How to raise the temperature to 38

Very often, especially among students or students, the question arises as to how to raise the temperature to 38 degrees. After all, only in this situation there is an opportunity to stay at home, devote a day to rest or skip the control. Although this question is asked to themselves, and quite often, adults. It is quite possible.

If you are a student or a student, this situation is quite understandable. The situation is more difficult for adults, when you just want to relax and stay at home. This is not always correct, even in relation to yourself. After all, you will have to lie to the doctor who came, and this is not entirely convenient for an adult person. And yet the situation is such that you need to stay at home. It is not very desirable to get involved before the authorities, it is better to negotiate with a doctor. In order for the doctor to issue a sick leave certificate or at least a certificate, at least a high temperature is needed. This is where necessary knowledge will be needed.

So, how to raise the temperature to 38 degrees? There are not so many ways, but they do exist. The most common is to sniff the clerical glue. To do this, before the doctor comes, you need to drip a small drop of glue on your fingers, grind to the formation of a kind of crystals and breathe in them with your nose. Literally in a few minutes your eyes turn red, start to water. The nostrils of the nose turn red and mucus begins to separate. The temperature rises to the desired level, up to about 38 degrees. It is necessary to update this state from time to time, if I may say so. After the doctor came, looked at your condition, most likely, he will write sick. You are a little ashamed, but you have achieved the set goal. Typically, such a reaction is subject to any human body. You can experiment to apply this method at the right time.

And if you need a higher temperature? For example, how to raise the temperature to 39 degrees? This is also possible. To achieve this goal, you can resort to iodine. Means proven and almost no one let down. Now let's look at how to raise the temperature with iodine. To do this, you need to take a piece of sugar. Drop a few drops of iodine on it, put it in your mouth and dissolve until completely dissolved. Do not drink with water. After a few minutes your temperature will begin to rise and reach 39 degrees. You are at the goal!

Often this is done, of course, not worth it. First, sooner or later a deception can reveal itself. Secondly, repetitive similar situations can negatively affect the work of the whole organism. Use these methods only in case of emergency, when the question arises as to how to raise the temperature to 38 degrees.

There is another proven and fairly simple method. Take a couple of spoons of instant coffee. Put in your mouth and try to swallow, without washing down with water. Water neutralizes the effect of coffee, and the desired result will not be. But you want to check on your own experience, how to raise the temperature to 38. The only warning: these experiments are not recommended for people who have heart problems, pressure. In addition, such actions may adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract. An old and proven method is a clerical glue. After his help is no longer needed, it is enough to wash and blow your nose well. Then grease the nasal mucosa with any baby cream. The temperature is normal, your body will return to its normal state.

If you do not want to resort to such measures, then before measuring the temperature, you can lubricate the underarm area with red hot pepper. Will bake, but the thermometer will be much higher than normal. You can use the onions. Cut the bulb in half and spread half, again, the body in the armpits. Please note that a pungent smell can cause suspicion, and you risk being exposed.