Wax moth - treatment. Extract of wax moth larvae. Wax moth - application

Not always traditional methods of treatment bring the right result. Sometimes medical therapy must be supplemented with alternative or folk remedies, one of which is waxy moth tincture.

What is it?

Wax moth, fire, shashel, moth - these are the names of an inconspicuous night butterfly gray with a silvery hue, which can become an indispensable medicine for many ailments. Being so useful in medicine, this moth is the worst enemy of beekeepers, who constantly make a lot of efforts to fight it.

wax moth

The matter is that the bee hive is an ideal place for laying eggs of the wax moth, whose larvae, after the birth, continue to live in the monastery of the medonos. Therefore, their main food is honey, pergah, pollen, and then the wax mass, royal jelly, propolis, the remains of bee cocoons full of chitin. Having accumulated all the biologically active components necessary for their life, larvae transform into pupae at the age of 30 days. Moths already come out of them reach from 1 to 3.5 cm in length, but their body no longer requires food - stocks stored in the stage of the larva, they are quite enough.

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What is so valuable in wax moth larvae?

All medical properties of wax moths are a consequence of its consumption of the aforementioned beekeeping products, the biological stock of which remains in the body of an unformed butterfly, and then enters into the composition of the medication known as tincture of wax moth larvae.

The main value of this moth is the development in its body of ceraza - a special enzyme that helps digest the wax. Judging by the results of scientific research, the presence of this component in the alcohol extract of larvae contributes to the dissolution of the bacterial membrane that causes tuberculosis. All because it consists mainly of fat and wax and under the influence of cerazes it loses its security and becomes more vulnerable to the action of antibiotics.

Experience of ancient

Mention of the healing properties of this moth was found in records of the times of antiquity. Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Mesopotamian doctors already noticed the miraculous power possessed by the wax moth extract, and actively used it to combat the consumption, now called tuberculosis, as well as the ailments associated with male potency and infertility in women.

Japanese, Chinese and Kenyan masters of healing many years ago knew about the benefits of wax moths, so they recommended that patients take in food the larvae of this insect. Dishes with this seemingly exotic component were then served in many restaurants.

The official recognition in medical and scientific circles this drug received in the XIX century thanks to the great Russian scientist Ilya Mechnikov. Having done a lot of research and also turned to the folk methods of treatment, he scientifically expounded and confirmed the long-existing theory of the medical phenomenon of the wax moth extract.


Wax moth, whose treatment has a long history, was used for the therapy and prevention of many ailments. Among them:

  • Diseases of the respiratory tract( bronchitis, various forms of pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis).Having a powerful antibacterial properties, the drug positively affects the bronchi, improving their drainage capacity. The larvae of the fire also helped more than once in epidemics of influenza.
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system( angina, hypertension).Especially effective extract wax moth larvae was with myocardial infarction. He smoothed the scars and helped to quickly resume the work of cardiomyocytes. Antioxidant capabilities of the drug can effectively prevent ischemia.
  • Diseases associated with metabolic disorders. Biologically active
    tincture components stabilize the level of sugar and cholesterol, prevent the deposition of excess fat on the walls of the circulatory system and liver.
  • Radiation and intoxication of the body. A lot of useful amino acids help to get rid of such conditions.
  • Problems with the genitals( especially effective wax moth extract for prostate adenoma), etc.

This is not the whole list of indications. In general, this drug perfectly improves the functioning of the immune system, mental and physical activity of a person.

Wax moth - treatment, the opinions of the sportsmen

No less important aspect of the health effects of the larvae of the larvae is the positive effect on the muscle mass of the body. This is mainly the result of the action of organic substances( peptides, nucleotides), which, when combined advantageously with amino acids( histidine, valine), significantly reduce the recovery time of muscle tissue after heavy physical exertion. Such components also contribute to the athlete's endurance, faster muscle growth, activation of calcium assimilation and hemoglobin synthesis, bone tissue regeneration.

This drug is irreplaceable in sports medicine and for the speedy recovery of an athlete after an injury or surgery. In general, a complex of biologically active substances, which contains an extract of larvae of wax moth, supplies the body with energy, helping to distribute it favorably throughout the body.

Studies show that medication is a useful alternative to harmful to health anabolics, which adversely affect the central nervous system. Therefore, it can be used not only to build muscle, but also to exit from the state to which the use of steroids leads.

Wax moth. Treatment of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is the most common cause of death of representatives of the mature
population, when compared with other bacterial infectious
diseases. The reason for this is the evolution of the tubercle bacillus, which for many years of its existence has acquired immunity to modern antibiotics. Therefore, in many cases, traditional medical treatment does not give proper results. Then people's methods and alternative medicine come to the rescue.

The causative agent of tuberculosis is the Koch stick, which has a waxy membrane. As already mentioned, it is possible to break it with enzymes, which have a tincture of wax moths. Treatment is more effective, as the envelope of the pathogen after the drug is disrupted and becomes more vulnerable to the action of antibiotics.

