The preparation "Bronhorus"( syrup): instruction for use for children, composition, description and reviews

In what dosage can be prescribed medication "Bronchorus"( syrup)?Instructions for use for children and adults will be presented below. Also from this article you will learn about what components are part of the tool, what features are inherent in it, whether it has side effects and contraindications.

bronchorus syrup instructions for use in children

Description, composition and packaging of

In what form is it possible to purchase the medicinal product "Bronhorus"( syrup)?Instructions for use for children and adults states that this medication is a clear, colorless solution( may be slightly yellowish).

The active ingredient is ambroxol. In addition to this ingredient, the oral suspension also contains auxiliaries in the form of a raspberry flavor, sorbitol, sodium saccharinate dihydrate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, propylene glycol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, and purified water.

The "Bronchorus" syrup, the instruction of which is contained in a cardboard package, is produced in vials made of dark glass. A dosage spoon is also included.

Pharmacological properties of the preparation

What is remarkable about the preparation "Bronchorus"( syrup)?Instructions for use for children and adults report that this medication has a mucolytic and expectorant effect. It also has secretory and secretory properties.

The active substance of this drug stimulates the activity of the ciliated epithelium. In the process of spiral peristaltic contraction, all pathological mucus is excreted from the bronchi.

It should also be noted that ambroxol significantly improves mucociliary transport. In addition, it promotes stimulation of serous gland cells, increases the sputum content in the bronchi, reduces its viscosity and reduces the adhesive properties. Thus, this substance produces a secretolytic, or so-called mucolytic effect.

bronchorus syrup instructions for use review

How long does the drug "Bronchorus"( syrup) last? Instructions for use, reviews of doctors claim that the effect of this medication comes in 25-35 minutes after taking and lasts 7-12 hours.

Kinetic properties of

Is the medication "Bronchorus"( syrup) absorbed? Instruction for use for children says that the absorption of this agent is quite high. Its maximum concentration in the blood is observed 130 minutes after administration.

With plasma proteins, the active substance of the drug binds to 80%.One can not help saying that the drug under consideration easily penetrates the placental barrier and BBB, and also excretes along with breast milk.

The drug is metabolized in the liver with the formation of a glucuronic conjugate and dibromantranilic acid.

The half-life of Bronhorus is 10-12 hours. The drug is excreted along with the urine.


In what diseases can the drug "Bronhorus" be prescribed? Instructions for use( annotation) indicate that this medication copes well with chronic and acute diseases of the respiratory tract, which are accompanied by the formation of thick sputum.

bronchus instructions for use description

Thus, the syrup is prescribed for treatment of:

  • pneumonia;
  • bronchial asthma with impaired sputum;
  • of chronic and acute bronchitis;
  • COPD;
  • bronchoectatic disease.


Does the medication in question have contraindications? Experts say that it is tolerated by all patients quite well, but it is not recommended to be prescribed in the following cases:

  • in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • with increased sensitivity of the patient to the main and additional ingredients of the drug.

It should also be noted that the syrup "Bronchorus" contains sorbitol. Therefore, it is forbidden to give it to adults and small patients with hereditary intolerance to fructose.

With caution, this drug is recommended for use in liver failure, peptic ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney failure, during lactation, as well as in the last two trimesters of pregnancy.

bronchorus instruction on application

Bronchorus syrup: instruction for use

The description of this drug was presented above. In what dosage is it prescribed to children and adults? According to the instruction, the child is given the preparation "Bronhorus" only in the form of a syrup. Its dosage is determined by the attached measuring spoon. It contains 5 ml of the suspension, which contains approximately 15 mg of ambroxol.

The drug should be taken orally when consuming food or afterwards. If desired, the syrup can be drunk with a sufficient amount of tea, plain water or non-acidic juice.

Adults, as well as adolescents aged 12 years in the first three days of therapy should take 2 dessert spoons of syrup with a frequency of three times a day. After this period, this amount is reduced to 5 ml.

In severe cases, the dose of the drug is not reduced until the end of therapy.

A child 5-12 years of age should be given 5 ml of suspension three times a day. As for children 2-5 years, they are given 2.5 ml of the drug at the same frequency.

"Bronchorus" syrup can be prescribed even to infants( up to two years).In this case, the drug is used in an amount of 2.5 ml twice daily. Treatment of infants under 2 years should be carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist.

It is forbidden to take Bronhorus for more than 5 consecutive days without consulting a doctor.

In the process of treatment with this drug requires a lot of drinking. bronchorus syrup bronchorus

Adverse reactions

Receiving the syrup "Bronchorus" extremely rarely causes side reactions. In some cases this medication can contribute to the manifestation of the following effects:

  • diarrhea, skin rash, dry mouth, gastralgia;
  • constipation, rhinorrhea and vomiting;
  • headache, nausea and allergic dermatitis;
  • urticaria, dry mucous airways, general weakness, angioedema;
  • anaphylactic shock, dysuria, exanthema.

Recommendations for taking medication

Before using the drug, read the instructions. It states that:

  • should not combine Bronchorus syrup with antitussive drugs that make it difficult to withdraw phlegm;
  • application of the suspension may contribute to the appearance of a laxative effect( due to the presence of sorbitol in it).

Price and analogues

You can replace the Bronhorus suspension with the following products: Ambrohexal, Ambrobene, Lazolangin, Ambrolan, Haliksol, Herbion, Lazolvan, Bronhoverne, Flavamed,"" Remebroks ", etc.

The price of this drug is not very high. You can buy syrup for 60-90 rubles.

Patient Reviews

Now you know what is remarkable about the drug Bronhorus. The instruction, use, analogs, composition and contraindications of this medication have been reviewed above. bronchus instructions application analogues composition

Most often, parents of young children leave comments about the medicine. They argue that the syrup "Bronchorus" is a highly effective mucolytic agent. The reception of the suspension facilitates the withdrawal, as well as the excretion of sputum from the bronchial tree. As a result of this impact, the child completely disappears cough and significantly improves overall health.

Another advantage of this drug is its low cost( about 150 rubles), as well as the lack of a large list of contraindications.