What is the bridle and where is it located?

From the point of view of anatomy, the bridle is a fold of the skin, the task of which is to limit the motor activity of an organ. It is available: in the mouth, the clitoris and labia, the male member. Next - about everything in more detail.


It is located on its bottom surface. When lifting the tongue up the bridle as if holding it. It is located in the middle of the organ and connects the mucosa with the bottom of the oral cavity. The length of a frenum in an adult person, as a rule, does not exceed three cm. Its parameters and location do not interfere with organ movement in most people.

examination by the dentist

There are times when the upper part of the bridle is almost at the tip of the tongue. If you try to lift it, it takes the form of a groove, and the fold of the skin stretches and gives unpleasant sensations. In addition, if you stick out your tongue, it is unlikely that it will even cover your lower lip halfway, and its tip will be directed downwards. Despite the fact that the length of the bridle

can be within normal limits, from the medical point of view it is considered to be short.

In some people, it really is - no more than 1.7 cm. If it is positioned correctly, then this length does not affect the language. Below in the photo - the bridle of the tongue of the infant, which by medical standards is considered short. In this case, its cutting is shown surgically.

short frenum

Bridle of upper and lower lips

There are 2 folds of skin in the human mouth. They serve as an additional fastening of the lips to the jaws.

The bridle of the upper lip is a fold located vertically. By its structure, it can be of the following types:

  1. Mucous. Outwardly it resembles a thin film, which stretches very well.
  2. Fibrous. The fold is very dense and practically does not stretch.
  3. Muco-fibrous. In this case, they speak of the average degree of density and extensibility of the upper frenum.

In addition, it is classified by attachment height:

  • Low. The fold goes directly to the gingival papilla.
  • Average. It is located in the middle of the gum.
  • High. It is located in the zone of the transitional fold of the upper lip.

It is considered the norm if the lower connection of the frenum of the lip is about 5 mm from the neck of the front incisors. If it is located below or completely out of the teeth, the fold is considered shorter.

The lower bridle is located deep in the area between the gum and the inside of the lip. Normally it is a subtle, barely noticeable film. Its difference from the bridle of the upper lip is also that it should not be attached to the gingival papilla. Otherwise, the wrinkle correction is shown to avoid the appearance of speech defects. As a rule, its abnormal location is revealed soon after birth. Correction is made surgically, after its carrying out the film does not affect the development of the speech of the child.

bridles in the oral cavity

Bridle lips

This is a transverse fold of the skin, which limits the vestibule of the vagina. Its task is to connect the posterior ends of the labia minora.

Some women in the process of sexual contact may feel pain in this area, someone seems that the bridle even broke. Contrary to popular belief, the cause of discomfort is completely different( infection, insufficient amount of secret, etc.).Such complaints are not grounds for surgical correction.

Clutch jaw

The fold is one of the visible parts of the organ. It connects the lower surface of the clitoris to the front ends of the labia minora.

Extremely flesh

The frenum of the foreskin is the most important element of the male penis. It ensures the normal functioning of the reproductive system, protecting the genital organ from pathogenic microorganisms and external influences. It has a high degree of elasticity, due to which during the erection occurs the denudation of the glans penis, and when its blood supply decreases - its closure by the flesh.

Every man should know that a bridle is such an education from the skin, the developmental anomaly of which adversely affects both sexual life and health:

  • every sexual intercourse becomes painful;
  • ejaculation occurs prematurely;
  • the penis is gradually curved.

Against the background of these violations, almost every man develops psychoemotional disorders.

From the anatomical point of view, the bridle on the head of the penis is a fold that forms a kind of membrane that connects the lower part of the penis and the foreskin. It performs not only a protective function. The bridle is also a powerful erogenous zone, on which the duration of sexual intercourse and sensation during ejaculation directly depends.

Inside the fold there is a huge number of vessels and nerve endings, due to which any injury or disease of this area is accompanied by pain and other unpleasant symptoms, as well as psychological discomfort. Ignoring anxiety signs can lead to serious consequences, and therefore, when they first appear, you need to see a doctor.

discomfort in the perineum

Correction of a frenum related to the

language As a rule, a shortened skin fold is found in newborn children already in the maternity hospital or during the first examination by a pediatrician. At the child in the first months of life the bridle is the thinnest film, which does not have blood vessels. In this regard, it is dissected by the dentist with scissors or a scalpel. In the process of carrying out this manipulation, the newborn does not feel pain, and after cutting, it is immediately applied to the maternal breast.

