Why does something in your stomach move?

Many complain that in the stomach as if something is stirring, and sometimes it can even be visually determined. This may be due to several factors, however, it is worth remembering that a diagnosis can only be made by a qualified doctor.

Thus there are such signs, as:

  • bloating;
  • movement inside;
  • muscle mobility;
  • strange sounds.

The sensation may be painful or leaky without pain. The reasons for the feeling that something is stirring in the stomach can be very different. Among the main causes can be identified:

  • violation of peristalsis of internal organs;
  • helminthiosis;
  • increased gas production;
  • neoplasm.

That is why, it is important to contact the doctor in a timely manner and conduct a comprehensive examination.

The main causes of the movement of

Many girls complain that they are not pregnant, something is moving in the stomach. There may be several reasons for this, and some of them are quite dangerous. At slender girls at lying on a stomach the pulse c

an be palpated. This is due to the fact that there is practically no fat layer in the abdominal cavity, and when pulsating the muscles, pulsation can be clearly observed.

However, such a manifestation may be a sign of a serious illness, in particular, such as an aortic aneurysm. This disease is additionally accompanied by frequent urge to urinate, belching and painful sensations near the umbilical fossa. In some cases, nausea and inflating of the abdomen may additionally occur.

In addition, the stirring can occur with fermentation in the intestines, which is associated with a malnutrition, as well as the installation of internal organs to their original place after childbirth. If in the stomach as if something is stirring, then the cause of this can be helminths, which are found in many people and cause great harm to the body.

Wobbling uncomfortable in the abdomen


If there is a feeling that something is stirring in the stomach, then this can be associated with intestinal peristalsis. Wave-shaped contractions of the hollow organs are observed when food moves through them. They can be felt even through the abdominal wall. Such waves are formed regardless of the desire of man. It can not only reduce the stomach and intestines, but also the urinary tract and the fallopian tubes.

how peristalsis works

The sensation of stirring in the abdomen can be chaotic or have a certain direction of movement, as well as a different number of contractions. Everything depends on your health and diet. Usually peristalsis is almost imperceptible and does not cause any particular inconvenience.

Gas formation

The sensation that something is stirring in the stomach can occur due to increased gas formation. This syndrome affects about 40% of the world's population. The intensification of gassing processes leads to the appearance of such symptoms as:

  • intestinal swelling;
  • rumbling;
  • bloating;
  • painful sensations.
Increased gas formation in the abdomen

Among the main causes of increased gas production, one can single out an increase in the amount of swallowed air along with food, a violation of the intestinal microflora, and insufficient production of enzymes. In addition, it can occur in the case of food intake, during digestion which emits a lot of gases. This problem can be present constantly and do not pass.


If something moves in the abdomen, then this symptomatology can be observed in the presence of helminths. The manifestation of parasites in the body can be very diverse. In addition to stirring helminths in the abdomen, a person can suffer from migraine, bronchial asthma, dermatosis and many other diseases.

The presence of helminths in humans

Worms very rarely cause a sensation of stirring, except that only enterobiosis. This disease is considered childish, but adults can also be carriers of pinworms. It is transmitted through contact with objects that are contaminated with the eggs of these small worms.

What other symptoms are there with worms

Many people are wondering why something in the abdomen is stirring and whether it can be due to the presence of worms in the body. Many species of helminths are localized in the digestive organs, which is why there are often various kinds of disturbances in this area. To some people, it seems that the parasites move in the stomach. This is due to the occurrence of increased gas formation.

The worms irritate the digestive organs with the products of their vital activity, which is why there are: flatulence, digestive problems, and painful sensations in the navel. Helminths not only provoke problems with digestion, but also release into the body toxins that are negatively reflected on the state of the nervous system. The more worms in the body, the stronger the signs of intoxication.

Among the main symptoms of the presence of worms in the body can be identified such as:

  • migraine;
  • temperature increase;
  • nausea;
  • anemia;
  • chronic fatigue.

A patient can suffer from insomnia for a long time, and children can grind their teeth in a dream. Worms very often provoke the occurrence of skin rashes, and in severe cases can trigger the development of asthma.

The presence of worms in the body greatly affects the immune system, as the worms feed on useful substances that come with food. As a result, a person simply does not have enough vitamins. Against this background, various chronic diseases can become aggravated. In neglected cases, parasites can even provoke the development of cancer. This is due to constant intoxication, disruption of the immune system, trauma to some organs and chronic nutritional deficiencies.

What worms cause a sensation of stirring

If something stirs in the abdomen, it is advisable to pass an analysis for the presence of worms. There are several different types of these worms, but the most common are pinworms and ascarids. Their larvae with penetration into the body begin to reproduce very quickly, provoking various kinds of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, there is a feeling of stirring.

The most dangerous species are round and tapeworms that reach significant dimensions. Because of their parasitism, intoxication and allergy can occur in the body. The patient can grow a large belly, and because of the accumulation of gases there is a feeling that something is crawling inside.


Ovarian cyst in women

Malignant tumors and the occurrence of adhesions in the intestine can cause stirring in the abdomen. In addition, there is another characteristic symptomatology. A wiggling may indicate the presence of a cyst in the ovaries. These are very serious illnesses, therefore, immediate doctor consultation and proper treatment are required.