient is transferred to oral painkillers.

Side effects on the body are reduced by introducing the minimum allowable dose. After the operation with painful sensations of strong and moderate severity, the drug is used strictly according to indications. Possible compatibility of the drug with opioid analgesics.

To people of advanced age do not adjust the dose. But since the metabolic processes in the kidneys in the elderly are slowing down, it is still recommended to reduce the dosage. The maximum permitted dose with a minor disruption of the kidneys is 50 mg.

Patients with ailments of the liver( 5-9 points on the Child-Pugh scale) daily dose reduced to 50 mg. After the administration of the drug in the body, the work of this organ is closely monitored. At a more severe stage of liver disease, the drug is not prescribed( 10-15 points on the Child-Pugh scale).

For mild kidney disease( creatinine clearance is 50-80 ml / min.), The daily norm should not exceed 50 mg. With an average or severe degree of renal dysfunction, in which creatinine clearance is & lt;50 ml / min, the drug is strictly prohibited.

Solution for injection is administered as an intramuscular or intravenous route. With intramuscular manipulation, enter slowly and deeply enough "Keiver"( injections).

How to dilute the drug for intravenous infusion

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Liquid in an ampoule of 2 ml for introduction into a vein should be diluted. To the contents of the ampoule, add 30-100 ml of 0.9% sodium chloride, glucose or lactated Ringer's solution. The liquid for intravenous injection is prepared under sterile conditions. The prepared substance must be absolutely transparent and not have any impurities. Infusion is carried out for ten to thirty minutes. Do not allow daylight sunlight to enter the solution both during its preparation and during the administration of the drug.

"Keiver"( injections in ampoules) instruction recommends for combining with narcotic drugs to breed. To do this, add 100 ml of 0.9% sodium chloride to the ampoule of 2 ml. If necessary, the drug can be diluted with glucose in the same ratio.

It is forbidden to combine Prometazin and Pentazocine in the solution for injections with Kever( injections).

How to use the medicine with bolus injection? To this end, a 2 ml solution is not diluted for infusion. Pour in quickly, for fifteen seconds. This time of administration should not be reduced. In small doses, a combination of "Keiver" with such injectable liquids as "Heparin", "Lidocaine", "Morphine" and "Theophylline" is allowed.

It is not necessary to mix injection liquid with small doses of "Dopamine", "Promethazine", "Pentazocine", "Petidin" and "Hydrocortisone".This is recommended because of the risk of a white precipitate, which is highly undesirable during the procedure.

The drug is not subject to even a second storage and should be administered immediately after sampling from a glass ampoule. The solution should also be used immediately after mixing all the necessary medicines. The responsibility for the correctness of the procedure is completely borne by the health care provider.

Injection solution after cooking keeps all properties unchanged throughout the day. This condition is feasible if the prepared preparation is completely protected from daylight, and the temperature regime does not exceed 25 ° C.

The ampoule "Keiver" is designed for a single injection. Residues of the solution are immediately disposed of. Immediately before infusion, make sure that the solution is clear and has no color. If any solid particles are present, the medicine should not be used.

Side effects of exposure to

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There may be a number of side effects after the administration of the "Keyver"( injections).The instruction includes information that quite often there are such phenomena as nausea and vomiting. There is pain in the injection site, bleeding, inflammation and hematoma. Sometimes there is anemia and insomnia, dizziness, drowsiness and headache. Rarely recorded fever and increased fatigue, visual impairment, chills. There were pain in the abdomen, dyspepsia. After a nyxis, diarrhea or constipation sometimes occurs, vomiting with an admixture of blood. Excessive dryness of the oral cavity was noticed. Some patients were disturbed by dermatitis, itching, rashes and excessive sweating.

In rare cases, hyperglycemia, hypertriglyceridemia and anorexia are noted. There was paresthesia and unconsciousness. Disturbed patients had ringing in the ears, extrasystole and tachycardia. In rare cases, symptoms of hypertension, thrombophlebitis, and bradypnea were documented. There was an ulcer, jaundice, urticaria, disturbed acne, rigidity of muscles, stiffness of joints. The appearance of muscle cramps and pain in the back area. Partly observed increased urination, renal colic, acetonuria. There were malfunctions of a menstrual cycle and functioning of a prostate gland. Muscle tremors, peripheral edema were observed.

In exceptional cases, neutropenia was noted in patients, as well as thrombocytopenia. Single examples indicate anaphylactic reactions, for example, anaphylactic shock. Very rare are bronchospasm, dyspnea. Disturbances sometimes pancreatitis and Stevens-Johnson syndrome, epidermal necrolysis. Patients suffer after injection of injections from angioedema, edema of the face, photosensitization. One in ten thousand cases of nephritis and nephrotic syndrome were registered.

Officially established facts of an overdose have not been identified. At exceeding the recommended doses, the drug adversely affects the digestive tract, causing vomiting, abdominal pain and anorexia. There may be drowsiness and disorientation in space, dizziness, headaches. When revealing the fact of an overdose, one should immediately take certain measures and withdraw the drug from the body by dialysis.

Analogues of medicament

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The drug "Keyver"( injections) is distinguished by a high price. Analogs of this drug can be found in any pharmacy. The ATC code and the active component are the same for the following medicines:

  • "Alfort dex".
  • "Decafene".
  • "Delsangin".
  • «Delsangin Inject»
  • «Depiophene».
  • "Rastel".
  • "Sertofen".

These medicines may, if necessary, completely replace "Keiver"( nyxes).Analogues and substitutes for this drug act in a similar manner and have exactly the same active substance, but they should not be selected independently. Before replacing one medication with another, you should consult a doctor who will help you choose the most appropriate option.

Cost of medication

The preparation "Keyver"( injections) is produced in Ukraine. The instruction recommends using it not regularly, but only on a case-by-case basis and not more than two days. In Russia, this medicine is not widely used and is not sold in pharmacies, so you can only call an approximate price. It was formed in the translation from the hryvnia to the Russian ruble, taking into account the official rate, in which currently 1 UAH.is equal to 3.21 rubles. In Ukraine, this drug can be bought for 200 hryvnia. In recalculation, the cost will be 640 Russian rubles.

Storage Method and Shelf Life

Do not store the medical preparation "Keiver"( injections) more than two years from the time of manufacture, indicated on the package. Description of the drug notes that after the expiration date the drug is unfit for use. Store the product in the original box in a temperature mode not exceeding + 25 ° C.The drug should be kept in a cool place inaccessible to children and be protected from direct sunlight.

It is released in pharmacies strictly according to the prescription. The manufacturer is the Ukrainian company PJSC Farmak.

"Keiver" - a reliable and highly effective drug for the purchase of acute pain. Designed for short use. Appeared on the market relatively recently and has not yet managed to win the favor of consumers. It can be purchased both through online pharmacies, and through large pharmacies of large cities of Ukraine.