Ignoring the presence of a short frenum in a child leads to various violations:

  • to improper and poor-quality milk sucking;
  • a small set of weight( below the norm);
  • early rejection of the maternal breast;
  • lagging behind in physical and psychological development.

In children of older age and adults, the bridle is a dense site with a large number of vessels, and therefore shows its plastic surgery. Typically, the pathology is found when visiting a dentist or speech therapist.

The signs of a short frenum are:

  • low degree of mobility of the tongue;
  • difficulty in pronouncing whistling, hissing and palatine sounds;
  • impossibility to reach the upper incisors with the tip of the organ;
  • language can not be poked out completely.

From a medical point of view, indications for frenum correction are:

  • speech disorders;
  • dysplasia of the lower jaw;
  • need to use orthodontic designs.

Like any other surgical treatment, pruning the frenulum has a number of contraindications. It is not performed if the patient has:

  1. . Oncological diseases.
  2. Blood pathology.
  3. Inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.
  4. Infectious diseases in acute stage.

The operation is performed using a scalpel or surgical laser under local anesthesia. In the first case, after completion of the plastic, self-absorbing seams are applied, in the second case, there is no need for their use. After the operation, the patient should treat the oral cavity with an antiseptic solution after each meal for a week.


Correction of the penis of the penis

An abnormal length of the fold can be either congenital or acquired as a result of various injuries.

When a short frenulum is found in childhood, the doctor recommends cutting it to avoid possible problems in the future. In adult men, pathology leads to various abnormalities in sexual life, and therefore the doctor must be consulted when there is pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. It is important to understand that the bridle of the penis is such an important element, the developmental anomalies of which can lead even to erectile dysfunction.

Correction is performed surgically. Its duration, as a rule, does not exceed 20 minutes, and the patient is not required to comply with any training rules.

Before starting the intervention, the doctors carefully treat the male / male genitalia, enter anesthesia. Children under the age of 12 years are shown an intravenous injection. Adult drug is injected into the skin of the penis.

The operation is performed using a scalpel. Upon its completion, a gauze roll is applied to the penis, the patient receives recommendations on the subsequent care of the wound, after which he can immediately begin his daily activities.

What should I do if the bridle ruptures?

In general, injuries are susceptible to folds located in the oral cavity and on the male penis. If there is a rupture of the bridle under the tongue or the upper / lower lip, the wound must be treated with hydrogen peroxide. At the first opportunity you need to see a doctor, especially if the injury has occurred in the child.

The greatest danger is the rupture of the wrinkle on the penis. It can occur for various reasons, but, as a rule, this happens in the process of sexual intercourse.

because of a short frenum, erectile dysfunction may occur

A rupture is always accompanied by severe bleeding and pronounced pain sensations. The procedure for the injuries is as follows:

  1. Bridle should be tightly pressed to the head for about 10 minutes. During this time, you can not remove your fingers from the penis. The body does not need to be strongly compressed, it can lead to a violation of blood circulation in the head.
  2. After the specified time, carefully remove your fingers. If the bleeding has stopped, you need to treat the wound with any antiseptic and apply a bandage. It should only cover the affected area, but in no case do not squeeze the penis.

At the first opportunity, you need to see a doctor and make a plastic. Not everyone understands that the bridle is such a site, which after the first injury is likely to burst again.

To which doctor should I apply?

If you are concerned about the location of the folds in the oral cavity, you need to make an appointment with a dentist or surgeon. In most cases, they can prune a bridle on the same day.

If a ruptured fold or anomalies of its development on the penis, you need to contact a urologist.

plastic frenum should be performed only by a dentist or surgeon

In conclusion

Although bridles are such folds, whose task is to limit organs in movements, they are very vulnerable to damage. Anomalies of their development can lead to negative consequences, and therefore it is undesirable to postpone the trip to a specialist. Here, perhaps, and all that, what is a bridle.