Drainage massage for children with cough: technique of execution and useful recommendations

Manual techniques of influence on a human body for a long time are recognized by official medicine as an effective variant of auxiliary therapy at various diseases. Drainage massage for children with cough is considered one of the safest and most effective treatment options. Of course, it should be understood that if the symptoms are severe, the disease alone can not be defeated by this means, and it is always necessary to carry out the complex treatment prescribed by the observing physician.

When do I need a massage?

It is not necessary to use manual techniques to treat a cough at elevated temperature. Drainage massage for children with cough should be started on the 4th-6th day from the onset of the acute stage of the disease. If breathing is difficult, the smallest one can try to help by turning them regularly in a crib and raising your head 20 degrees from the position of the trunk. Massage can be done for children of all ages from birth. But if your baby is still very young, it is appropriate to consult a doctor or nurse and ask you to show the basic principles.

Drainage massage for children with cough

Rules for conducting

Depending on the age of the child, the intensity and duration of exposure are determined. Attention: too much pressure should not be applied, the movements should be soft, enough that the skin will turn pink. The smallest is enough for 10-15 minutes, for older children you can increase the duration of the procedure to 25 minutes. Drainage massage for children with cough should begin and end with more light and delicate effects. The most active and strong stroking and tingling should be done in the middle of the session.

Drainage massage for children with a cough algorithm

Technique for performing

Place the baby on the abdomen. If possible, position your head below the trunk, placing a roller under your chest. It is important that in such a pose, breathing does not deteriorate. The massage starts with light, stroking relaxing movements all over the back. Then you should proceed to tingle. Perform them should be on both sides of the spine, without affecting the middle of the back. Massive is the area from the middle of the back to the shoulders. Then you should step back from the spine for two fingers and continue to perform tingle. After that, we move our fingers to the sides and continue, but do not go into the zone of the armpits. Drainage massage for children with cough ends with soft strokes performed by the brushes completely towards the shoulders. After that, several times synchronously hold the ribs of the palms diagonally from the middle of the back to the shoulders. Finally, you need to gently pat the child's back.

Drainage massage for children under 1 year with cough

Drainage massage for children with a cough( the algorithm of performance was described above) is performed once a day, with a course of 10 days. Even if after several sessions it became much better, the remaining procedures should be completed.

Contraindications and limitations

Treat dryly with a dry cough. It is important to understand that massage does not relieve the disease or its symptoms, but only stimulates the spitting out of the sputum. It is important not to touch the spine during the exposure, as this can lead to damage to the spine. Cough massage is prohibited for acute stenosing laryngotracheitis( false croup).If the body temperature is increased, the manual effect should also be discarded. If properly carried out, the drainage massage does not cause discomfort and unpleasant sensations in the patient. If the child complains and does not want to be treated by this method, it makes sense to choose another therapy option or to register for a course of treatment with a professional masseur.

Drainage massage for children with cough: parents feedback

Opinions of moms and dads regarding the treatment of manual methods of children at home vary. Someone thinks that only professionals should apply such effects, while others do the massage themselves regularly.

The above-described drainage massage technique is considered to be gentle and harmless, provided all the rules of execution are observed. The most important thing is not to press too hard and avoid affecting the spine. The positive effect of course treatment is usually noticeable after 2-4 sessions. Sputum is more abundant, the general well-being of the child improves.

Drainage massage for children with cough

Drainage massage for children under 1 year with a cough is recommended to be performed in consultation with the doctor in charge. The younger the child, the more difficult it is to correctly treat the existing symptoms and put the right diagnosis. It is also important to understand that massage is an adjuvant, and it can only have a positive effect when combined with other therapies.

Useful tip: Many parents combine manual effects with warm compresses. First you need to do a massage and then warm up. With such treatment, the improvement of the condition comes much faster.