Private children's clinics in Moscow: reviews, addresses

Children's health is above all. It is no accident that most parents prefer to go to private medical institutions. Here, babies can be provided with quality assistance for financial rewards. Specialists do their job well, as they receive a decent payment for their work. Private children's polyclinics in Moscow are not uncommon. Such an institution can be found in every district. The most popular centers will be unsubscribed below.


A medical institution is located on Leninsky Prospekt( 123).If we consider multifunctional children's polyclinics in Moscow, this center will be one of the best. Here, children can be assisted in various ways. Patients are accepted from the first days of life. Pediatrics remains the main activity. Babies can be registered immediately after birth. The main package includes services related to the planned examination of the child, vaccination. You can hear a lot of good reviews about the children's polyclinic. A pediatrician is a doctor who does not cause fear in a

small patient, has the skills of a child psychologist.

private children In the clinic "Author-Med" is also treated for narrow specializations. Patients under 18 years of age can be assisted in the field of orthopedics, neurology, speech therapy, nephrology, gynecology, urology, allergology. A lot of good reviews can be heard about the cardiologists of a medical institution. There are many babies with different variants of heart defects.


The medical institution with the original name provides a wide range of services related to the health of young patients. The address of the clinic is Uralskaya street, 23, building 4. Here you can purchase an annual medical care program that includes the possibility of calling a doctor at home at any time. In addition, in a home setting, tests can be performed in small patients.

The clinic "Markusha" is a place where a child can undergo a full medical examination before entering the kindergarten, school or university. Information can also be issued for the swimming pool.

polyclinics of moscow The clinic does not have its own hospital. However, here in outpatient settings, you can undergo physiotherapy treatment, put inoculations. If you believe the reviews, the institution has an excellent ophthalmologic room, in which it is possible not only to reveal the pathology of vision, but also to carry out a correction.

"Cradle of Health"

The medical diagnostic center started providing its services in 2004.For 10 years, the institution managed to win the trust of parents. If we consider private children's polyclinics in Moscow, this place will be one of the best. Statistics indicate that the center annually receives more than 1,200 small patients. In most cases, these are children from Marino and Tsaritsyno. However, there are patients from other parts of the capital.

polyclinic address Individual approach to each child is the motto of the medical institution. Treatment of babies never goes by the standard scheme. And the exact diagnosis is made only when a small patient is examined by several specialists.

Private clinic "Cradle of Health" is a place where children feel at home, they are not afraid of people wearing white coats. Reviews show that the interior of the institution is made in bright colors. The mood is created by cartoon characters on the walls.


This is a whole network of medical institutions in which assistance can be provided to both adults and children. The address of the polyclinic for children is Admiral Lazarev Street, 54, Building 1. The center is staffed by specialists in all medical fields. There is an opportunity to pay for the annual service program, which includes monitoring the pediatrician, as well as the possibility of calling a doctor at home. In the case of payment for services for a year in advance, certificates to the pool or other sports sections are issued free of charge.

children The annual maintenance program is an opportunity to save up to 20%.At the same time, there is no limit on the number of visits to a fixed private doctor. In addition, the clinical analyzes of the restricted list( the most popular ones) are turned off. You can surrender them unlimited number of times.

"Family Doctor"

A multifunctional medical facility is popular with parents. The address of the polyclinic is Profsoyuznaya Street, 127B.The clinic does not exclusively focus on children. However, about pediatricians who work here, you can hear a lot of positive feedback. In addition, the clinic often held shares. Parents who apply for an appointment with a specialist for the first time will receive a 30% discount on annual service. The cost of the first admission is 700 rubles.

private dental clinic The reviews note that there are never any queues in the clinic. All patients come to the pediatrician by appointment. To clarify, how the expert works, it is possible by phone or through an official site.

"Family doctor" can compete with other private children's polyclinics. Narrow specialists who work here know how to behave with small patients.


Dental problems can also occur in childhood. Many good reviews can be heard about the private dental clinic "Zubrenok", located on Balaklavsky Avenue( house 4, building 8).Patients from the first days of life can be admitted here. After all, a dentist is an expert who does not only deal with teeth. Children of the first months of life can develop stomatitis. In this case, you can also visit a private dental clinic.

private doctor You can hear a lot of positive feedback about the Zubrenok center. Specialists here managed to create a benevolent atmosphere. Caries therapy is carried out by a non-contact method. Treatment is carried out without a classic drill, so children do not form fear of the dentist.

Many good reviews can also be heard about the orthodontist of the clinic. The earlier the problem with bite is solved, the more chances that the child will be able to lead a full-fledged lifestyle in the future. The clinic offers modern methods for correcting the arc of the dentition.


If we consider private children's polyclinics of the capital, we must not forget about the medical center "Tigrenok", located along the 9th Parkovaya street, house 8-a. The most popular institution is in those parents who are faced with various manifestations of allergies. In the reviews write that in the center there are all necessary conditions for revealing the causes of the pathological process. High-tech diagnostic equipment makes it possible to determine what caused the allergy in a child.

The children's medical center can also provide services of a gastroenterologist, speech therapist, neonatologist, gynecologist, dermatologist, etc.