Neck massage

Very often there is such a disease as cervical osteochondrosis. Moreover, the patient himself may not know about his illness. As a rule, people suffering from osteochondrosis, who often have a head for a long time in an uncomfortable or static position. After a while, blood circulation in the cervical spine worsens, the bone tissue of the vertebrae changes, resulting in injuries to the nerves, vessels, and the surrounding muscles of the spine. You can talk about osteochondrosis if there is stiffness of movements, headache and neck pain, dizziness, tinnitus. In general, the symptoms are most pronounced in the morning( after an uncomfortable position of the body during a night's sleep) and in the evening. If you have unpleasant sensations in the so-called collar zone, headache and neck pain, preventive measures should be taken to prevent the development of osteochondrosis, the main one of which is neck massage.

You can refer to specialists who will make a professional massage, or you can learn how to perform it yourself.

Neck massage with osteochondrosis

Neck massage should be started from the back surface. You should start with gentle strokes. Perform movements with both hands, one of the arms should be bent at the elbow and support the second.

1. Stroking

Stroking is carried out with one hand, and the second, as was said, should help the first. Firmly press the palms to the shoulders and from top to bottom do stroking movements, starting straight from the hair growth and to the sides to the shoulders.

2. Squeezing

Squeezing is done on the same lines as stroking. Rib of the palm, slightly pressing, draw from the growth of the hair to the joints of the shoulders.

3. Rubbing.

Rubbing should be done with your fingertips with both hands. Razirat neck follows from the nape of the neck from one ear to another, in circular motions. Hands should be directed towards each other. Then rubbing should be done along the vertebrae from the border of the hair down towards the back. You can move in circular motions, and you can do dotted smoothing movements when rubbing.

4. Mashing

Mashing should be done with tweezers. It is necessary to grab the muscle with the cushions of all fingers and hold a slight tingle. Kneading is done on the opposite side from the hand, that is, with the right hand, knead the left side and, on the contrary, the left one - the right one.

5. Stroking

Neck massage is completed by stroking with both hands. You should start from the occipital zone, moving to the shoulder blades. You need to do stroking at the same time with both hands.

Massage of the front part of the neck

Neck massage in the front is useful not only for osteochondrosis, it also contributes to a persistent cosmetic effect and prevention of the second chin.

In this part of the movement should be weaker. Massage the neck with the palm of the hand from the chin and the collarbone. You can not massage arteries and veins.

1. Strokes begin to do from the lower jaw towards the chest. The skin under the hands should not move.

2. Rubbing is performed in a circular motion with several fingers. Rinse the muscles from the earlobe down the neck towards the chest. Wipe only the side areas! The thyroid gland is in front of you - you do not need to massage it.

3. Only the side zones from the ear to the clavicle should be kneaded. The head should be tilted in the opposite direction from the massaged side.

4. Massage the anterior zone of the neck to end with easy stroking with both hands alternately.

Neck massage is an excellent means of preventing osteochondrosis, and sometimes, it can even help to cope with the disease in the first stage. To conduct self-massage should be regular morning and evening, as well as if there was a feeling of stiffness or discomfort in the cervical region.