The drug "Refnot": reviews of doctors in the treatment of cancer

Cancerous tumors, unfortunately, are difficult to treat. And more and more people learn about their deplorable state already at those stages when the chance of recovery or remission is very low. However, there is a drug that helps destroy cancer cells. It is called "Refnot".The doctors' comments about the drug speak for themselves. reflex reviews of doctors

Pharmacological group

"Refnot", doctors' reviews about which the most different, are classified as a group of antitumour agents. Many oncologists are successfully using the drug to treat a variety of neoplastic diseases. Including cancer of the stomach, intestines, lungs.


The drug "Refnot" is produced as an injection preparation for further subcutaneous administration. It is called the active substance - leofizilyat. No other form of output simply exists. Therefore, if there is somewhere to meet the proposal to buy the drug in the form of tablets or sprays, potions and other, then with an absolute guarantee it can be said that this is pure water fraud. reflex in the treatment of stomach cancer 4st reviews


The product is manufactured in Russia. Actually, invented and patented it was also on the territory of the Russian Federation. Developed was a drug "Refnot", reviews about which will be somewhat lower, in 2002.The company that conducted the experiment, research and production - "Farmaklon".And only then in 2006 the patent was transferred to the firm "Refnot-Farm."And only then the drug received wide publicity and began to be sold by prescription. Until 2006, it was only proposed as an experimental tool for cancer patients. The drug was tested at different stages of the disease, which made it possible to identify its strengths and weaknesses. the refrain is true or false

Side effects of

Speaking of a drug such as "Refnot", the doctors' opinions about which are very contradictory, one can not help saying about its weaknesses. In particular, on the side effects. So, these include a temporary increase in temperature by 1-3 degrees from the norm, hypersensitivity, which can develop against the background of taking the drug. In addition, the first application may show redness or irritation at the injection site. As a rule, after a day all the side effects disappear by themselves. In some cases it is necessary to take "Ibuprofen" in order to normalize body temperature. Reflex drug reviews

When to take

It is noted that the best result the drug shows when it is used to treat breast cancers at different stages. Naturally, no one can guarantee complete recovery at the last stage of cancer development and spread of metastasis throughout the body, but here is to improve the condition of the patient drug in the state. In particular, with symptomatic treatment, when therapy is not aimed at combating the tumor, but on alleviating the pain syndrome of the disease. In addition, during chemotherapy, more and more oncologists recommend the use of Refnot. True or false about the wonderful effect of the drug, it is difficult to understand. feedback on the refrain

Should I hope for a miracle?

A rare doctor will encourage the patient or his relatives with very optimistic predictions. As well as pessimistic. Most often oncologists try to spell out the facts. That's why to understand whether Rephnot really is true or a lie about a panacea in the form of this drug helps people is very difficult. Speaking of cancer, you can not be 100 percent sure that this or that remedy or method of treatment will be effective. Most often the disease develops unpredictably, it can provoke its spread anything. However, it is always necessary to hope for a miracle, otherwise it will never happen.

Action of the preparation

Manufacturers assure that the agent has a direct antitumor effect on the basis of in vivo and in vitro, which destroys malignant cancer cells at different levels. As a result, the drug can be used at any stage of the disease. However, as it turned out, "Refnot" is not very effective in the treatment of stomach cancer 4st. Feedback about the application is not the most positive, but it is noted that the pain syndrome is significantly reduced. Therefore, you can still use the drug, if there is such an opportunity and a doctor's recommendation. At the same time, the toxicity of Refnott is a hundred times lower than that of on the action of the refrain

Efficiency of

When testing the drug, it was noted that it increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy. In particular, such medicines as:

  • "Cytosar";
  • "Actinomycin D";
  • "5-fluorouracil".

All these drugs are difficult to penetrate into the body, positively and simultaneously negatively affecting it."Refnot", the doctors' opinions in this question are similar, allows eliminating resistance. That is, it can and should be used with chemotherapy to increase its effectiveness, and most importantly - to reduce the number of its applications. The body receives at times fewer toxic substances that slow the growth and development of cancer cells.

Testing of

Long before the drug was injected into the application, clinical trials and various experiments were conducted in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Tests were conducted on cancer cells of different stages. In Moscow, the Russian Cancer Research Center named after NN Blokhin conducted clinical trials of the first phase, where it was found that the drug is very low toxicity. As a result, the initial feedback on "Refnot" was positive among doctors. Clinical trials were conducted on squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck, which is important. Subsequently, in St. Petersburg in the Research Institute of Oncology named after N. Petrov, more testing was carried out already in the second and third stages of cancer. In particular, locally advanced and metastatic breast cancer in combination with chemotherapy. And here the drug showed brilliant results. After that, feedback about the action of "Refnota" became even better. reflex drug

Groups for treatment in the

study In order to determine how effective the drug was, people were selected( both in the first and second trial) combined with special factors. In particular it is:

  1. Estimated lifespan. She had to be at least three months old.
  2. Age. He should not have been more than 75 years old.
  3. Consent of the patient himself. Not everyone in this state is ready to take risks.
  4. Overall condition. It should have been within 0-2 of WHO.
  5. Full confirmation of the diagnosis previously delivered.

Drug injections were administered daily at a dosage of 100,000 IU.At the same time, each patient had an individual way of dosing the drug. For example, before the course of chemotherapy, an injection( 100,000 IU) was necessarily administered. In general, the drug worked well at different stages of the disease, so the research was continued. It should be noted that patients who participated in the experiment were able to prolong life, and most importantly - to slow the growth of cancer cells.

Result of the

research After the clinical trials were completed, all the doctors unanimously agreed that the most effective drug was in the treatment of breast cancer in combination with chemotherapy. That is why today it is recommended in such cases, practically ignoring all the others. That's why Reflott is so ineffective in the treatment of stomach cancer 4st. Reviews about this are not only from close patients, but also from the doctors themselves. They were the first to note the almost complete ineffectiveness of the drug in this disease. Only then did the people themselves understand that "Refnot" is not a panacea, but only one of the possible medicines, which does not necessarily have to help.

Is it worth it to apply?

If the oncologist strongly recommends the use of Refnot to slow the spread of the disease, you still need to listen to his advice. In most cases, experts are much better at knowing what can help at some stage of a cancerous tumor. In addition, the responses of the doctors themselves about the drug are contradictory, but they are similar in one thing - with chemotherapy, another aid can not be found."Refnot" is almost non-toxic, has minor side effects, is produced and tested by Russian specialists, has no analogues in the world, and therefore, there is no reason to distrust it. If there is a corresponding recommendation of the attending physician, then the medicine should be used. Especially when it comes to breast cancer, which is treated with chemotherapy drugs.