Back belt for physical activity. Belt for weightlifting

Almost all men want to be strong. To do this, they go in for sports. Some prefer football, others - single combats, and still others - weightlifting.

But, unfortunately, our body does not always respond positively to the load, especially if doing exercises with an error.

Problems with the back, which are formed in connection with the emergence of a large load on the spine, disturb not only athletes, but also ordinary people. That is why various drugs are so popular that they help to relax the tight back area.

back belt for exercise

One such remedy that acts as a prevention tool, and also helps the spine during exercise, is a special back belt. With physical exertion, which the athlete meets during training, this product is an excellent back protection that helps to avoid unwanted injuries. The belt will support the back and protect the vertebrae from displacement, as well as improve blood circulation in the lumbar region.

In this article, we'll look at how to choose the right model for this athletic outfit, specify the cost, and tell you where the best belt for the back is.

With physical exertion it will not replace

The athletic belt is an effective sports equipment that helps to prevent injuries associated with increased physical exertion on the spine, lower back and back as a whole.

However, athletes use the product selectively, and not in all exercises. Of course, the back belt for physical exertion is indispensable, but can cause muscle atrophy. This is due to the fact that he takes on part of the load, which lies on the spine.

Although such a side effect will be only in cases where the athlete does not take off this sports accessory throughout the training session.

belt for weightlifting

The history of the appearance of

There is no mention in the history of the one who first invented to wind the body with a rigid belt to ease the burden on the back during heavy training.

To date, the first mention of the fact of its use is in the book of John Webster, which was released in 1905.It contains a photograph of an athlete who holds two girls. On his stomach you can see this accessory.

Then in 1937 at the world weightlifting championship for the first time the belt was used by an American. Since then, more and more athletes began to protect their health, using the back belt for physical exertion.

As today the trade in sports equipment is rather developed, it is possible to find hundreds of manufacturers that offer different variants of sports belts. Next, consider those parameters, which should be paid attention in the first place.

Belt width

If you went to the sports store, you should have seen a wide selection of belts. First of all, you need to determine the width, which should have a belt for weightlifting.

The most popular are belts that are wide enough in the area of ​​the spine. Due to the greater contact area with the back, they provide better protection.

In this case, the front of the belt may be somewhat narrower. This will make it possible to comfortably perform exercises related to tilt forward. Cheaper options are narrow belts of the same width along the entire length.


The material from which the belt for weight lifting is made, plays not a minor role, and also is considerably reflected in the price of the final product. To date, the most popular are belts made of leather or synthetic materials.

for back support

The strength of the belts is checked for tearing, and in this natural material there are no equal. Belts from other components can densely cohere to the skin, however they will add strength to your muscular corset less than a properly selected leather belt.

But synthetic belts allow free movement and breathing. In doing so, they are able to take on a decent amount of load from the spine. Therefore, the choice of material mainly depends on the personal preferences of the athlete, because the belt is an individual thing.


Like ordinary belts, the athletic is made in different sizes. This parameter is quite important, since an overly large or small belt simply can not effectively protect you from possible injuries.

There are 5 standard sizes that are suitable for different waist sizes:

  1. S - 62-80 cm.

  2. M - 72-90 cm.

  3. L - 82-100 cm.

  4. XL - 92-110 cm.

  5. XXL - 102-120 cm.

It is necessary to approach this issue seriously enough, not being afraid to spend 15-20 minutes trying on a fitting.

If you need a corset to support the back of a pregnant woman, the dimensional mesh will be quite different.

back belt for sports

Average back belt prices for

Sports equipment and accessories have always been expensive, due to increased requirements for finished products. Similarly, the situation is with the belts.

When choosing a company, you should give preference to proven manufacturers who produce reliable products without fakes and rejects. An example of such a company may be Mad Max, which has long established itself in the Russian market.

The popular Full Leather model will cost $ 29.For this money you will get a good accessory to support your back. The belt is made of 100% natural leather, and the maximum width behind is 11 centimeters.

In front there is a ring of the shape of the letter D, on which you can cling an additional load of up to 8 kg. For example, it is convenient when performing pull-ups on the bar with weights.

If the leather model does not interest you, then you can view the belt made of 100% nylon. The model of the same manufacturer is called EXTREME MFB and costs about 23 dollars.

This option is easily fastened with Velcro, and the maximum width of the back of the belt is 15 cm. Thanks to the nylon, the athlete can feel free and at the same time work with sufficiently large loads. Also in the belt technologies AS, EW, AF are used.

back corset price

If you have a spinal injury, it is not recommended to load your back. In this case, it is better to wear special medical corset for back exercises. The price of such an accessory ranges from 10 to 20 dollars depending on the quality. Basically corsets are made of synthetic materials and you can buy them in the pharmacy.