Why do leg cramps occur in calves?

Suddenly, sudden cramps of legs in calves caught each of us unawares. But do not worry if such an unpleasant phenomenon is temporary and non-recurring. However, not everyone is so lucky, because there are quite a lot of people who suffer from this deviation constantly, which not only brings great discomfort, but also prevents a normal way of life. To understand how to get rid of this phenomenon, you should find out why it generally occurs.

Cramps in calves of legs: causes of emergence requiring medical examination leg cramps in calves

As practice shows, the presented deviation can suddenly arise at any age in any person. However, most often from seizures in calves suffer adults or elderly people. The most serious causes of these phenomena may be:

  • varicose veins;
  • any latent injury;
  • neurological and other diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • any inflammation;
  • thyroid damage, etc.

If you constantly have leg cramps in the calves, and you suspect the development of any of the above diseases, then you should immediately go through the examination, and then visit a doctor-neurologist, phlebologist or endocrinologist. As a rule, as a result of timely and effective treatment of the underlying disease, such symptoms pass very quickly.

Causes that do not require the intervention of experts

cramps in the calves of the legs causes Leg cramps in calves are often provoked by banal physical overexertion, wearing uncomfortable shoes( especially if you have flat feet), cold-freezing or cold water during bathing, frequent stress and emotional overload, and intensepower exercises in the gym. If such factors do occur and affect the condition of your lower limbs, you should temporarily or permanently exclude them from your life.

The most probable cause of

Leg cramps in calves, most often occurring at night, indicate that your body lacks useful elements and vitamins that are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses to muscle cells. If this is true, then you should stock up with magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. It is worth mentioning that today there are quite a few factors that contribute to the rapid loss of these substances. The most common reasons for the deficiency of minerals in the body are:

cramps in calves feet treatment

  • Drugs, which greatly complicate the absorption and absorption of magnesium( for example, Almagel, Eufillin, Maalox and Insulin).
  • Pregnancy period. Expectant mother should additionally use calcium and magnesium.
  • Strong stresses also lead to loss of calcium.
  • Protein diets are very difficult to assimilate minerals.
  • Increased sweating. As you know, through sweat the body loses a lot of magnesium. That is why in the summer season, people complain more often that they are concerned about constant cramps in the calves of the legs. Treatment of this problem should be carried out with the regular use of products containing useful trace elements, as well as additional intake of a complex of vitamins.