Posttuberculous treatment

In addition to the above, the extract stimulates the development and reproduction of healthy cells of the body, heals the tubercular caverns that form in the lungs with the disease with great health.

This tincture is equally effective in fungal diseases of the respiratory tract, which often occur after the chemotherapy prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of the disease.

It is known that tuberculosis can occur not only in the lungs, but also in bones, joints, lymph nodes, kidneys, skin, intestines, etc. And in these cases, wax moth tincture is successfully used. Treatment with this drug increases the effectiveness of prescribed antibiotics to the patient, while not contributing to the emergence of any form of allergy, and also prevents infection spread further down the human body.

How to prepare extract at home?

For self-production of tinctures, it is better to use already completely developed, but in no case have not yet pupated butterfly larvae.5 g of wax moles, it is necessary to pour 50 g of ethyl alcohol 70% concentration. This mixture is insisted for about a week, after which you can begin to take it, limited to 20 drops per day. Divide this dosage better by two steps, and dilute the extract before use with water.

For children, the dosage is slightly different, it all depends on age: a 5-year-old child can be given not more than 5 drops per day, a 6-year-old child - not more than 6, etc.

Homemade wax moth, the application of which is welcomed by all folk healers, undoubtedly benefits, because it has been tested for many years. But the extract, prepared according to medical standards, is a little different.

Pharmaceutical preparations

The wax moth medicine offered to us by professional pharmacists can have varying degrees of concentration. Most often this is 10, 20 or 25 percent. The essence of the process of making this tincture is to use the method of cold extraction of the larva of moths on the basis of ethanol. The resulting liquid is insisted in a dark place at a temperature of about 20 degrees.

This method of manufacturing allows to keep the maximum of useful substances in the final extract, since the low temperature of larval processing does not allow to destroy even not particularly stable biological components. Moreover, the preparations thus produced have a longer shelf life, during which the chemical composition of the product is not subject to change. What can not be said about home-made tinctures.

General rules for taking medication

Taking a drug based on biologically active substances that are full of wax mole is a treatment that requires compliance with certain rules. It is better to use 30 minutes before a meal or after an hour after a meal - so it will be much better. With dosage, it is not difficult to determine: for every 10 kilograms of body weight, 3 drops of extract are needed. If you use tincture for the purpose of prophylaxis, then it will be enough to receive it once a day. To treat certain diseases, the daily dosage is better divided by two times.

For children under the age of 14, 1 drop per 12 kg of body weight will suffice. Tincture can be diluted with water, milk, juice, tea in small amounts( up to 30 ml).

Before swallowing drops, try to hold them for a while in the mouth. And even greater effect will be if you keep them under the tongue. It is advisable not to use the extract before going to bed, because it has at least a small, but still a tonic effect.

Familiarize the body with the drug

If your body is not already familiar with the drug, which is based on a wax mole, treatment should be started according to a special scheme. The first day of taking the extract will show the reaction of your body to the ingredients. To do this, in the morning, drink ¼ dose, which you calculated according to the above rules. If you do not feel any discomfort( burning in the throat, swelling or irritation of the mucous membranes), then everything is in order, and you can continue the course of treatment or prevention. The next day, double the dose and again check for signs of intolerance. On the third day it is allowed to drink ¾ of the calculated volume, and only then to switch to a full-fledged reception of the drug. In a few days it can be eaten twice a day.

Scheme of taking an extract for tuberculosis

One of the ways to combat this disease has long been considered a wax moth. Reviews of doctors and cured patients suggest that a positive result in the treatment of this disease can only be achieved with regular intake of tincture. You need to consume it twice a day, starting with 15 drops. If you did not have any problems or intolerance during the initial intake of the drug, then in a few days you can slightly increase the dose to 30 drops in the morning and the same in the evening. After 7 days you need to start using the drug three times a day, without changing the number of drops.

The full course of treatment consists of applying 300 ml of extract, after which you need to rest for a week or two, and then, if necessary, the treatment can be continued. Although positive changes are usually visible after the first course of therapy, that is, after 12-15 weeks.

Wax moth larva ointment

Treatment of severe burns, quick puffing of wounds, elimination of unwanted scars - all this is possible with an ointment consisting of useful components that contains the wax mole. Feedback satisfied patients speak for themselves.

To prepare a miracle ointment, take 50 g of already fully formed larvae and fill them with alcohol. A lot of liquid is not required here, the main thing is that it completely covers all the larvae. Leave this mixture for at least 5 days. Then put everything in a ceramic vessel and add 200 g of St. John's wort and marigold oil, 50 g of propolis and beeswax. After that, your mixture should get the consistency of the ointment. Cover it with a lid and dissolve in a water bath for about 2 hours. Finished product cool, wipe through a sieve or gauze and place in sterilized jars. Cover everything with covers and uncork as necessary.