Mink fat: description, useful properties, application in cosmetology and folk medicine

The mink is a small predator from the family of cunies, well known for its luxurious fur. However, the mink, whose photo is often used in their advertising booklets by manufacturers of fur products, gives people another amazing product that is used in folk medicine, cosmetology. This is mink fat.

Description of mink

A small animal with a very beautiful fur in natural conditions lives along the banks of rivers, in forests. Mink feeds on frogs, crayfish, fish. In world industrial fur farming, this small predator is consistently in one of the first places. mink oil

This is the only mammal that never has skin diseases. Mink, the photo of which you can see in the article, has unique abilities to restore its damaged coat. In just twenty days, the mink can restore completely lost hair. mink photo

And if the animal gets into the fire, which often happens in the forests in which it lives, and it burns up to 80% of the skin, it does not just survive, but also completely regenerates the tissues. And this is due to the composition of subcutaneous fat. Meanwhile, such a figure is deadly for any forest dweller, as well as for a person.

Mink Fat: Composition of

This is an amazing product that stands out from a number of useful and widely used natural fats. This is explained by the unusual properties and specific combination of glycerol and fatty acids, which give this product an amazing softening properties and an amazing penetrating ability. Any oil, when combined with mink fat, increases the ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis tens of times. Mink Fat Reviews

Mink fat contains a huge amount( 15 to 19%) of palmitooleic acid. In such quantity it is not contained in any natural cosmetic component. In total, this product contains about 75% of fatty acids. They penetrate the skin, giving it velvety. Among them:

  • myristoleic;
  • myristyl;
  • stearic;
  • palmitic;
  • linoleic;
  • is oleic.

Mink fat has the highest level of absorption of ultraviolet rays in comparison with other animal fats. It has the highest coefficient of distribution and creates a uniform thin layer when applied to the skin. It is completely safe, does not rancid: even after ten years of storage, the smell of a fresh product remains. mink cream

Useful properties

Mink fat is a unique product that has no analogues. It protects skin cells from early aging, as it contains a natural complex of trace elements. Fat mink can penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis, saturating the skin with biologically active substances. And one more advantage of this product - mink fat does not cause allergic reactions.

How to use mink fat?

To melt the frozen product, place a closed jar under a stream of hot water for one or two minutes. After use, the fat will solidify again. At high temperatures it becomes liquid. Shake the bottle before use.

Application in folk medicine

Since ancient times people have considered mink fat more valuable than bear, goose or badger. Traditional healers still use it today for the treatment of tonsillitis, purulent wounds, oral diseases, softening and suppressing cough, cleaning the bronchial tubes and light smokers with experience.

Mink fat has a beneficial effect on the human musculoskeletal system at the cellular level due to the polyunsaturated fatty acids present in it. He restores the tissues with swelling and trauma, makes the muscles elastic, improves the joints.

Mink fat effectively relieves joint pain that people experience when weather conditions change. In addition, this remedy perfectly removes the itch from insect bites. Mink fat helps people with varicose veins. He rubs into the affected areas, and after two weeks the condition of the vessels improves, edema decreases. Apply the composition followed by massaging intense movements three times a day. mink cream

Application in cosmetology

Mink fat is an effective, affordable and safe remedy. It has remarkable emollient properties. In addition, the mink cream or mask, which contains the fat of this animal, has many other undeniable advantages. One of the advantages of this ingredient is the possibility of using it at home. In this case, the therapeutic effect will be almost the same as after the use of expensive drugs. Advantages of cosmetics with mink fat:

  • is absorbed completely;
  • does not leave a greasy shine;
  • has photoprotective properties;
  • is used to treat scalp and hair.

Indications for use:

  • skin with signs of aging;
  • freckles and age spots;
  • adversely affects the skin of an aggressive environment;
  • allergic rash;
  • warts;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • psoriasis;
  • postpartum stretch marks;
  • eczema;
  • burns( as an auxiliary);
  • hair loss;
  • keratosis.

Mink Fat - an inexpensive ingredient. Therefore, most drugs based on it are available at a price.

Mink fat is an excellent hair care product. Sekushchiesya, colorless and dry hair, after a few masks, recover from the root and acquire shine and softness. Possessing natural sun protection properties, mink fat gives the hair velvety and extraordinary shine.

Pharmaceutical preparations

Vaseline "Mink" moisturizes the skin, stops aging processes. It stimulates lipid metabolism, protects from the effects of the environment. Petroleum jelly "Mink" contains in its composition:

  • mink fat;
  • vaseline oil;
  • paraffin;
  • ceresin;
  • perfume.

Price - 50 rubles. vaseline mink

Liquid Soap with Mink Fat

A safe product suitable for children and adults. Does not cause allergic reactions and side effects. Suitable for all skin types.

Price - 60 rubles.


Efficient means for facial skin of the category "2 in 1".This mask and cream in one bottle. The composition nourishes and moisturizes the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles and effectively restores the delicate skin around the eyes.

Price - 230 rubles. application in cosmetology

«Tapir-100 lux»

Cream for the skin care of the decollete zone, face, neck. Effectively removes external manifestations, which can be caused by fatigue and stress. The only drawback of the means can be called a high price - 1100 rubles.

Home Usage

Mink fat can be used both in pure form and in a mixture with other oils to strengthen hair, as an additive in facial masks. Fat can be used to soften the skin of the hands. To do this, it must be mixed with your favorite hand cream. In addition, oil masks are very useful for the hands, which should be done once a week, rubbing the fat in the skin of the hands and nails.

Mink Fat: Reviews

Judging by the reviews, fat mink really does wonders. It is ideal for dry skin. It restores its moisture, heals small wounds. In addition, it helps with irritation of the skin of the face and hands. Many women note that this is an ideal tool for getting rid of "crow's feet" and pigment spots, smoothing the complexion. Mink fat improves the skin condition for various skin diseases( eczema, psoriasis, fungus).